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Ask A White Guy

21 Jul

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What do white people really think about affirmative action?

I don’t necessarily have a problem with Affirmative Action on the whole, but it is VERY problematic on the individual level.  Think about it this way, I bust my butt for four years in high school or college (just like a minority may have), yet get passed up for admission or a job by a lesser candidate just because we are of different races.  I have a 3.5 GPA and a 1300 SAT score, a minority has a 3.2 GPA and 1200 SAT score, yet they get into a nice college and I have to settle for a crappy state school.  That just isn’t fair.  I don’t want to be penalized for what some of my stupid ancestors did.  If the minority and I have similar scores I can stomach them getting preferential treatment, but not an inferior student.  I may not understand all of the details behind the law, but if it is the way I understand it, I don’t see how this is Constitutional.


Ever jealous of black guys?

With a few things yes, but with most things no.  Black guys, whether they work out or not, seem to all be incredibly buff … how does this freaking happen?  I’m not so worried about dancing, but it is amazing that black guys seem to all dance really well.  I know this is a huge stereotype, as I know a good number of black guys with no rhythm, but they seem to be the minority.  People always assume that all black guys are better in sports than white people, but that’s definitely not accurate.  Black guys on the whole may be more athletic, but that doesn’t mean every single black guy is more athletic than me!  I watch a lot of sports, and white guys don’t succeed just because they’re smart, heady, hustle all the time, hit their free throws, and “play the right way.”  This is junk.  If one doesn’t have a minimum set of skills and body composition professional sports is not attainable for 99.9% of the population, regardless of race.  One thing I’d like to add is that a common black guy has the ability to just own a room.  Prominent white guys can do this no problem, but it seems that just regular black guys have this innate knack for this.  I think that’s really cool.


We’re not all like this


Biggest misconceptions about white people

  • We have everything together – Yes the perception is that all whites are rich, have stocks, and have a solid, supportive family.  This isn’t true at all.  There are more white people on food stamps than blacks.  Also, has anyone ever heard of white trash, trailer parks, and carnies?  These are all poor, “ghetto,” uneducated white people who may be married to one of their relatives.  One other thing about the family unit relates to fathers.  Black people have a problem with dads not being around, well so do we.  The white father may not be literally MIA, but he may work 16 hours per day, not attend any of his kid’s after-school events, and he’s probably having an affair with the secretary.  He’s there physically, but not mentality; it’s really not much better.


  • We’re not all racist – Seriously most of us don’t think about race at all.  I get that I don’t have to because I’m white, but it just never comes to mind for me.  I think it’s too bad that the world thinks badly about black people (black males more specifically), but come on, why wouldn’t they?  If anyone watches TV or ever gets on the internet, the impression is that black men are criminals, uneducated, lazy, and deadbeat dads.  If a white person never interacts with a black person and this is all they ever see or hear, isn’t it somewhat legitimate to have this prejudice?  This is no different than if I walk into a room black people would immediately think my mom doesn’t work, my dad drives a German car, I have a trust fund, my hair smells like wet dog, I speak in a high pitched, nasally voice, I have no rhythm, I can shoot three pointers really well, and I have a small penis.  I’ve heard them all before; it’s just sad the idiocy exists on both sides.


Wait, not all black guys do this?


  • If we like hip hop… – The prevailing thought is if a white guy likes rap or hip hop he wants to be black, aka a wigger.  This is one of the most asinine misconceptions.  If a black guy likes Maroon 5 does it mean he wants to be white?  For those that actually pay attention to music it’s obvious there isn’t much difference between rap and rock.  Both are heavy on bass and percussion, songs are often based on antiestablishment themes, rhyming lyrics, and generally up tempo rhythm.  The one major difference is that rock features the guitar.  Sorry to disappoint anyone, but we’re not wiggers, we just like music.  And just for the record, no, I don’t like Eminem and Vanilla Ice just because they’re white.


  • We hate Obama because he’s black – I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of racist people hate President Obama because he’s not white.  Countless morons hated John F Kennedy just because he was the 1st Catholic President.  The world will never be without idiots.  Anyway, my biggest gripe with Obama is that he’s just super liberal.  His plans all call for the expansion of government and higher taxes.  Yes he’s calling for higher taxes for the rich, but if government spending was down, there would be no need to keep raising taxes for anyone.  The compromise needs to be that any tax increase has to be tied to a budget cut.  I think that he’s intelligent and earnestly believes that he’s doing the right thing.  That’s better than Bush Jr.  Obama isn’t the best, but he’s not a snake oil salesman like Mitt Romney.  By the way, everyone assumes that I’m a Republican because I’m white … couldn’t be further from the truth.


Black people stereotypes that puzzle me:

  • Buy super expensive cars and outfit them with huge rims and speakers – This makes absolutely no sense if one isn’t rich since cars depreciate faster than almost anything we’ll ever purchase.


  • Pay to get into bars/clubs – It’s free to get into any white populated nighttime establishment.  Why should someone pay money to get into a place where they’re going to spend oodles of money on alcohol all night?  I understand if the city is Vegas, Miami, LA, or NY.  Otherwise this is ridiculous.


  • Only listen to black musicians – Is it that offensive to acknowledge that artists with much less skin pigment can be talented and enjoyable?


  • Wears sunglasses at night – Are you a celebrity?  Are you blind? Do you have a black eye?  Do you get migraine headaches from bright lights?  If the answer to none of these is yes, why the shades?


Okay for Lebron to wear shades at night … not okay for you to do it.


  • Quick to throw the race card – The more this is used the much less effective it becomes.  Yes there is a ton of racism in this country, but not everyone is a racist.  Speaking of which, what do Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do on a daily basis when no race controversy is going on?  I really need to know this.

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