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The 5 Friends That Every Single Guy Needs

23 May


Ideally, every guy would find and assemble a collection of well-rounded people who each could satisfy his every whim through alcohol, anecdotes, and sex with women. But realistically, no set of people are capable of pulling that off. There are a collection of friends that make life a lot easier for guys. There are 5 friends that every single guy needs.

1. The Intellectual Guy - Every man needs an intellectual guy in their group. They need at least one guy to keep them abreast of all the current affairs in the country, and to challenge them mentally. Most men have a small set of true friends, and they seldomly talk about anything other than sports, domestic stuff with the family, and women. The intellectual guy stimulates thought within the group. He is normally also the most financially savvy member of the group. He diversifies investments and always has a few tips for anyone in the crew that wants to make a quick buck.

 chick magnet02

2. The Chick Magnet - Some guys have it when it comes to the ladies, and some guys do not. If you are one of the “do not’s”, then you have to find a ladies man for your crew. This guy is like catnip. Most guys assume that ladies men are tall and great-looking guys who women naturally fawn over, but that is not always true. The extremely handsome guys lose girls because most of them are boring because they have never had to pursue women, or jerks for the same reason. A true ladies man just knows what to say to women. He is charming and funny,  and women can not get enough of him. Some of them are friendly and sweet. Some are sarcastic and insulting. But, all of them attract women. And, having a friend that attracts women never hurts.


3. The “Girl-Friend” - This is not a significant other, a lover, or even a sex buddy. This is a female friend that you are not interested in sexually, but who is invested in you. Men friends are usually funnier with less maintenance, but every now and then, a woman enters your life that truly is one of the guys. She is not easily offended. She has a great sense of humor as the group, and she also loves taking care of all the guys. When there is a big game, she cooks and invites some of her hot friends over. When you got to a bar, she is the best wingman that ever lived. She chats up hot women and tells them how charming you are and about your “third leg.” She is there to help you. Female friends are rare and exceptional.


4. The Emotional Guy - Every crew needs at least one emotional guy. Not whiny, but emotional. He is passionate about everything that he does. His love for different activities convinces you to regularly try new things. The emotional guy will let you borrow or have anything that he owns. When you have woman trouble, he is there with a listening ear and good advice. He is not necessarily feminine, but he has a good understanding of women need from guys and can relate that to you clearly. And, he is the peacemaker when disputes divide the group. He is not judgmental and leaves everyone feeling like they were heard and understood. The emotional guy is the glue that holds friends together.

 crazy friend

5. The Fun Guy - This guy usually has a little money in his bank account, or at least he is willing to spend the money that he has completely recklessly. He is always willing to go out to a party or a club just to get out of the house. He is the guy that is always buying rounds. He knows a few guys at anyplace that you go. All the waitresses love him and the bartenders occasionally give him and the people that are with him (i.e. you) free drinks. When he walks into a place the energy of the room goes up a notch. The fun guy keeps the party going.


Having the right collection of friends insures that your quality of life is great and sustainable. You need people around you that can illicit better thinking, make you laugh, make you feel, and make the world more accessible to you. Choose your friends wisely and strategically when you pick your crew.

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