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Guys We Admire: Mike Tyson

6 Oct

Everybody knows Mike Tyson as one of the baddest men alive. He was the youngest heavyweight ever in the 80s, and still stands as one of the most devastating power punchers in boxing history. But, that is only a smaller part of why we admire Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson was a phenomenal boxer in his prime, and is still an American popular culture icon today because of his complete disregard for the rules that govern us as a society. The same attitude that got him barred from boxing (He bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear in the ring), and put him in prison (He was convicted of the rape of Desiree Washington in 1992, something he vehemently denies to this day), also made him the most famous boxer since Muhammad Ali. Tyson’s coke-fueled masquerades through the 80s and 90s, and his reemergence into the limelight over the last decade through cameos in movies and television appearances are why he is admired. Tyson is a living caricature of a man who has his own televised cartoon and could take down mere mortals with a mighty swing of his hand. He paraded his pet Bengal tigers at dog parks. He knocked out a cameraman, knocked out a garbage man, and even beat up his former manager, Don King. And, his sex life was even more interesting than his everyday life. Here are a few reasons why you should admire Mike Tyson.

1. Tyson Abstained from Sex for 5 Years

Like many other boxing athletes, Mike Tyson believed that having sex before a match would drain his energy. So, he did not have sex for the five years leading up to his championship title. The practice seemed to work out fairly well for him. He became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history and he was the first heavyweight to unify the major titles.

2. Orgies

Tyson made up for the 5 years that he lost in the mid 90s by almost exclusively having sex with multiple women at the same time. When he was in his boxing prime, Mike Tyson claims to have been sleeping with 15 women every day. The amount of group sex that he had was so concerning that he actually sought out a sex therapist for regular discussions.

3. The Real Reason Mike Tyson Lost to Buster Douglas

In his historic fight against Buster Douglas, Tyson came into the match overweight, out of shape, and worn down mentally. But, most people did not know that he was also physically worn out. On all the nights preceding the fight, he was out sleping with several of his hotel maids. He said, “I had to hit all the maids.” And, he admitted he could have been a little more focused on the fight.

4. The Clap

When Mike Tyson became heavyweight champion of the world on 11/22/1986, he was fighting two fights. One against Trevor Berbick, the reigning champ, and one against gonorrhea.

5. The “Inglorious Basterd”

During the entire time that Mike Tyson and Robin Givens were divorcing, they were also still sleeping together. But, she failed to tell him that she was also sleeping with Brad Pitt. So, Mike Tyson, the heavyweight champion of the world, showed up at her house for his daily sex before they went to court to fight over their belongings, and he finds her in with Pitt. Pitt looked like he had seen a ghost according to Tyson, but he did not attack.

mike tyson - cocaine

6. Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug

Mike Tyson once beat up seven prostitutes while high. Apparently, he thought that a mixture of cocaine, cognac, morphine, and hookers was the right move to set the night off. He got paranoid and begin to think that they were stealing from his wallet. Nobody should steal money from Mike Tyson, even in his delusional dreams. And, unfortunately for the prostitutes the ass-whipping that they took was not a dream.

7. It Pays to Be the Champ

While in prison, Tyson was still having sex 3 times a day. And, not the regular nonconsensual sex that happens on Oz, but real sex with real women.

8. Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug 2

In a separate incident after his release from prison following his rape conviction, Mike Tyson was caught having coked up sex…by his probation officer. He could not deny the charge because the drugs were on a table nearby.

mike tyson - naomi campbell

9. Keeping It Classy

On one special night, Rory Holloway, one of Mike Tyson’s former managers, was forced to guard the hallway while Tyson showed a fan some personal ”appreciation”. That hallway was to a bathroom door, and that fan was supermodel, Naomi Campbell. They kept the bathroom “occupied” for a little while.

10. Tyson Knocked Up a Prison Official

While in prison, Mike Tyson helped out one of his drug counselors by paying $10,000 to fix her roof. She repaid him with regular sex. Tyson routinely had sex with his visitors from 1992 to 1995. And, he even got a prison guard pregnant while he was incarcerated. He said that he was having so much sex in prison, that he was too tired to work out.

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