Understanding Men: Who A Man Sleeps With Has Nothing To Do With His Taste in Women

See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, but only enough blood to run one at a time.

- Robin Williams

Women often wonder how a man can date a woman who looks like Kate Upton, but sleep with a woman who looks like Margaret Cho circa 1998. They wonder how an attractive guy who has a good job and quite a few nice things has slept with a lot of unattractive women in his time. That is because, to most ladies, who a man dates is a good indicator of his preference in women. And, on some level that is true. Where a man spends his time and money gives some insight into what he desires. The man who dates Kate Upton obviously like busty blondes. A guy who dates a rocket scientist probably values intellect. However, the one key factor that many women do not know, do not fully understand, or do not take into account about men is how many decisions are made with the head below their shoulders. What men desire on the most base level is regular vagina. And, the prospect of regular sex far outweighs the desire to have a beautiful date. Men follow their roosters indiscriminately, and the rooster does not discriminate. So, you cannot judge a man’s taste by the appearance of the woman that he is screwing. Understanding this inimitable fact is paramount to understanding men. The smaller head always wins.

regretful morning

Who a man has sex with has no bearing on who a man finds attractive or what characteristics he likes and dislikes in a woman. There are exactly two factors that determine what a man likes in a woman, what a man believes that he wants from a woman and the probability that the guy will be able to sleep with a particular woman. Men are simple. There is the type of woman that the man desires physically, mentally, and emotionally and there is the type of woman that the man can attract. A man’s preference of women depends on his options at the time. A guy has an archetypal standard in his head for the woman who he wants to start a life with and an ever-changing minimum for the woman who he deems an acceptable candidate with which to exchange bodily fluids. Sometimes, all the desired physical and personality traits that a single guy needs to build a relationship reside in one woman, and that woman is interested in the guy. And, in a perfect world, this scenario would be the norm. But, generally the frumpy, hetero- clone of Rosie O’Donell is the only woman who is interested in sex with a guy, and almost any red-blooded American man will choose coed extracurricular activities over a night alone.

The man who loves brunettes with long hair will still sleep with a cute short-haired blonde given the opportunity. The guy who cannot get enough of big butts would hook-up with a chick with nice boobs and no ass without blinking. Depending on the amount of alcohol, the hour of night, and length of time between a man’s last two orgasms Brad Pitt would have sweaty armpit sex with Melissa McCarthy while Fran Drescher intermittently yelled the answers to quadratic equations, sang Afternoon Delight, and emasculated him. Our expectations for a wife and sex partner are not mutually exclusive, but they often appear that way.

Men should not be judged for the choices that they made when most of their blood was draining southward because personal taste in women is the one instance when actions do not speak louder than words. A man’s sexual resume has no bearing on his ideals. No man who has a reasonable amount of sex partners has not bedded a few big, old, and/or homely women. But, past dalliances do not show preference. A guy will stick his Richard in any woman at 2 o’clock when the bar is closing. The most effective indicator of a man’s desires is what he intellectualizes and verbalizes is his type. So, if a man says that he likes a certain characteristic in a woman, take him at his word. For men, taste is idealized, but sex is relative to opportunity.

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