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Where to Pick Up Women

20 Jun

Park – The park is a great place to meet women. A the park, women tend to be by themselves which makes them more approachable than they would be normally at most other places. It gives an opportunity for a quick conversation and a segue into an action together like a walk or lunch if you connect with her.

Pros: There are only few places where women may actually travel alone. The list consists of pretty much just walks at the park and trips to an empty bathroom stall for number two, and since science has proven that women do not poop, a park may be your only safe bet for finding a woman by herself.

Cons: You better be a good conversationalist if you separate a person from their quiet time. Going to a park is generally what people do to find peace and solitude. Plus, if there is no connection, then the talk can become awkward pretty quickly.

Airport – The airport has women from all walks of life with an infinite number of different backgrounds and they are easily accessible. Most are friendly though a few may busy with work.

Pros: You will be isolated with the woman of your choice for a few hours with no place for you or her to go. If you have a good connection, then you will have a story that you can tell all your friends. The two of you could really get to know each other in  a small time depending on the topic of conversation. And, there is the small chance of airport sex or even joining the Mile High Club if you are on the same flight. The mystery and and urgency of impending travel fuels romance.

Cons: You will be isolated with the woman of your choice for a few hours with no place for you or her to go. If the conversation is awkward, then you will hours to kick yourself for being so lame. Plus, there is a fair chance that the woman of your dreams is at the airport with their significant other, going to see them, or just leaving them.

Club – This one is pretty obvious. The club is one of the only places in the city where you will see scantily clad women gyrating to music and not have to pay money for it (if you don’t count buying drinks). There are some women that are out to hook up with a hot guy and you can fill in for that guy when takes home another girl.

Pros: Women are everywhere if you pick the right club, and you are bound to find at least one woman who is mildly interested in you. If you pick the right girl, you may get lucky that night.

Cons: Girl’s night out is the number one killer of guy’s chances of hooking up with a hot girl. For every hottie in a group, there is an equally unattractive cock-blocking nottie. Even when the nottie does strike, some women go out to look hot, dance with each other, and tease guys. Yes, women are evil.

Jogging – If you know of a track for amateur runners in the metropolitan area of your city, then you are bound to see hordes of beautiful, hot and sweaty women running to keep their figures in tact.

Pros: She works out regularly, you do too. Now you have a common interest for the two of you to discuss. Your conversation can lead to breakfast that morning or a date later.

Cons: Your body shape may decide if she will date you or not regardless of how great the conversation is that you have with her.

At the Pool – The great thing about the pool is that you get to see the woman’s shape without chatting her up. By picking the right moment to approach her, you can have a great encounter poolside with a hot woman in a bikini.

Pros: There is a girl in a bikini waiting for you to say the right thing to her.

Cons: Your body shape may decide if she will date you or not regardless of how great the conversation is that you have with her, and you will have on a lot less clothing than you would if jogging.

Yoga Class – No heterosexual man wants to go to a yoga class. There are a myriad of different, difficult positions and you a guaranteed to walk out of the first session in pain. But, yoga classes are full of lean, athletic women in yoga pants.

Pros: There are very few things in the world that are better than watching women doing downward dog in tight stretchy pants and a tank top or sports bra. Plus, you will literally be the only man in the yoga class.

Cons: Every woman in the yoga class will assume that you are either gay or a man that is only attending their class to hit on hot women in tight stretchy pants and sports bras. There is also a good chance that all the women in awkward, bendy positions could catch the attention of the little guy in your pants. And, there is no feasible way to hide that wearing gym shorts in a room full of women.

At the Entrance to Your Apartment – Women can never find their keys or anything else in their purses. A hot woman rifling through her purse at the entrance to your apartment building is an opportunity for chivalry to work for you.

Pros: You will have effectively proven that you are a kind, non-threatening guy with a penchant for taking care of a lady. Chivalrous acts endear you to women and helps to earn their trust. And with trust comes the sexy time.

Cons: As my uncle would say, “You don’t crap where you eat.” Sleeping with a woman in your apartment complex seems like a great proposal, until you start to get unwanted pop-up visits at inopportune times or just lose interest in her. Having a ex-lover living in close proximity is asking for trouble.

Gas Station – Everyone needs gas for their vehicle, and the gas station is one place where people usually go alone. You will have a few minutes of uninterrupted time to impress her with your wit and charm.

Pros: There is literally nowhere for her to go to escape you. She has run out of gas and can not leave until she has refueled. You can read her body language to see what kind of day she has had, and approach her with the appropriate amount of empathy or excitement.

Cons: If she ignores you at a gas station, you have concrete evidence that you are a real loser.

Victoria Secret – It takes a confident guy to walk into a lingerie store by himself. Even married guys avoid these stores like the plague and they have the most to gain from them. However, stores like Victoria Secret have exclusively female staff and are filled with women shopping to find underwear.

Pros: There is the off chance that you will see a woman in a bra and panties (it has happened before), and you have an opportunity to intrigue women by showing your high comfort level in a decidedly feminine environment. You can tell the ladies that you are shopping for your sister who told you that she wanted some specific deal that you can only find here and that you have no idea what you are doing. Women are suckers for helpless guys.

Cons: You could look like the pervert that hangs around women’s clothing stores.

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