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Your Body Says You Should Dump Him

11 May

Generally, we write articles for men who need answers, but this article is for the ladies. Your body will tell you that a guy is not right for you even though your heart says otherwise. Why waste time with a man that your body does not want to be around?


Need Lube?

If your vagina is not cooperating with your sex drive and you are under the age of 35, then your “kitten” is trying to tell you something. Dryness of the vagina is normal as you age, and some women do have medical conditions that prevent their vaginal walls from self-lubricating, but when your attractive boyfriend, sex buddy, or husband is making his move, you are young and healthy, and your nether regions are arid like the Sahara, then he may not be the right guy for you.

He Stinks

Regardless of how civilized we have become over the millennia, people are still animals. We behave like other animals and respond to the same stimuli that any other group of animals would. We have the same drives to eat, sleep, and procreate fueled by our senses. But, our sense of smell has been underutilized as hygiene has become necessary to survival and perfumes and deodorants that cover natural scents have become part of Western civilization. Smell was a deterrent to finding partners with a similar genetic background thus making us resistant to a larger range of disease. Similar genepools mean more prevalent disease and less healthy children biologically speaking. In case studies like the “Sweaty T-Shirt” test by Claus Wedekind where 44 men were asked to wear the same T-shirt for 2 nights and 49 women were asked to smell them and rate the odor, scientists found that people’s sense of smell was receptive to MHC (major histocompatibility complex) genes and that they chose partners whose immune system was different from theirs. When you are devoid of birth control hormone, your body will tell you that a man is not right for you by making him smell terrible to you.


No Big O

Women’s orgasms are connected to their emotions. And, if there is no emotional connection with their partner, then a lot of women find it difficult to reach orgasm. Bonding happens on a chemical level and on an emotional level, and when those two criteria are met in a couple, climax usually occurs. However, if you have a skilled, passionate, and attentive lover who is not helping you to a magical finish, then your body may be telling you that you are disconnected from him. Orgasms are a simple reminder that you have a good connection – even if it is mostly physical – with someone else.


Good relationships bring happy emotions to both partners. In relationships, hormones are released that both bond men and women together and that propagate feelings of happiness and contentment. If you feel stressed when your guy is near you, if you become irritable, if your heart races – in a bad way, if you become nervous whenever your boyfriend is near you, then you do not trust him. And, if there is no trust in a relationship, then he has probably done something to substantial to earn the distrust. Your body is telling you that he is not the right guy for you.


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