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Girl, Maybe It’s You

27 Jun

independent woman

Oh, “Can’t no man tell you nothing.” You’re an independent woman who makes her own money, pays for her own food, and buys her own clothes. You take care of the rent. And, because you will not let any man support you, you think that no man has the right to tell you what to do with your time, your money, or your body. And, you are completely right to think that. Any woman who has survived as long as you have without a husband should not have any problem telling a guy whom they met that she does not need his help with anything. It is admirable that you, a adult woman, are completely self-sufficient. No man, woman, or sentient being can rightfully tell you what to do, but that funky attitude is the reason that you are still single. There is nothing wrong with being independent, however constantly fighting to prove how irrelevant your potential partner is to you will inevitably push them away from you. Men do not want to hear about how unnecessary they are to your standard of living. They do not want to hear about how great you are or how useless they are to you. And though you think that all the men that you have met, dated, and slept with were just too weak, too soft, or unequipped to handle you, you are grossly overvaluing your worth. Every man who has walked in and out of your life did not leave because they were ”not enough man” for you. They left because you ran them off. The problem is you.

Nobody wants to tell you this, because telling you anything that is contradictory to your core beliefs leads to an argument. You have isolated yourself from the truth with girlfriends who tell you nonsense and cannot keep a man themselves. And, since they have the same despicable personality flaws that you have, they are unable to help you get past your faults. You tell each other that you are too good for the guy who just left you. You say that if he was a real man, then he could have dealt with you just the way that you are. He should be happy that you let him talk to you at all. Well, unless you are a virginal billionaire super model who cooks like the Barefoot Contessa and are somehow still capable of sex acts that would make the Kama Sutra blush, then you can not afford to be extremely picky. That is the type of woman that any man would be lucky to have. You work a secretarial job even though you are thirty, your parents still pay your car note, and you think that men should lining up for a chance to date you. You are sadly mistaken. You honestly believe that you are special, and that attitude is the reason that you are by yourself. If every guy that you meet falls short of your standards, then maybe your standards are unreachable. You are not opinionated. You’re abrasive. You are not independent. You are intolerable. Your attitude stinks, and your list of requirements is entirely too unrealistic. There is no 6’4″ millionaire with broad shoulders, dark skin, a good heart, Richard Pryor’s sense of humor, no kids, and a humongous rooster who is waiting for you to question his manhood publicly right before he gives you 12 orgasms without penetration. That guy is already married to a woman who looks better and treats him better than you ever could.

You have been blaming the quality of the guys for your failure to find and keep a good man. But, to paraphrase the modern day urban philosopher Martin Lawrence in his self-named series, “If it smell like day-old cabbage everywhere you go, well then maybe it’s you. Statistically, every man that you meet can not be a loser. You are the problem, not them. If you want your own “happily ever after”, then you need to temper your expectations and recuse your list of requirements. There really is a guy out there who can meet every one of your needs if you are willing to have realistic expectations. Nothing is wrong with knowing your worth and desiring a partner who is on your level, however too many women today either have an inflated sense of self or are delusional about what men want from women.

4 Responses to “Girl, Maybe It’s You”

  1. Elsa Frozen April 5, 2017 at 3:41 AM #

    This article is on spot. However we must not forget all the men who do exactly the same and fuck up their lovelives because they think that they look like Brad Pitt, while their looks are closer to that of Smeagol. With a bad character to top it off.

    • AFM April 5, 2017 at 7:50 PM #

      You are absolutely right. This happens with men too, however women are far more likely to overvalue their stock. And unfortunately, the reason is because men will say or do nearly anything to catch a woman. A lot of women’s unrealistic desires are because of guys doing too much to pursue them.

  2. Elsa Frozen April 6, 2017 at 10:19 AM #

    It is true that a man will say or do nearly aything to get that booty (even sell his own mother). However if a woman gets a lot of attention from a lot of men, this means that she is probably not overvalueing her stock. Ugly men will still talk to a beautiful woman, even if she is out of his league.

    • AFM April 7, 2017 at 1:19 AM #

      But, the ugly guy who tries for the pretty girl is usually not deluded. He is “swinging for the fences”, because he figures that the worst thing that can happen is for her to say no. And, that guy will not hold out for a trophy wife because he realizes that he is not necessarily a prize. Women will shoot down every guy that comes their way if he is not up to their standards when they literally have nothing going for them. How does a person with no job hold out to try and catch a rich guy? How does a woman who is “extra” average looking expect to marry an Adonis? It happens all the time.

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