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What Men Want from Women, But Won’t Ask For

15 Aug

woman cooking

A Hot Meal

Learn to cook ladies. Seriously. No guy should expect Gordon Ramsey in drag in his kitchen (unless he is in to that), but some basic knowledge of how to season and cook food properly is a baseline for survival in the real world and in relationships. Men want a woman who is comfortable in the kitchen. And, yes, all the old sexist standards for women still run through a lot of guy’s heads whether those men admit their preferences or not. That does not mean that men can not fend for themselves in the kitchens, but it does mean that some guys would prefer to have a woman who can cook in some place other than the bedroom.



A man wants to feel needed, but he also needs space for himself. Ladies can move a little more quickly than men when it comes to emotional connection, and that means that a guy may feel like his personal space is being invaded by her. Even if a couple moves in together, each person having their own personal time apart from their partner is important to the relationship. A man wants to know that his wife or girlfriend has her own life and is adding him into it. He does not want to be the focal point of her life. So, every woman who is looking for a long relationship should make sure that she has hobbies that she enjoys outside of it.


Your Respect

In a relationship, women usually want to be loved and desired first and foremost with respect on the list of relationship priorities somewhere. But, men need to be respected before anything else. Respect is a pillar of manhood. It comes before being liked, before being loved, and before everything else in any relationship. Part of a man’s being is his worth to others. And, a man has to be respected by the person who he is closest to. A guy who is being disrespected by his woman will inevitably leave or do something to ensure that she leaves.

feel love

Your Love and Affection

Men are taught to be the stoic members of their family from the moment that they are born. People expect men to be emotionless and dependable. But, men need to be hugged and kissed just as much as women. Because of the lack of emphasis put on talking about and acting on emotions, guys can be awkward when it comes to expressing their feelings. However, they need to cuddle and be told that they are loved too. Men are not taught to express themselves, so there is a great misconception that guys are superhuman robots incapable of emoting. It just is not true. Guys show their feelings through their actions, and desire for those feelings to be returned by their loved ones. To keep a man, you have to make him feel loved.


Basic Maintenance

Any wise man knows that he has to make his significant other feel beautiful, but after a couple has been together for a while, sometimes they let themselves go. Because each person in any given relationship has seen their partner in their most vulnerable state, people can neglect the type of grooming and hygiene that initially attracted their partners. Your husband/boyfriend always wants you to look your best even though he will never say it. And more importantly, he wants you to look your best for him. Women tend to dress up for their girlfriends, for their jobs, and in any other social setting, but slouch around in frumpy clothes when they are around their lovers. Men want the same attention to detail in your appearance that the rest of your social circle gets.


Your Support

In most relationships, the man has a leadership role within his immediate family. He is expected to be confident and decisive in his role at the head of the household, but men are subject to the same self-doubt and insecurity that any other person fights against daily. Men need encouragement. They need their significant other to believe in them when they doubt their own abilities. A man will love and appreciate a woman who provides him with the assurances that he needs to make the difficult decisions that are thrust upon him. And, he will cherish the woman that encourages him even when he fails.


He Wants You to Take Charge

A man wants a woman who will occasionally take him on a date. He does not mind planning the events for the evening on most nights. He does not mind paying for everything. And, he does not mind initiating sex most of the time. But, every now and then, a guy wants to be treated like a king. Sometimes you should plan a night out at the game for him without asking him about it. And, once in a while catch him at the door and rock his world sexually. He will appreciate you for it.

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