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Poor Republicans

21 May



In general, I oppose any type of prejudice or bias, so it pains me to say that there is one group of people that I am completely intolerable of, poor Republicans. Politics are so polarizing that I try to avoid writing about them. Like religion they are intrinsically woven into a person’s conscience that debating about politics is usually a fruitless endeavor.  People will forsake all reason and logic to blindly follow charismatic leaders for various invalidated reasons. It proves extremely difficult to keep private my belief system and political alliance because the two are intertwined and in most cases the former influences the latter. A mixture of personal values and financial stability normally decides the party a person supports. Income level plus morality generally equals party affiliation,  but poor republicans ignore this rule altogether.

Though there are exceptions, Republicans are believed to be the wealthy party and Democrats are seen as the poorer one. The Republican ideals, when we strip away the patriotism and overt Christianity, are basically everyone fend for yourself. You get what you earn and keep it for you and your loved ones. The Democratic ideals when stripped of their zeal for freedom of expression and want of freedom to do anything that pushes the envelope, comes down to the rich should help the poor. I personally think that both systems are flawed, but a person with no money that votes Republican is an idiot.

This is your typical poor Republican under a Republican President. Evicted or foreclosed.

My grandfather used to say that, “The poor suffer when a Republican is in office.” He was right. During the Reagan era the United States saw more foreclosures on houses than ever before. The wealthy did not lose their homes. Their assets are diversified. Their money is spread out in enough places so that they can’t lose it all at once. The rich don’t work to make money. They were unaffected when unemployment and the homeless population rose exponentially. The working and middle classes saw the devastation of Reaganomics. The upper class thrived as Reagan’s policies passed. This trend was repeated with George Bush, Sr. and then outdone by George Bush, Jr. Bill Clinton, the president that preceded Bush, Jr., had pulled the country out of its recession. Jobs, stocks, and all the financial signs that the economy is doing well were spiking. George Bush, Jr. drove our country into the worst recession and 1st depression that we’ve had since the Great Depression. Foreclosures are now at record-breaking highs. The middle class is falling into the ever-expanding lower class. And poor republicans everywhere are fighting the goals of the Democratic president on every front. Guess what Bubba? Universal health care doesn’t help your rich party members. They have insurance and maybe even a private doctor. It helps you take care of your teeth or get checked up regularly. Federal home loans don’t help the wealthy. Their mansion was paid for in cash. It helps you own something other than the clothes on your back. Don’t let your partisan biases or any other prejudices leave you homeless, toothless, and clueless.

The idiocy of poor republicans is mind-boggling and ridiculous. To simply follow political leaders that spout “the right” ideals and cry patriotism without questioning their politics is ignorant and careless. This is the same offense as people of the minority voting for minority candidates without knowing their beliefs or their plan for the economy. Either way, you are haphazardly following someone that may not have your best interest at heart. And either way the poor suffer.

This guy wanted Bush to be elected for a 3rd term

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