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Removing Ridiculous Racial Stereotypes

8 Dec

Racism is still alive and thriving in the United States and all over the world. People have preconceived notions and form prejudices that affect their daily interactions with other ethnicities. But today, is here to dispel the most idiotic examples of racism that still exist covering the four major ethnicities, Latinos, Black People, White People, and Asian people.

stereotypes - latino

Latino People

All Latino people speak Spanish – Everyone who has Latin blood flowing through their veins does not automatically speak Spanish. Even if their parents speak español fluently, Latino Americans do not necessarily speak the native language of the previous generations. America was founded on principles of immigration, and people of all cultural backgrounds migrate to the United States to find a better life. There are second and third generation families who are German, Irish, Polish, Czech, Asian, African, and yes, Hispanic. Many of those ethnicities have five or more generations that have lived in America, and no one expects any of the other races of people to speak their native language. But, because Mexico is so close to California and Texas, people think that all Hispanic people speak Spanish. Well, those people are idiots. Just like some German and Czech immigrants, some Spanish, Central American, and Mexican parents never taught their children their native language so that they could assimilate into American culture easier and identify solely as U.S. citizens. It is absolutely ridiculous to assume that anyone speaks the same language that their parents spoke.

Illegal immigrants only come from countries in Latin America - You watched Brian de Palma’s Scarface and now you think that all illegal immigrants come from Cuba or from across the border in Mexico. Well, illegal immigrants come from all parts of the world. Anytime and anywhere the persecution of citizens happens in a country, there are defectors from that country. America has a large percentage of Eastern European defectors, and more recently, defectors from North Korea. There are even Syrian and other Middle Eastern immigrants that sneak onto American soil to escape harsh rule in their native countries. Illegal immigrants come from everywhere.

All Latino people are Catholic – Catholicism is one of the most popular religions in the world and Latinos do not have a corner on Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Irish people specifically, and most Northern European countries follow tenets of Catholicism even at a governmental level. Christianity is only challenged in size by Islamic faiths, and Catholicism heads the Christian faiths in numbers across all people, not just Latino.

All Latino men mow lawns/are day laborers, all Latino women are maids – This is one of the most damaging stereotypes against Latino people. This stereotype paints Latino people as less than other races, because they are wiling to do the things that other races will not do. However, they do not have a corner on menial, physical labor in the workforce. People of all races do hard, demeaning jobs that no one else wants to do. However, illegal immigrants usually have the more difficult and more dangerous work, and are paid considerably less money to do the same job that a documented worker would do. This practice happens because employers know that they can exploit these workers and save money. So, Latino workers do hold some physically demanding jobs disproportionately more than other races, but that is because companies are using a cheaper labor force illegally to save money exploiting people who have no better options.

stereotypes - black

Black People

All Black people like Hip-Hop and Basketball – Everybody likes hip-hop, not just Black people. Urban street culture has gradually become American culture. If you are not convinced of the draw of rap music, then go to the nearest suburbs of your city and pay attention to what type of music the affluent kids are playing. But, Black people also listen to rap also because it expresses a lot of the social problems that affect them directly. Until recently, hip-hop was almost exclusively a Black art form and it spoke to problems with public perception, partying, and appropriating the American dream through any means necessary. Rap was a vehicle of communication for Black people. And though basketball does not carry the same popularity that football does in the United States, it stands as one of the most appealing and socially accepted sports in the world. Basketball has become a global sport. The reason that Black people have gravitated towards basketball is because it is a sport that does not require a lot of equipment or resources to practice.

All Black people are Democrats – Black people generally vote Democratic as a whole, but all Black people are not Democrats. Black people, like any other race of people, come from different socio-economical backgrounds, practice different religious beliefs, and have varying political ideologies. They vote the way that suits all those factors like every other ethnic group of people. The only reason that a lot of Black people vote Democratic is because a lot of the Democratic ideals align with personal ideals for them individually.

All Black people got their jobs or acceptance into school through Affirmative Action – This is one of the most damaging stereotypes that racists project onto Black people. This stereotype effectively undermines all the accomplishments of educated, career-oriented Black people while being a divisive focal point to keep different ethnicities from embracing Black people as their peers and equals. It is also completely untrue. Affirmative action works for all different minorities, including but not limited to White women, gay people of all orientations and gender identities, and Asian people whose stereotypes allege that they have more advantages than even White men. Affirmative action is not a crutch that gives unqualified people positions that they do not deserve. It is a tool for the disadvantaged that levels the playing field for people who have had less their entire lives, and Black people are not the only ones who benefit from the program.

All Black men are criminals – This false perception of Black men has led directly to the deaths of countless Black men at the hands of police, and has indirectly led to the deaths of at least eight police officers in the recent past. Black men are believed to more violent and more aggressive than all other races. The media has sold an image of the urban thug that has been completely accepted by the general public. False statistics, ignorance on social media, and general anti-Black rhetoric have pushed this belief, but the facts behind this idea are not true. Black people by rate are more likely to murder someone than any other race, however 93% of Black murders are against other Black people. White people actually kill more people than any other race of people. They kill themselves at a high rate, 84%. But, they are also more likely to kill multiple people, more likely to be in a gang, more likely to sexually assault someone, and more likely to use illegal drugs than any other race. Black people are jailed more than other races because a larger proportion of them have fewer resources, hence affirmative action.

