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Sex and the Dance Floor

2 Jun

Sex and dancing are inextricably intertwined. The better a man or woman is on the dance floor, the better he or she is assumed to be in the bedroom. This is because there are several similarities between dancing and sex that converge somewhere between the dance floor and the bedroom.There is a reason that Patrick Swayze became a sex symbol after he starred in the movie Dirty Dancing. He showed some of the smooth moves on his feet that relate directly to being a great lover. There are many different parallels between dancing and sex. And, sex mirrors dancing in a few other ways that the common person would not know.

The first parallel between sex and dancing is that generally, the man leads the act, but is not the star of the show. In the worlds of sex and dance, the man leads the woman through the progressions of the activities. During sex, the guy has to read his lover’s cues through her body language and respond accordingly. He has to interpret each subtle shift and make conjectures as to what the woman wants if he wants to please her sexually. Similarly, in dance the man has to interpret the mood of the song and know his partner. These cues dictate what he and his dance partner should do in their performance. Any good male dancer should influence and accentuate his partner’s skills on the dance floor. When a man’s job is done right within the choreography, he blends into the background while the woman shines. Sex is also all about the woman. Men reach climax every time while women sometimes languish to finish, so guys have a responsibility tend to their woman’s sexual needs. An orgasm can be difficult to achieve for ladies, and failure to satisfy a woman in the act of sex is failure at sex. Intercourse is only fulfilling when the woman climaxes. And, in sex and dancing men have to be capable of directing the act purposefully.

Therefore, the man’s knowledge of sex and his behavior during it weighs heavily on the act. Men inherently share the same responsibilities in dance. And, since men lead both activities, they must be well-versed in whichever act that they are participating in at the time. The effectiveness of a guy’s performance in dance is completely contingent on his understanding of the music and his ability to direct his partner’s movements. Women can be inexperienced and uptight on the dance floor, but the onus of responsibility lies with the man to coax her into a relaxed, beautiful performance. What is expected of women in a ballroom and their responsibilities in the bedroom are minimal, however the man’s mood and behavior directly affects both dancing and sex. Where women can be disinterested, indifferent, or ignorant, the guy has to be observant, receptive, and assertive. His actions on the dance floor determine whether a dance is enjoyable and beautiful. His effectiveness in the bedroom decides whether sex is satisfying and exciting or drab and uneventful. Both sex and dance depend on the man’s understanding of the act.

Sex and dancing also require certain standard elements to be performed. The man has to be equipped. This does not mean that every man has to have a twelve incher, but it does mean that he has to have functional “equipment.” Just like you need two legs to be a great dancer, you need some essentials for sex. Can you get it up? Can you keep it up? Do you know what you are doing with it? These questions are essential to performance in the bedroom and on the dance floor. There is also a fundamental balance that both dance partners and lovers must reach in order to find synonymity in their respective arenas.

The achievement of either good sex or graceful choreography between any two people has many correlations. Success in either takes intuitive male leadership, experienced, decisive moves, and harmony between the partners. Sex and dance are completely dependent on the same elements, and thus are closely related.

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