Valentine’s Day is a Fairy Tale

This article was originally posted on February 7, 2011. And, it still rings true. Valentine’s Day is a hoax.

Ask yourself, “Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?” I’m sure that you do not know the answer.  Love is not the reason that the holiday was founded. Now ask some of your closest friends the same question. If you are extremely lucky 1 out of 10 of your friends will know the correct answer. But, chances are that no one will be able to resolve your inquiry. That is because Valentine’s Day is a farce. It is a fake holiday drummed up by retailers to get people to spend money unnecessarily. And, no man in this country is excited about the impending date when they will pony up countless dollars to appease the women in their lives.

There is no logical reason for men to celebrate this day. But, women make out like bandits. They get to dress up, buy a new outfit, and be pampered for another random day. They already have Mother’s Day, Christmas, and their birthdays, but, apparently, that is not enough (yes, men have Father’s Day, Christmas, and birthdays too, but no one cares). When  the 14th of February arrives, men know that they will have to buy flowers and a card for their girlfriend and their mother. If these men are smart, then they will buy flowers or a card for their boss too, assuming that the boss is a woman. After that they have to procure a gift for both mom and girlfriend, and get ready for the big night. That means having to get a haircut and possibly a new outfit, before splurging on an expensive dinner. With flowers, cards, clothes, and dinner, a guy could spend $200-$500 without knowing the reason behind the holiday.There is absolutely no benefit to Valentine’s Day for a man. He does not get a day off of work. He does not get a gift. And, if he shows up empty-handed, he will not get any hot, steamy extra-curricular activities either.

Retail stores and their suppliers make enormous amounts of money from this pseudo-holiday. Grocery stores devote entire racks to specialty cards. Pharmacies sacrifice entire aisles to all the candy, Cupid, and cards. Clothing stores bring in local florists with exotic arrangements to coax dollars out of unsuspecting consumers (men). According to the U.S. based National Retail Foundation, retailers are estimated to make $3.5 billion this year. That figure excludes all the aforementioned Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. How many men are getting diamonds this year?

Valentine’s Day is a big hoax. The nation is fooling us into buying products by selling us images of love and romance. Even the real story of St. Valentine is less romantic than the tripe that the media feeds us. The story of St. Valentine is one of rebellion. He was a priest that defied the Roman emperor, Claudius Gothicus, by aiding and marrying young, Christian couples in love. He was beaten, stoned, and beheaded. That is not exactly the picture of love that the public is being fed by the media. Valentine’s Day is a fraudulent holiday.

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