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The Grateful List 2017

7 Dec

donald trump - lavar ball

Trump vs. Lavar Ball

The President of the United States should have more pressing issues to attend to than a war of words with a civilian, but no President has ever been more petty and easily distracted or manipulative and evasive as Donald J. Trump. Either, he is so immature and vindictive that he needs to punish Lavar Ball for not immediately thanking him for his role in freeing his son from a Chinese prison, or he is devious enough to move attention away from his multiple vacations and alleged ties to Russia by creating a story out of thin air. The nation is entertained either way. The ongoing war of words between Donald J. Trump and Lavar Ball is something for which everyone can be grateful.

college football - deshaun watson03

College Sports

Professional sports represent entertainment at its highest level. Pro games are cleaner with fewer mistakes and better strategy than most college sports. However, that imperfection is the reason that college sports are so beautiful. Things are rarely clean and perfectly strategized in college. The players make silly mistakes, the coaches get outclassed, and every play is magnified at the college level. Momentum swings wildly from half to half because the games are played by amateurs. Team philosophy has more impact, and one play can turn the tide for a team. College sports are not pure as the NCAA would have you believe because of the continuing problem with student athletes being paid under the table. However, college sports show human beings competing before their performance is weighed down by statistics and financial gain. The NCAA’s handling of college students is flawed, but the game is something to be admired.

colin kaepernick02

NFL Protests

Colin Kaepernick is someone for whom we can all be grateful. In modern society, it is rare to see a man who is willing to sacrifice his career for his principles, and Kaepernick’s willingness to speak out against social injustices that rarely affect him because of his profession is commendable. He started the NFL protests with a simple gesture, sitting down for the duration of the national anthem. And, his actions have caused an uproar that could not have been foreseen. The polarizing NFL protests have become one of the clearest purveyors of truth over the last few months because Americans have split decisively towards two separate sides. Americans either empathize with the protesters and recognize that players are kneeling to peacefully fight against police brutality specifically aimed at minorities, or they ignore the message altogether because they feel the protest is disrespectful and un-American. But in either case, the NFL protests convey people’s true belief systems where race is involved. And, any act that brings clarity to muddled social and political issues also has great value to the people of this nation. Americans need to know what their neighbors think of them, and the protests have made everyone’s thoughts clear.

dysfunctional family03

Your Parents

No matter how self-involved your parents were and how dysfunctional your family dynamic was, your parents are responsible for your existence. And, unless you are currently contemplating suicide, you have good reason to be thankful. The fact that you made it to adulthood means that your parents did something right during your childhood. Now, stop blaming them for all your problems and work to make yourself a better person.

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