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10 Life Lessons from Cooking

12 Mar

1. Sometimes the Souffle Does Not Rise – You read the recipe, you followed the instructions perfectly, and the souffle did not rise. It turned into a gelatinous blob in a pan. The truth is that you cannot control every single facet of the kitchen or your life. Occasionally, you do everything right and it does not matter. You planned for a perfect event. You endured numerous rehearsals practicing for both the best possible outcome and the worst. Regardless of your diligence in preparation, sometimes you just do not come out on top. Sometimes the souffle does not rise.


2. If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen – The kitchen can quickly become too hot to handle literally and figuratively. Besides the physical heat, emotions often flare under stress of preparing meals in commercial settings. You should always know your limitations and act accordingly. Do not ask questions that you do not want the answer to, and do not stay in a situation that is too much for you.


3. The Best Cooks Love to Cook – The best chefs in the business love what they are doing. They put their all into their profession, so they get the best results. You have to be passionate about your vocation to excel at it. Your career needs that same passion dedicated to it. If you want to get ahead in life, then you must give your all to your occupation.


4. When Baking a Cake, Walk Lightly and Do Not Open the Oven Too Early – If you keep stomping around the kitchen and opening the oven door, then you stop your cake from rising. Tact and patience are necessary to fulfill your potential.

5. You Need Salt to Taste Sugar – In every recipe for a cookie, cake, pie, or anything that is sweet, there is a requisite amount of salt that accompanies the sugar. The salt is necessary to taste the sugar. Both baking and life are about balance. There will be both good and bad times. In order to really appreciate the great moments in life, you have to experience a little hardship.


6. Be Resourceful – At times in the kitchen, you will find yourself without all the ingredients that you need for a recipe. In those moments, you have to try new ways to make the same dish or a different one. You have to improvise. In life, there are moments when you have to go off of the conventional path.



7. Do Not Over-Stir – When combining ingredients for pancakes, cornbread etc., you only stir the mixture just enough to moisten the components. If you agitate the mixture too much, then you can stop the batter from rising and ultimately compromise the quality of the bread. Similarly, in relationships if you stir things up constantly, then you compromise the growth of the relationship. Constant agitation seldom creates proper development.


8. Spice Adds Variety – It is almost impossible to use too much spice in your kitchen. When used properly, spice not only adds heat and texture, but it also adds depth of flavor to meals. Variety and creativity, the spice of life, helps you to enjoy things that could become mundane over time. The changes in daily living, whether they occur purposefully or accidentally, make life enjoyable and exciting. It is the smaller nuances that bring color to the human experience.


9. The Shiny Things Are Never Good for You – Think about that greasy takeout bag from the local burger place, or the shiny glaze on top of a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Those are loaded with saturated fats and other things that will eventually kill you, but they taste and look great. Rarely are the things that appear to be perfect actually perfect. Most of the things that look great initially are terrible for you. The woman who lives down the hall and looks like a supermodel can not keep a man. You wonder why a woman so hot is still single. Do you know why? Because she is crazy. And, not the fun and eccentric kind of crazy. No, she is kicking and screaming, ‘I ran over your dog to hurt you,’ crazy. She may be beautiful, but she will turn your world upside down.


10. The Best Food Takes Time – You always have the option to get a decent hamburger from a local spot, or some chicken nuggets from a fast food chain, but the best food that you will ever eat is a meal that you took the time to prepare. The things that you enjoy most are the things that you had to wait to get. While getting things easily is often preferred by today’s society, utilizing your patience and working hard to achieve your goals is ultimately more fulfilling than any quick fix.


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