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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

13 Apr

The zombie apocalypse could really happen, and if it does then people need a definitive way to keep themselves and their loved ones alive. Survival is always dependent on thoughtfulness and planning, and the zombie apocalypse is no different. The only way to survive a plague of walking predators that stalk the human race is to plan ahead. So, figured that we would give you a few pointers of how to keep your family safe in the event of a zombie invasion.

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The Rule of Threes

Surviving any difficult environment is completely based on your full understanding and strict following of the Rule of Threes. The Rule of Threes says that a human being can survive for three minutes without air, three hours without shelter (including something as simple as the clothes on your back shielding you from the weather), three days without water, and three weeks without food. In the zombie apocalypse, people will surely forget the full gravity and necessity of basic human needs until they are faced with dwindling supplies while surrounded by a horde. Your first actions at the beginning of any life threatening emergency and specifically in the zombie apocalypse should be to get safe access to clean air, find a place with cover from sun, wind, and any other threats (whether they be environmental, physiological, or biological), keep drinkable water on hand at all times, and create a sustainable food source.  Though the zombies represent an impending danger, basic survival needs are omnipresent regardless of the situation. Forage and store water and food before the zombie outbreak becomes apocalyptic.

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This DIY filter may save your life.

Stay Where You Are

People think that there is some Utopian hideaway that will keep them and their loved ones safe in an extreme emergency, but that place does not exist. There is no government compound that is protected from the plague. There is no special city that went unaffected while the rest of the world burned. And, even if there was a place that was completely encapsulated from the pure chaos created by flesh-consuming monsters trying to eat and/or infect you, you have no way of knowing if your path to said place is navigable. Do not leave your home. Do not leave your city. Spend your energy fortifying your house rather than attempting to find a better place to live. Sheet metal provides a barrier that most humans and animals cannot penetrate easily, but simply boarding up your windows with plywood offers more resistance to an invading horde. Keep quiet and stay indoors if you have enough supplies.


Know Your Enemy

In most zombie lore, the monsters are slow-moving killers who attack in hordes and are only vulnerable to strikes to the head. People die from their bites and fluid exchanges with the zombies then return as the same mindless, decaying drones in constant search for food. However, a real-life zombie apocalypse would probably feature living zombies affected by a man-made virus instead of the undead created by a naturally occurring disease that reanimates corpses. Several examples of zombification exist in the world now that allude to this being the next epidemic, and with the constant threat of biological warfare this type of epidemic is easily possible. So, an important aspect of surviving is knowing exactly what type of predator you are going to face. If the zombies are living, then stopping them is equivalent to stopping a human. A quick strike to the head would probably work, but real life zombies would probably move at speeds closer to humans, and newly turned zombies could hypothetically move as fast and efficiently as you. Pinpointing a blow to the head of another human being who is actively attempting to incapacitate and eat you could prove to be nearly impossible. Before you attempt to take on a zombie, you should know how to fight them. And, when in doubt…..

Find a Weapon

You need guns. Yes, guns are loud and may alert other zombies to your location. But, if the first zombie bites you because you could not dispose of him quickly, being safe and hidden from the rest of that horde doesn’t really matter, does it? Stockpile guns and ammo. And, learning to throw knives or hatchets would probably be a useful skill in the zombie apocalypse because guns can bring some unwanted attention. Regardless of the weapon that you find, you should learn how to use it effectively. If you can’t take the safety off your gun, then it is useless to you. If you cannot clean your gun, then it will eventually jam and leave you essentially weaponless. If you do not know how to swing as axe, then it becomes a liability rather than an asset.


Location, Location, Location

You should attempt to fortify your home before you consider leaving for a safer spot, however if your home is compromised then find a location where the environment may help you. That does not mean that you should travel the countryside looking for a safe haven. It simply means that you should use the seasonal characteristics of your area to your advantage when finding a place to stay. One of the few subjects that has been completely overlooked in most zombie movies is the effect that environment must have on decaying bodies. The zombies seem unaffected by corporeal factors in horror folklore, specifically in cinema. Extreme cold, extreme heat, and water would potentially be devastating to zombies meaning that using those environmental factors could possibly be an advantage in keeping everyone alive.


Risk versus Reward

The world will be inherited by lawyers and insurance agents in the zombie apocalypse, not because they are smarter than the rest of the population, but because they are better risk assessors. An attorney with an exceptional record does not win cases because he is a genius. He wins because he picks his cases well. Assessing risk is one of the most necessary skills to surviving in a hostile environment. If you are well stocked with supplies, then you may not want to take on a crowd of zombies regardless of what treasures lie behind them. However, taking on the same zombie horde may be the right move if you have run out of food or water. Every decision must be weighed against all the possible outcomes of the endeavor. There are several important questions that should be asked before every action. Is your path safe? Can you move without being seen? What is your exit strategy? These questions may keep you alive.

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