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How to Get a Date

27 Jul

Long before the internet, Facebook, and fancy dating sites people did something a little different in order to date each other. They talked to one another. By combining the most effective methods that many different men use to approach and make lasting impressions and connections with women, has compiled the most effective way for men to find and date women.

Step 1: Pick a level

To effectively talk to and date women, you first have to decide what the lowest level of attractiveness that a woman can be and still peak your interest. Observe all the smaller things that make a woman beautiful like her smile, her hands and feet, her cup size, waist to hip ratio, and how well she is dressed. Basic attraction is the focal point of this exercise. In order to date a woman, you first have to know what type of woman you want. Though it is objectifying and possibly sexist, rate the women that you see on a scale of 1-10 and find your minimum. You must then rate yourself honestly. If you are short, balding and overweight then, the minimum number for the level of attraction on your prospective mates should be towards the lower end of the scale. This small, simple activity forces men into self-introspection about themselves, and their needs and desires in a mate.


Step 2: Talk to Her

Every time that you see a woman that meets the minimum of your criteria for an attractive women, talk to her. This step is both the most difficult and the easiest step. If you are not particularly accustomed to approaching women, then continuously striking up conversation may be challenging at first, however the payoff is well worth the struggle. The more you talk to women, the easier engaging them becomes for you. Once you get past worrying about the possibility of rejection, your confidence will soar and you will be more attractive to women. The hardest step is making the first one.

Step 3: Do Not Hit on Her

Resist the urge to say all the foul things that are now swirling around in your head. Fight your desire to tell her how beautiful she is, trust me she hears it all the time. Just talk to her. The most effective advances are the ones where women feel most comfortable, and unless she has signaled you in to converse with her, when you approach a woman her defenses will be up. So, make a flippant comment about something that she is doing. If she has obviously just finished working out (because you noticed that she is wearing a sweat-stained tank top and running shorts), but she has cookies in her basket, then make a joke about her choice. If you are polite, endearing, and funny, this small gesture shows her your sense of humor and makes you less-threatening to her. Anything that you can find that may be useful in making a small connection with her is fair game. You should probably avoid the feminine hygiene aisle.


Step 4: Slow Down, Speedy

Once you have charmed her with your witty assertions about her grocery choices, your intuition may tell you to ask her for her phone number while you still have her attention, but that would be the wrong choice. Introduce yourself formally and ask her a benign question about her life. Then, tell her it was nice to meet her and walk away. At this time, she will be trying to figure out why you did not ask for her number. Turn around slowly, tell her how, “you never do this,” and then ask her for her number.


Step 5: Plan a Date

Sit down, plan a grown-up activity, and call her. Try to keep the phone call brief and fun, and tell her you are looking forward to seeing her. Believe it or not, some women do not want to have an extended phone conversation if they do not really know you, and a quick call lessens the chance that you you say something stupid before you meet her. Blowing any chance of a good connection before you actually see the woman again is not what you want here.

The only thing that is left to do is to use all that natural charm that you possess. And, who knows,  maybe you’ll get invited to the no-pants party.

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