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5 Reasons That He-Man Must Have Been Gay

17 May

He-Man was one of the most popular cartoons of the 80′s. In fact, the show was so popular that it inspired toys, t-shirts, lunch boxes, movies, and different, random paraphernalia throughout the decade. Recently, it has even been remade as another cartoon. Boys everywhere played with the toys and pretended to be the heroic, manly cartoon character. He-Man was a great representation of what men are supposed to be, however he was probably gay. Here are the top reasons that show He-Man was carrying a big secret in that loincloth.

1. His Best Friend Is His Cat

Prince Adam, the man who becomes He-Man, is best friends with his skittish cat, Cringer. Granted, a lot of men own cats and a good number of men love them dearly. But, how many straight men hold full conversations with their pets, and have their only real emotional connection with the animal? Adam, the man who metamorphoses into a symbol of masculinity and who is the protector of the universe is not friends with a loyal, territorial dog, or even a pet weasel. The consummate man of the 80′s does not ride a horse or carouse with a brutish, scary bear. No, he is closest to a anxious, lazy, easily-startled, and prissy feline. Think about that.


2. There Is Always Hot 80′s music

There is no music that gay men love more than 80′s music. 80′s music has just the right mix of pop and disco remnants for a hot and steamy man party. On the show, there are plenty of synthesizers blaring with a strong baseline and hot lyrics being sung, and He-Man exclusively produced music that matched the time period. The people behind the music managed to avoid anything that could be considered masculine like country, soul, and even avoided regular pop music too. It was if the people behind the scenes were trying to effeminate the show solely through the soundtrack.


3. Characters

The characters from He-Man modeled a perfect example of the family dynamic of a gay teenager in the 80′s. Prince Adam’s father, King Randor, was a strong masculine presence, but was always disapproving of his son regardless of what he did. Queen Marlena, his mother, played less of a role in the series, but she was nurturing to her son when she was present. He was closer to her, of course. He had an older male friend that was a mentor to him (Man-at-Arms), but who strangely never married a woman and was never seen in any romantic situations with them either. And, his best (human) friend was a hot, red-headed girl with whom he fought constantly and with whom he also had no sexual interest.

And his nemesis, Skeletor, was a muscular man who was literally all blue skin and bones. The colors blue, yellow, and green are some of the universal colors for sickness. If a man stops breathing he is painted blue. If he is nauseous, then he is painted green or yellow. The man with a yellow skull for a face and a blue body was the personification of evil on the show. Considering that He-Man was made in the 80′s when AIDS was first discovered and He-Man and Skeletor are two muscle-bound men who were always fighting and wrestling, Skeletor could very well be a walking AIDS reference to the gay community.

4. The Clothes

All of the clothing ensembles on He-Man appear to be from “Queer Eye for the Medieval Guy”. Every man that appears on the series wears rich draping clothes with leotards that run seamlessly into fabulous boots or skin tight clothes that show off their massive chests with no tights. The men all look like they lift weights 6 days a week. Similarly, all of the women wear skintight outfights that closely resemble bathing suits with equally awesome boots. Everyone on the show has a phallic sword to fight evil, and in every episode He-Man holds and strokes his sword while chanting something about the power of Grayskull.


5. He-Man Came Out In Every Episode

In every episode of He-Man, Prince Adam had a coming out party. Prince Adam skulked around the fortress daily in a pink robe, purple underwear, and purple boots with matching tights. He was naturally unassuming, unsure of himself, and frankly cowardly most of the time. Then, at some point in the show he realizes that he needs to be brave and change into his alter ego, He-Man. He finds the power to change himself within his sword, and begins to behave and talk differently. He is then immediately surrounded by glitter and fireworks, gets a dark tan, bleaches his hair to a sandy blonde, takes off his shirt, and begins trouncing around in a loincloth. Once he recognizes the power of the sword in his hand, he sheds his conservative clothes and becomes more confident, powerful, and “fierce”. In every show, Prince Adam comes out of the closet and transforms into his alter-ego with “fabulous powers”, He-man.

If you knew a guy who was old enough to live on his own, but still lived with his parents, was very neat, and owned a cat would you think that he was the protector of the universe? Probably not. If the same guy was always around a beautiful woman who dressed kind of slutty, but he never hit on her, would you assume that she was the only woman to whom he was not attracted? No, you would probably assume that he might not like women at all. Throw in the glitter from every episode and you will find that He-Man is not a show about finding the power to accomplish great things within yourself. No, He-Man is a show about a gay man that finally came out of the closet.


Still not convinced? Here is further proof that He-Man was gay.



One Response to “5 Reasons That He-Man Must Have Been Gay”

  1. Maia Jones November 18, 2016 at 7:48 PM #

    I am an 80′s child so I grew up watching He man Shera and I don’t remember Prince Adam aka He man ever having a crush or even falling in love with any of the females in the show lol

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