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Stop Dating These Instagram Models

26 Mar

instagram models

Let me start by saying that I do not blame Instagram models for exploiting the collective idiocy of the famous men that they expose. We live in a world of instant access, unearned fame, and world-wide accessibility. Men who are in the public view and are worth millions of dollars have to know that their livelihood can be affected by their decision to “date” an Instagram model. So, they have to be held accountable for their poor decision making. There have been too many examples of women trapping or exhorting famous athletes, musicians, and politicians for them to continue to be fooled. And, there have been even more situations where the woman simply aired a private moment of a famous guy without his permission and caused him public humiliation. Julian Edelman, Kevin Hart, James Harden, Jaromir Jagr, and countless other less famous guys have faced public ridicule and lost endorsements due to Instagram models posting after sex selfies of them while they were sleeping. Countless other professional athletes spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in child support because they impregnated a stripper or some social media model. Yes, some of these women are beautiful. Some of them are so sexy that it is nearly impossible to ignore their advances. But, enough men have made enough mistakes with this type of woman for the rest of the men in the world to take notice. There is no excuse for sensible guys to continue to pursue these women and make them famous.

Women whose worth is tied to social media have nothing to lose by exposing themselves and anyone else. They usually do not have conventional jobs and earn money solely through looking good and advertising other people’s products. Their intrinsic value as an individual and and to society is tied to how many likes they can get through their social media. So, a woman like this is motivated to get “likes” at any cost. And, the attention that these women get through social media also make them more accessible to wealthy men essentially creating a self-perpetuating cycle. Instagram models bring nothing of value to a relationship with a millionaire besides an hour of exercise in a dark room. And, the word “relationship” is used pretty loosely in this situation. Women whose only claim to fame is looking pretty have nothing to lose by outing a man in the spotlight. They have no talent, and the money that these women are making from endorsements is minimal. So, hooking up with a celebrity and releasing the video to public is a win-win. If she gets pregnant, then she gets 18 years of free money from child support. And, though raising a child is difficult and child birth is dangerous, the woman is basically taking on an endeavor that will net her at least 10K per month. And, $10,000 represents the low end of the spectrum for celebrity child support. Some women basically become millionaires by getting knocked up by the right guy. Her quality of life will be forever improved just by attracting the right guy. And, if the Instagram model does nothing other than embarrass the athlete, rapper, or public figure that she sleeps with, then she gains notoriety, gets more followers, and therefore earns more endorsements without any hard work. Mia Khalifa, a porn star, has created a mainstream career through professing her love for Florida State University and by exposing athletes on social media. Appropriately, or maybe inappropriately, the President of the United States is engaged in a battle with another porn star right now. He allegedly failed to sign a non-disclosure agreement and is being outed by the adult film star. Donald J. Trump is suing, and trying to silence the actress, but who wins in this public confrontation, Stormy Daniels who made money by having sex on film and will gain notoriety by having her name attached to the president or Donald J.Trump, the real estate mogul turned politician whose political base is the conservatives?

after sex selfie

Men need to do a better job of protecting themselves from these women because guys continue to walk into situations with “models” that they cannot win. This is one of the few situations when men are absolutely being victimized by the fairer sex. These women beguile men with their sexuality and use them for paid vacations, extravagant dinners, and an elevated lifestyle. In the most extreme cases, the man ends up paying for a child that he may not have wanted. But, in every case, guys seriously compromise themselves when they get involved with these women. Every person makes the choices that lead to the predicaments in which they find themselves, but ultimately this serves as a warning for the men who have yet to get entangled with an Instagram model. A woman who makes money by exploiting themselves probably will have no problem exploiting you.


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