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Surprising Things That Men Find Attractive About Women

8 Jun

Men are strange. Women are beautiful. And, because of these two distinct and separate character traits of the sexes, men often objectify and fetishize everything about the fairer sex. Here are few surprising things that men find attractive about women.

1. No Social Media

In this selfie-obsessed culture, finding a woman who has abstained from social media is like finding a unicorn. Most women crave the random attention from strangers that Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook provide. Therefore, any woman who does not need constant validation through random people’s obsession with ”following them”, liking their pictures, or retweeting their thoughts is a woman worth dating. Having a lack of a social media presence is one of the hottest things a woman do today.

2. Scars

A lot of chicks dig scars on a man, but very few women know how much men dig scars on women. Obviously, guys do not want their woman to have a buck-fifty scar across their face from ear to ear, but a small scar on their arm with a little character is sexy. A scar with a story humanizes a pretty woman. It makes the unattainable beauty a person instead of an unreachable goal. And, if the guy has a scar, they can trade stories. Who does not like a good icebreaker?

smoking woman02

3. Smokers

Men do not like smoke being blown in their faces, but watching women smoke (especially a cigar) can be a spiritual experience. Watching a classy lady inhale smoke and blow it out it is somewhat sexual and completely intriguing. The smoke billowing magically from their lips is mesmerizing. Women who smoke are risk-takers and orally fixated. They are rebels in a world that tries to control them. Women who smoke are hot.

4. Arguing

A good argument is frustrating and upsetting, however it also gets your blood flowing. The energy used to fight can be used to make up. For men, there are few things that are more angering than a seemingly pointless fight. Women twist words, misconstrue messages, and then take offense at the misinterpreted information. They occasionally ignore logic altogether and argue based solely on their feelings. No one wins there. However, all that emotion that is usually spilled sideways often leads into passionate and/or angry sex. And, hot sex totally makes up for stupid arguments.


5. Fiveheads

Pretty women with big foreheads are hot. Period.

6. Clavicles

There is nothing more sexy on a woman than a long slender neck leading to distinguished clavicles. The exposed neckline of a woman of a gorgeous woman exudes grace and elegance. Celebrities and movie stars know this, and wear gowns with plunging necklines and radiant jewelry. Maybe the allure stems from the proximity of the breasts to the collarbone. Maybe a defined collarbone just frames the face of a pretty woman. But, a sexy clavicle is very attractive to most men.

7. Raspy Voices

Remember Tara Reid in The Big Lebowski propositioning the Dude for a thousand dollars? What about Emma Stone in The 40 Year Old Virgin? Or Scarlett Johansson in anything? Maybe the huskiness of their voices resonate with men on an innate level. Maybe these women are just hot and it does not matter how they sound. Either way women with a raspy voice are sexy.

8. Feet

Okay, feet are not necessarily a surprising addition to this list because foot fetishes may be the most popular perversion in the world. However, there are specific reasons that men love feet. All men love pretty legs. And, regardless of how nice, smooth, and shapely your legs are, if they end with gross cracked and bunioned feet, then your legs do not look as nice. Nice feet compliment nice legs. And, the condition of a woman’s feet can also allude to her lifestyle. If her feet are soft, moisturized, and pedicured, then it points to a healthy standard of living. If they are calloused and cracked with corns on every toe, then that woman has probably lived a hard life. A woman’s feet are also expressive. Men who pay attention to the finer details watch women’s feet to check their emotional state. Women tap or shake their feet when they are anxious, they stretch their toes when they are relaxed, and toes curl and extend when women get excited. Feet convey emotion.

woman eating07

9. When Women Can Really Eat

Watching a woman put away an obscene amount of food is strangely satisfying and endearing. Most ladies act overly polite and refrain from ordering real food and eating in front of their dates. They get salads and pick at their food until the end of night, then go home hungry and grumpy. But, a few women let their hair down when they get to the dinner table and enjoy their food. They ask for real food and eat it when it comes. Those women are refreshing.

