13 Ways to Know if She Is Cheating

1. Her Wardrobe Changes

The cliche is true, people are creatures of habit. They fall into calculable patterns of behavior and dress unless some outside force changes their course. If your lady has always been a sweatpants and no makeup type of girl, but suddenly she is wearing short skirts, high heels, and plenty of rouge then there is a very specific reason why she has chosen to focus on her looks. New lingerie that is found folded neatly in her dresser drawers instead of shown on her gorgeous figure for your eyes are also hidden away in the drawer for a reason. And, that reason could be the cute, new guy at work that she is now banging.

2. She Stops Texting/Calling

Women use upwards of ten thousand words per day, and most of those words are used at home with their significant others. Cellular phones have allowed women to converse with their partners without being next to them. That means that women have ample opportunity to get those 10,000 words out during the day. When a woman consistently stops texting and calling, that means that something or someone else is occupying her time.

3. She Works Late

Working late is the most frequently used excuse of a cheater, whether male or female. But, women regularly work late less often than men. So, if your lady is suddenly working late during the week and you have not heard about any big projects or seen any correspondence coming home with her, then she may be cheating.

4. She Stops Nagging

She used to tell you to keep your socks out of the middle of the living room floor. She used to whine when you forgot to take out the trash. She used to nag you when you were watching the big game on television and not cutting the yard. She has stopped caring and you should be concerned.

5. She Over-Explains

Here’s a easy way to find out when someone is lying to you. Ask them a question, look them straight in the eyes, and stop talking. When they finish their sentence, stare at them intently. If your woman is lying to you then she will start to talk about all of the most unnecessary parts of her day. Too much explanation can mean infidelity.

6. She Shows Signs of Nervousness

If she touches her face, starts rifling through her bag, or gives any body language that is unusual for her while talking to you, then she is hiding something from you. Smaller, more subtle facial expressions called microexpressions are more telling of her intentions than anything that she says to you. If your girlfriend seems aloof and disinterested, even for a fraction of a second, then those feelings may be the ones that she is hiding. If you notice unfamiliar facial expressions, then pay close attention to them because they may relay her true feelings.

7. No Foreplay

You think that you have finally convinced her that her needs are less important than your needs. You can not remember the last time that she looked fully engaged in sex with you. She is trying to get the act done.

8. She Showers Before She Talks to You

This is a big red flag. If your woman begins to shower before she kisses you, then she is trying to wash the scent of her lover off before she reaches you. Women know that most men are not as rigid about smell as men, and men are less observant anyway.

9. She Will Not Change In Front of You

She used to be Miss Nude Universe around the house. You could not get her to keep her clothes on her back. Now, she will not take off her shirt in front of you. Something is different in your relationship, but you can not figure it out. She is probably hiding the rug burns on her back from her lover. Women who love to be naked do not suddenly change their behavior.

10. She Is Meaner

Does she seem to just pick fights with you now? Does she say terrible, hurtful things to you for no reason? A woman who is tired of a relationship has no incentive to keep her mate happy. Irritability and constant conflicts are sure to follow. She may have checked out of the relationship emotionally, because she has connected with someone else physically.

11. Less Sex

There was a time when the two of you could not keep your hands off of each other. You would have sex four to five times a week. Sometimes there were two to three love-making sessions in the same day. Now, two months have passed and she has not even given you a seductive smile. If she is not sleeping with you, then she is sleeping with someone else.

12. More Sex

The two of you have a normal sex life. You are intimate between two to four times weekly. But, suddenly she is insatiable. She pounces on you at every chance that she gets. And, the last time that you had sex, she did something that you had never seen before that moment. It was vile and disgusting, and you loved it. Do not be fooled by the random sex act that “blew” your mind. If she performed it on you, she had to have learned it somewhere, and the chances that she saw it on the internet and performed it perfectly for the first time with you are slim. No, she learned that new trick next door with Arnie, the three legged man.

13. You Have A Feeling

Always trust your instincts. A woman (especially an evil one) can convince you that the sky is falling if you love her. Anytime that you have a suspicion that something is amiss, there is a reason for that mistrust. Keep your eyes open and do not be deceived by an unfaithful lover.

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