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Women Do Not Live In Reality

30 Jul

feminists - defending sex workers

This article was not written to bash women and all women are not completely deluded, but a lot of women do not live in reality about certain subjects. And, when women bind together to defend women’s rights the result is often ludicrous. There are several worthy causes for women to unite in contention against or in approval of, but the types of themes that are regularly publicly tackled by women, specifically feminists, often involve prostitution and sex worker’s rights. And, while sex workers are often treated unfairly and are abused because of the vulnerability that comes with their profession, championing their rights is an exercise in futility.

Women often go overboard when defending the rights of sex workers. Sex workers are people and they deserve every right that is afforded to any other set of human beings. And granted, most sex workers are women which is a function of their methodical exploitation by men, but educated women are now clamoring for tax dollars to be spent specifically to protect prostitutes. Women are lobbying and asking politicians, taxpayers, and police forces to finance, equip, and employ task forces solely to catch the men that rape prostitutes.

Prostitutes do need protection from sexual assault, however the sentiments of the feminists who would protect them are misplaced. Using government funds to protect the sex workers who are involved in prostitution supports the breaking of laws. No matter how a call girl was introduced into selling sex for money (And yes, many were forced into prostitution), there was a choice that was made to sell their bodies, and thus a choice was also made to ignore the law. That decision does not absolve law enforcement of the responsibility to defend sex workers, because the American government is built on tenets of equal rights and civil liberties for every person, criminal or not. But, it also should not propagate special treatment. Creating a rape task force makes perfect sense. The law should focus on catching violent criminals and protecting its citizens from any trauma. If women were fighting against sexual assault in general, attempting to catch the johns who cause the demand for hookers, or calling for the arrest of the pimps who exploit these women, then their pleas would be respectable and commendable. However, spending tax money on a specific group of people who are engaging in highly risky behavior and operating outside the law is a misappropriation of finances.

In any business, there are calculated risks for things like breakage and theft. And though it may sound cold and judgmental, in the most basic sense of the proposition, since prostitutes are selling sex, rape is a calculated risk. Why should the government use the money of the American people to serve someone who is breaking the law? Rape is not right, however people who are in the sex trade have to realize that there is a real danger of rape in their profession. If a person leaves the windows down in their brand new sports car with the keys in the ignition, and gifts in the front seat at Christmas time, then they are probably going to lose their car. No one would come to their defense and create specific legislation to defend running car rights. Well, if a person sells sex on the street corners at all times of the night and day, sooner or later, someone is going to take advantage of them. In both cases there was a clear victim, however most people would sympathize with the prostitute and not with the driver of the sports car. Ideally, people should be able to leave their belongings unattended and expect that they be untouched upon their return. Ideally, a woman should be able to walk nude in the streets and not worry about men taking advantage of her. But, in the real world neither decision would be a wise one. Trying to build a world without crime by spending tax dollars on call girls is naive. Women should be fighting to end sexual assault altogether, not just for women on the streets.

Rape is inexcusable. No one should be subjected to the physical and emotional torture that is caused by a sexual assault. But, fighting to save a group of women from a tragic act that is a part of their profession is pointless. Smokers will eventually die of emphysema or lung cancer, gamblers will probably lose all their money, and prostitutes potentially will be raped. There is nothing that can be done to stop those occurrences other than changing the behavior that causes them. And, the women that fight for the rights of these sex workers should use their energy towards a more feasible goal.

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  1. Tania D. Duffy May 16, 2013 at 3:07 PM #

    “Sex worker” is a term used to refer to people who work in all aspects of the sex trades, indoor or street-based, legal and criminalized, and can include people who trade sex for money as well as safety, drugs, hormones, survival needs like food shelter or clothing, or immigration status or documentation. Although this gendered labor sector is being redefined all over the world, the majority of sex workers are women. Sex workers are mothers, daughters/sons, teachers, organizers, people — who experience high levels of violence due to the stigma, isolation, and invisibility associated with their work.

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