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Why Lesbians Are Winning the War for Women

23 Aug


Men may not want to admit that beautiful women are beginning to date other women, but it is happening. Lesbianism is on an upswing in the United States these days, and there are several factors that are potentially leading to the change in sexual culture. The numbers could be spiking because tolerance towards homosexuality has improved in the past five years and everyone who was hiding their sexuality has been coming out. Or, they could be spiking because a more tolerable society allows more people to test their sexual limits. But, either way heterosexual men are losing the war for available women to other women. Here is why we are losing.

No Judgments

One of the most significant and unique aspects of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community is that there are very few judgments tossed around about almost any behavior. If a guy wants to be called Sabrina the teenage Bitch, the community will call him that, no questions asked. If a lady loves to be tied up and spanked, no one bats an eye. Anything goes when you are gay, and no one has anything to say about it. People are not ostracized for their decisions whether those decisions are poorly put together or well thought out. No judgment means people are more tolerant and accepting of people wherever they are in their lives. Women live in a society where they are judged for everything from their appearance to their beliefs to their behavior. They are expected to be well-dressed, well-composed, and chaste sexually. Any deviation from standards of fashion or any unacceptable behavior by a lady is met with public disdain in regular society. However, in the lesbian community, no one is criticized for a little eccentricity, ”sluttiness”, or for any other reason. Lesbian women make other women feel comfortable with their own sexuality and empower them to express it. Lesbians are smart.

Best of Both Worlds

Homosexual women really do have the best of both worlds. Lesbianism offers a duality of intimacy that often goes missing in the hetero- world. Homosexual women know how to express the type of emotional intimacy that only comes from relationships with other women, and they offer a level of physical intimacy that most men can not provide. Unfortunately, guys are not emotionally equipped with the descriptive adjective-laced responses to match the pure volume of words that come from a woman. They do not have the capacity to talk about the mundane details that excite women on a daily basis. So naturally, a lesbian woman who understands women more (being one), knows how to better connect with another woman, and can better console her in times of need has a better chance of keeping her happy. Lesbians talk candidly about anything and everything. Their communication eases tensions and creates trust in their relationships. The transparency of these women gives lesbians a distinct advantage when it comes to relationships and therefore a stronger chance at better physical intimacy. Emotional closeness is the basis of any relationship, and great sex comes from vulnerability. The emotional connections that lesbians have with women make them better lovers than men.

The Sex

Any person can touch a woman’s body haphazardly, but only someone who is in tune with their lover’s desires can give real sexual pleasure. Physical intimacy starts with emotional connection and lesbians definitely connect with their partners. They make their partners feel beautiful, make them feel comfortable in their own skin, assure them that they are perfect to them, and talk openly about their desires. Physical sex requires emotional ties and mental preparation with women. Lesbians know that sex starts before anyone is touched. And, once the act begins, lesbians make sure that their partner is satisfied. A woman can navigate another woman’s body better than most men, because they have a better understanding of how the parts work. Lesbian women are more intuitive and more giving in the bedroom. A woman’s idea of sex is vastly different from a man’s idea of sex. Men think that sex is about penetration. The heterosexual ideal of sex surrounds the penis (see what I did there). Women know that sex is about pleasing your lover, so oral sex is tantamount. Between 75-85% of women reportedly can not climax without clitoral stimulation. Interestingly enough, 74.7% of lesbian women report orgasms in their familiar partner sexual encounters. Heterosexual women only report climaxing in 61.6% of their encounters with their regular partner. Lesbians get it.

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