All Black women have big butts and bad attitudes – Black women come in all shapes and sizes like women of every other race. There are black women with narrow hips and small butts just like women of various other races have huge butts and wide hips. German women are naturally voluptuous. So are a lot of Latina women. Are Black women as a whole  more curvy than other races? Well, yes Black women are more likely to have a fuller figure. As for the attitude, Black women are no more likely to have a bad attitude than anyone else. This misconception has gone on much too long. Black people can be more boisterous than other races, but they are no more likely to cause a scene than any other race. Ignorant people cause public embarrassment, and ignorance is not exclusive to Black women.

stereotypes - white

White People

All White people are rich – This idea is just idiotic. There is no race of people who are exclusively wealthy. Every race has a mix of people in the upper and lower classes with most people falling into the middle class. Poor White people do exist, and you can check your nearest trailer park if you want proof that poor White Americans are not imaginary. However, poor White Americans can be very entitled and opinionated and rich White people sometimes dress disheveled, so they are mistaken for each other. Plus, White Americans have better access to the higher paying blue collar jobs so some groups of moderately well paid people wear the same clothing as the laborers. White people, like every other race, come from different socio-economical backgrounds within their ethnic group. They have different opinions, different religious beliefs, and different ideals of living.

All White people are Republican – If you have visited either coast in the United States, then you know that all White people are not all Republicans. Just like with all other races, White people have different ideologies that drive their politics. In New York and Los Angeles, there are more affluent White Democrats than there are Republicans. Politics boil down to liberals vs. conservatives in the two largest parties and most people’s beliefs fall somewhere in between those two extremes on the spectrum.

All white people are racist – In the 60s, when Jim Crow laws were in effect, White citizens walked alongside Black citizens to protest the inequalities. These White men and women were crucial to adopting change in the policies that affected people of color in this country. Similarly, today White men and women are ushering in change by joining the mostly minority led Black Lives Matter Campaign. The White Silence Equals Violence cries have forced some of the majority to reevaluate their stance on important social issues that face minorities. Though some White people have racial biases that skew their view of other people, so do people of all other races. And, there are plenty of White Americans who champion the rights of others.

All white men know about stocks and talk in a nasally voice – Knowledge about the stock market comes from only two places, affluence and access. People who have money have to know how to make their money work for them in order to keep it. Disposable income is a prerequisite to entering the stock market. And, people who do not have money have to know someone who plays the stock market to learn how the inner workings and principles of making money. The stock market is not exclusive to White men. Anyone can understand, converse about,  and do well in the stock market if they apply themselves. The way that you talk is almost completely contingent on your surroundings. People from different countries speak different languages, the smaller states of each country have different dialects, and within the same cities the dialects have several varying dictions. Language changes with location. People in Africa sound different from people in America, and people in the suburbs sound different from people in the city. Generally, the further into the middle of any city you travel, the bigger the accent. People speak like the people who are in their life. A White person who grows up in a Black neighborhood will pick up some Black slang and speak like his peers even if his mother is the queen of England. If the same person moved to the barrio, he would probably pick up a little Spanish and Spanish slang.

All white women are ditzy and slutty – The dumb blonde stereotype has no merit either. Some of the most recognizable sex symbols in history have IQ measurements that are at genius level. Jayne Mansfield, Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Pamela Anderson, and Madonna who have defined sexuality for generations all have intelligence quotients that register at genius level. People thought that these women either smiled or slept their way to the top, but they actually meticulously crafted exceptional careers with hard work and attention to detail. White women are no more sexual active than any other race. Differences in culture make conversing about sexual situations more likely in White homes, but White women have all the same insecurities, belief systems, and desires that other women have.

stereotypes - asian

Asian People

All Asian people are smart – Despite what the Bell Curve says, intelligence does not belong to any one race. The test has biases that do not address cultural differences, quality of education, and exposure to crucial terminology on the assessments. Asian people are not smarter than anyone else. Their culture does emphasize education though, and that may positively affect studying habits.

All Asian people like techno – This belief holds even less weight than all Black people liking hip-hop. A lot of what people prefer to do with their time is directly affected by what they are exposed to in the individual environments.

All Asian people are Chinese – Bruce Lee ruined Asian people in pop culture. There are North and South Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian, and so many other types of Asian people. Calling random Asian people Chinese is just ignorant.

All Asian men know martial arts – Yes, martial arts originated from Asia. Yes, Asian people also originated from Asia. However, that does not mean every Asian person knows kung fu. Asian people are no more likely to know martial arts than any other of people. There is no mystic cultural link from any people to fighting.

All Asian women are docile and work in nail salons – A lot of Asian cultures dictate that the children be respectful of their parents and wives be respectful of their husbands. However, that respect has been misconstrued as subservience. Individually, Asian women can be just as fiery and aggressive as any other woman. People grow up in independent households with varying lifestyles and under separate parenting styles, so their personalities are shaped by those different environment. And, the idea that all Asian women work in a nail salon is preposterous and insulting.

There are a lot more that didn’t make the cut including: all Latin people eat beans with every meal, all black people are on welfare, all white people smell like wet dogs, and all Asian people only drive Toyota’s or Honda’s. Unfortunately the media inundates society with these ridiculous stereotypes, and people grow up believing this nonsense. Get educated, don’t rely on the media to form your opinion of other races, meet different types of people, and form your own opinions about them. The more human beings you meet, the more you will begin to realize that people are the same regardless of race.

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