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Ways to Find Out Who He Is

21 Mar

This article was originally submitted on May 7, 2011. Our readers asked for it, and we gave them what they wanted. So, here is how you find out who a man is.

Finding a good man can be one of the most difficult, time-consuming experiences that a person goes through. Though they are thought to be carnal, simple-minded, sex-driven animals, there is a little depth and complexity in each one. The easiest way to narrow down the choices of which men are attractive to your specific tastes is to limit the men with whom you converse. There are many subtle hints into a man’s personality that you can read without ever talking to him. The following five clues are the most telling.


1. General outfit - The clothes that a man wears displays how he wants the world to see him. If he has on a business suit, then either he wants people to know that he is career-driven, or he just left the office and does not mind people knowing that he loves his job. Similarly, if he has on an oxford shirt tucked into crisply, dry-cleaned khakis, then he is telling the public that he is conservative, at least middle class, and lives comfortably. Bohemian dress suggests that a man is liberal-minded, and may be anti-establishment. The Bohemian is an independent thinker, but may be immature too. If he is wearing the current fashion whether high-fashion or urban, he values the public’s opinion of him. He may be a little insecure or narcissistic. A man’s clothes give insight into what his ideals are. His clothes say who he thinks he is.

2. Haircut - A man’s hair exposes his impulsiveness. The people that are straight-laced invariably have a neat, trimmed hairstyle. Men with that hairstyle are usually more responsible and less likely to take risks that are not well calculated. Men with disheveled, layered hairstyles are more likely to take be impulsive. Guys with a short, Anderson Cooper cut or a Caesar probably have established careers. The guy with the mo- or faux hawk is unemployed, working as a waiter or in some other low paying place, or living off of their parents’ business. The man with the mullet could live in a trailer with little financial stability. Hairstyle is linked with maturity and responsibility. Those that follow hair trends normally are not stable partners.

3. Watch - Watches relay a man’s wealth. The brand shows the price range of the watch and thus how much wealth he has acquired. If he owns a Rolex or Cartier, he has paid from $6,000-$11,000 for his timepiece. The man wearing either of these watches is well-paid. If he owns a Rolex, he was likely born into money or has earned it over a lifetime of hard work. A Rolex is classic, effectual, and sturdy. A guy wearing a Cartier has new money. He is a little flashy, but well-off. The next level of watches include brands like Bvlgari, Movado, and Bulova. They range from $700-$4,000, which means that the man wearing one of these brands is probably living comfortably. Sports watches say that he is fashionably immature or possibly health conscious. If he is wearing a calculator watch, run, unless you are wearing one too.

4. Shoes - Shoes show a guy’s personality. First, check the overall condition of the shoes. Regularly worn shoes have some natural weathering on them. If his shoes are absolutely, immaculately cleaned, then either he wore them for the first time that night or he may be anal retentive. The guy with spotless shoes pays attention to detail, but could be controlling and stubborn. If his shoes have been shined, but are broken in, then he falls within social norms. By chance, if his shoes are completely worn out and covered in filth, then he is probably socially disengaged. A person with terribly worn shoes normally has poor hygiene too. Then, you check the style of shoe that he is wearing. Sneakers represent laid-back, fun-loving personalities. Loafers belong to conservative, but easy-going men. And oxfords are worn by straight-forward, business men. Whereas the outfit of a man portrays what a he wants the public to see, his shoes say who he really is.

A few more, less important, helpful hints towards finding out who he is…

man - manicure

Manicured hands - If he is heterosexual, manicured hands are a surefire way to identify a wealthy man. Poorer men do not have the time or money to afford excess pampering. Men that work with their hands would not waste their money on manicures that would surely be ruined in their trade. Plus, men that work with their hands are generally poorly salaried. So a quick peek at man’s hands can give you an easy way of determining his worth.

Facial hair - A man with wild, facial hair is probably not working a 9-5. He may be independently wealthy like Mark Cuban, but he probably works an unconventional job at nights. A clean, shaven man has a more conventional job. If you combine that clean shaven face with a tailored suit, then you know that your guy is probably at least in middle management. A salaried employee for a good company is a probably a decent provider.

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