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Hottest Celebrity Daughters 2017

17 May

Lauren Harris – Daughter of Steve Harris, Musician - Iron Maiden

Lauren Harris followed in the footsteps of her famous bassist father, Steve Harris, by forming her own rock band. But, she did so without any assistance from her father which makes her even hotter. She created her own following through hard work.

 hot celebrity daughters 2017 - lauren harris

Francesca Eastwood – Daughter of Clint Eastwood, Actor

Who knew Dirty Harry would have such a hot daughter? The meanest son of bitch in any western that you have ever seen created one of the hottest women in Hollywood. And, she followed in his footsteps, going directly into acting, modeling, television, and production.

hot celebrity daughters 2017 - francesca eastwood02

Miley Cyrus – Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, Musician

No one thought that the progeny of the singer who brought us classics like Achy Breaky Heart would turn out to be a bigger than he was…but somehow Miley managed to outshine her one-hit wonder dad. What has been surprising is how she transformed from a Disney superstar into a full on sexually charged, rebellious leader of sexual expression. She can hold a decent note too.

hot celebrity daughters 2017 - miley cyrus

Lilly Collins – Daughter of Phil Collins, Musician – Genesis, Solo

Lilly Collins has carved out a great career in entertainment without the help of her super talented and super successful father, Phil Collins. Instead of following directly into the same path as her father in music, Lilly chose acting as her profession. She has starred in big production films like The Blindside, and scored a lead in The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones.

Dominik Garcia-Lorido – Daughter of Andy Garcia, Actor

Andy Garcia helped kickstart the acting career of his beautiful daughter in The Lost City which he directed. However, she has flourished on her own in Starz series Magic City.

Zoe Kravitz – Daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, Actor and Musician, Actress and Musician

Zoe Kravitz came from two talented parents and has shown that level of stardom from the moment her Hollywood career began. Both her parents have been celebrated actors and musicians and she followed in their footsteps with several movie roles and her own band, LOLAWOLF.

Dylan Penn – Daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, Actor and Actress

You would think that the kid of two outstanding actors would follow in their footsteps and become an accomplished actress in her own right, but Dylan Penn has chosen a different path. Though she has had a few roles in film, Dylan Penn has established herself in modeling.

hot celebrity daughters 2017 - dylan penn07

Ireland Baldwin – Daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Actor and Actress

The model daughter of a Baldwin brother and Catwoman has to be Hollywood royalty. She has her father’s charm and her mother’s stunning good looks. Plus, Ireland has a rebellious streak that pushes her past most of her peers in popularity and pure hotness.

hot celebrity daughters 2017 - ireland baldwin02

Riley Keough – Daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, Actress, Granddaughter of the late Elvis Presley, Actor and Musician

Any direct descendant of The King is granted credibility solely because of his legacy, however Riley Keogh is fighting to carve out her own reputation in film through hard work. She stars in The Girlfriend Experience series on STARZ.

hot celebrity daughters 2017 - riley keough02

Allison Williams – Daughter of Brian Williams, NBC News Anchor

Brian Williams, the eloquent NBC news anchor passed along his gift of communication to his gorgeous daughter Allison Williams. Allison Williams is a star of the HBO series Girls and has recently delved into big screen ventures with the recent commercial successful and critically acclaimed Get Out.

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