10. Petite Women Who Drive Trucks

There is nothing more American than an obnoxiously large gas-guzzling truck flying down the open road or traveling off road on the countryside. And, there is nothing hotter than a cute chick driving that truck.

11. Cursers

A hot chick that is willing to drop a F-bomb in public without any hesitation is inherently sexy. A little nonchalance goes a long way when it comes to general coolness, and a woman who is unafraid to curse breeds confidence and cool. Using too many expletives shows immaturity for anyone male or female. There is a time where eloquence and restraint are necessary. But, there is also a time for a well-placed curse word, and if a woman knows that moment and uses those words appropriately, then she is a fucking keeper.

12. The Handy Woman

Gender roles are being redefined everyday, and where men were expected to have a working knowledge of basic plumbing and carpentry twenty years ago, men today are just as likely to be completely clueless with using power tools as they are to fix things around the house. That makes a woman who can fix a leaky pipe even more exceptional. There is something sexy about a woman who is handy with tools.

13. Women in Hats

Wearing a hat is a lost art today, and very few people can pull it off with ease or without looking goofy. Hats allude to a certain amount of sophistication, so women who can pull off any style in a hat are inherently sexy. A woman in a sun hat or a fedora exudes a certain amount of cool, and even a cute chick with a baseball cap and a ponytail is extremely hot to most guys. Most men love a pretty woman in a hat.

14. Veiny Breasts

Google “veiny breasts tumblr”. Then, google “kittens in yarn” to cleanse your pallet.

15. Nerds

Intelligence is attractive and completely underrated. So many women idolize celebrities like the Kardashians who are physically beautiful, but have hollow personalities. These women give nothing to the world outside of aesthetic beauty. Would Kim Kardashian be famous without her enormous butt and that sex tape? No, she would be one of a million hot groupies that only sleep with athletes and entertainers. But, a woman who can hold her own in discussions about world politics and mathematic theory is worth ten Kardashians.

the transition03

16. The Transition

The transition is where the lower back meets the butt, and it drives men wild. Guys call that glorious spot between the back and the butt many different names such as dimples of Venus, butt dimples, and sex dimples, but the name of the place is irrelevant. The feel of  the small of a sexy woman’s back is the only relevant thing in this case. That transition from back to butt is a symbol of womanhood, an intimate place, and an erogenous zone. Men love the small of a woman’s back.

17. Crazy Girls

I’m sure quite a few women suspected this one, but men like a woman who is a little bit off her rocker. This does not mean guys want a woman who is certifiably bat-shit, torch your car with your clothes in it crazy. However, a slightly unstable woman keeps you on your toes. Hot sex and plenty of drama are always present with a crazy chick. When you date this woman you are always on a physical and emotional rollercoaster. Extreme highs and frustrating lows are common. But, if a man is constantly trying to figure out if his girlfriend is going to blow him or blow up his car then he is not thinking about Marcia, the hot secretary from work.

butch lesbians02

18. Butch Lesbians

We are not talking about the women who genuinely look like burly garage mechanics. This category is for the hot version of those mechanics that have a little masculinity but still carry their femininity. Bound starring Gina Gershon may have started the initial attraction, but men have a longstanding obsession with hot butch lesbians. From superstar Ellen DeGeneres to supermodel Omahyra Mota to the super gorgeous Ruby Rose, dyke lesbians have struck a chord with men everywhere.

19. Squared Shoulders

There may be some inherent attraction to women who are physically in shape, and sexy shoulders show that a woman has been working out regularly. Before we as humans became civilized and learned to cultivate the Earth, we were hunter-gatherers and both men and women needed to move actively from place to place to survive. A partner with distinct musculature is intrinsically alluring.

20. Frugality

Women with discipline are sexy. It is incredibly easy to grab fast food for lunch and dinner everyday or throw away money at fancy restaurants all week. But, it is considerably more difficult to save money by planning meals consistently and using that money to invest. Paying people to do the things that take your time is easier, but considerably more expensive. And, a woman who realizes this and chooses to work a little harder to save a little more is rare.



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