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Stop Public Breastfeeding: Cover Your Boobs Mom!

1 Feb

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breastfeeding - natural

This is completely natural.

Being a mother is one of the most sacred jobs that a human being can have. Mothers nurture and care for their children. They even provide nourishment for their kids directly from their bodies through breastfeeding. But, the general public should not be forced to witness the intimate act of breastfeeding to provide convenience to women who do not want to leave the room or cover themselves when they are nursing. The argument for public breastfeeding is not a honest discourse about providing food for a hungry child, it is a nuanced assertion for female nudity hidden inside an oversimplified exchange. It is a fight against modesty and decency. This is a corrupted rebellion against female censorship that uses babies as currency. And, though censorship is the enemy of freedom, this dispute is about feminism not civil liberties.

Women continue to push social boundaries because men have become more dedicated to political correctness than to the needs and desires of the general public. Men continue to cave on important issues to appease the smaller percentages of people that want change. And, though change is good in most cases, and it is constant and completely necessary, every rule does not need to revisited and reshaped to satiate the smallest faction of people affected by it. Rules are set in place to protect the majority. Very few laws cater solely to the smallest parts of society. In fact, the only laws that are expressly written for minorities are laws that specifically address the unchecked abuse and oppression of those groups. Women who are asked to cover their breasts when breastfeeding are not being oppressed. They are being asked to do what all the people of any given community do. These women are being asked to respect the beliefs and values of the people around them. Breastfeeding is completely natural. There is nothing wrong with a new mother nourishing her child with her body. There is nothing wrong with a mother wanting to feed their baby immediately when the child is hungry. There is something wrong with forcing everyone else to watch you feed your child from your naked body in public.


None of this is normal.

If this were simply an argument to stop the censorship, the fetishizing, and the sexualization of the female breast, then this debate would have some merit. An argument to normalize female breasts is an argument for equality. However, breasts are sexual organs as well as glands that feed our children. Up to 29% of women can reach full orgasm from nipple stimulation alone according to Dr. Herbert Otto. Nipples are censored in American culture because breasts play a significant role in sexual congress. There is no other forum where women readily expose themselves in public, and subsequently, some women fight regularly to restrict the images of women’s sexuality that permeate every part of society. Women’s bodies are used to sell everything from ice cream bars to beer to cars, and feminists fight to stop the exploitation of women’s bodies in the media. This is the hypocrisy of feminism. Feminists argue that the female body and its inherent sexuality should not be used under capitalistic pretenses or displayed in public forums through advertising, but that women should also be able to uncover themselves and force their nude bodies into the public consciousness when the circumstances favor them.

Feminists are opportunists who search out ways to gain as many advantages for women as possible. But, the women who fight to publicly breastfeed their children are not simple feminists. These women are narcissistic exhibitionists who are actively seeking attention for their unfulfilled lives. The breastfeeding movement is not about nurturing healthy children. It is about nurturing the egos of adult women. These are mothers who feel left out of their friends lives because they have a newborn. These are women who spend most of the day with a toddler and have little social contact outside of their immediate family. These are people who are grasping on to a life that they no longer have. The women who fight for public breastfeeding are either attractive women who no longer feel sexy because they have gained weight and are fighting to be validated or unattractive women who never felt validated and crave attention. These women do not care about the plight of their hungry kids. They want to be seen. But, motherhood is a choice. And, the lifestyle change that comes with caring for an infant is part of that choice. Yes, breasts do have a utilitarian function of feeding the young. Functionally, penises and vaginas are used to get rid of waste, but in our modern society all of those body parts remain covered in public because of their role in sexuality. Breasts are covered in public to maintain the innocence of older children for whom they are no longer a source of nutrition. They are covered to keep perverts from the uninhibited ogling of women. They should be covered to keep the intimate act of feeding a child an intimate act. If we are to return to ancient Roman times when people threw waste out onto the street and had sex in public, then keeping our sex organs exposed makes perfect sense. However, if we believe that society has advanced past the behaviors of monkeys, then cover your boobs, mom.


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