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How to Spot A Player

31 Jul

In every budding relationship that turns sour, there are multiple signs that something is amiss. Some women recognize these signs early and avoid both heartache and exotic venereal diseases. Others fall for the BS that guys shovel them and eventually turn into jealous, jaded stalkers. You can be the former by learning to spot all the telltale signs of a player.

“Do we have to put a label on everything?”

“I’m just not ready for a relationship.”

“Let’s take things slow (after sex)”

“I have too much stuff going on now.”

“I’m not over my ex.”

“I’ve been hurt in the past.”

“I’m confused.”

Do any of these lines sound familiar to you? If so, then you are dealing with a player. Never listen to anyone who utters these phrases to you because each of these phrases have a second meaning.

“Do we have to put a label on everything?” – “I am terrified of commitment.”

“I’m just not ready for a relationship.” – “I like having regular sex with you, but why waste time dating you when I don’t really like you.

“Let’s take things slow (after sex)” – “Let’s take everything slow except for the sex part. We should definitely keep going fast with the sex.”

“I have too much stuff going on now.” – “The other things that I have going on is stuffing other women.”

“I’m not over my ex.” – “I’m not over my ex, and you are boring.”

“I’ve been hurt in the past.” – “One ex cheated and I’m going to punish every girl that I like for what she did.”

“I’m confused.” – “I am completely sure that I don’t want to date you, but the sex is nice.”

There are other easily recognizable ways of spotting a player, like his wardrobe. If he wears all the latest fashion trends, sports a diamond encrusted watch, and drives a sports car, but has no job, then you can bet that all his fashion and fun is supported by hard working women. Those babbles exist because of generous women and they exist to attract women. A player always dresses impeccably.

Certain mannerisms can signal that your guy is playing you too. Does your “boyfriend” look at himself in the mirror more than you do? Is he constantly looking at his reflection in store windows as the two of you pass through shopping centers? This is a sign that he is insecure and self-involved, and both of those personality traits belong to a cheater. Men are usually less concerned with primping and maintaining their appearance than women. Guys that are always concerned with their looks sometimes have ulterior motives. Players often come off as self-involved.

Does his voice change when he is on the phone and you enter the room? Does he lock his phone whenever he leaves the room? Does he change the password for his phone and computer regularly? These things mean that you are either dating a super spy or your man is hiding something from you. First, most men do not want to hold long conversations on the phone anyway. Men are generally more focused on the person that they are sitting next to on the couch. Long, secret conversations are a huge sign that your boyfriend may be seeing someone else.

And, last but not least, is he difficult to find? A player is almost impossible to keep tabs on. If he says that he is going out for a beer, he will come home hours later without the smell of liquor on his breath. If he says he’ll be an hour late after work, then he may not show up until the next morning. Guys who are cheating never let you know exactly where they are going to be.

These list does not include all the signs that you are dating a player, but it does relay a few clear indicators. Read the signs and trust your gut. If you think that you are dating a ladies man, then you probably are.


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