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Celebrities Who Kept Their Virginity

31 Dec


1. Carrie Underwood – This former winner of American Idol, waited until she was 26 before she gave herself to her husband Mike Fisher. Her career and her clothing have gotten skimpier ever since then.


2. Kevin Jonas – Kevin Jonas, the oldest brother of the uber popular Jonas Bros., lost his virginity at age 22 to his wife after sporting a purity publicly to encourage young people to abstain too.


3. Lolo Jones – At age 30 years old, Lolo said that her virginity is a gift that she wants to give to her husband, and that keeping her virginity was harder than training for the Olympics. Maybe she could have won a medal if she had trained at least as hard for her occupation as she did for her beliefs.


4. Lisa Kudrow – As it turns out, the only Friends star who was almost as promiscuous as Joey on the show was actually a virgin throughout the beginning of the show. Kudrow lost her virginity to her husband, Michael Stern at the ripe age of 31.

jessica simpson

5. Jessica Simpson – The teenage sex symbol and the antithesis of Britney Spears’ jailbait promotions, gained popularity when she announced that she was waiting until marriage to have sex. She waited until she was 22 and married to Nick Lachey.


6. Kathy Lee Gifford – In her recent autobiography, Kathy Lee Gifford exposed that she was 22 and married to her first husband when she lost her virginity. Judging by her looks, that was a long time ago.

julianne hough02

7. Julianne Hough – Though beautiful and currently engaged, Julianne Hough is still holding out on her beau, Ryan Seacrest. Unfortunately, she will probably be very disappointed on her wedding night unless she buys a strap on and grows a lot of body hair before the big night.


8. Angela Simmons – In a world of Hip-Hop where depravity and overt sexuality is celebrated, Angela Simmons at 25 is still holding on to her virginity.


9. Tim Tebow – Thank God Tebow is a better Christian than he is a NFL quarterback at this point. He has 47% completion rating, but he gives to the poor, donates money and volunteers for missionary work, and at 24 is holding on to his virginity better than he has held onto the football during the season.


10. Adriana Lima – Adriana Lima, one of the highest paid supermodel and a Brazilian lingerie model, kept her virginity until the age of 29 when she married Marko Jarvic, a mediocre NBA player whose face resembles Fred Flintstone.

adriana lima03

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