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Why He’s Not Calling

20 Aug

By William Bixby

I have helped several of my female friends, on many different occasions, deal with strange male behavior from obsessive sports fanaticism to the inability to place dirty clothing into clothes hampers. But, a man’s failing to call is one of the most infuriating and confusing male behaviors in existence. This a collection of the most common reasons that he stopped calling you, in no particular order.

1. You moved too fast, too soon – Is it hypocritical? Yes. But it’s also true. Men feel they can be promiscuous with few repercussions, while there is a stigma attached to your promiscuity. Being a booty call to a guy is similar to you putting a guy in the friend box. Once a guy is put into that box, they will never have a chance at romance with you. Similarly, if you sleep with with him too soon, you will have no chance at a relationship with him. He’s already had what he was supposed to be working for, so why would he call?


2. He’s a little immature and playing games – There are many games that guys play and many reasons that they play them. All of them are based in immaturity. Be glad this guy isn’t calling. You will have play games to keep him.


3. He’s a player – He’s smooth, well-dressed, and always says the right thing when you actually get in touch with him. The problem is that you never seem to catch up with him. I assure you ladies, when a guy is interested in he’ll keep in touch. If he doesn’t call, leave him alone.


4. He’s in a relationship…with his job – You’ll hear from him every week, then every other week, the frequency of calls decreasing exponentially. It seems that he is always in the middle of something. You might mistake him for the player if he wasn’t calling from the workplace. This guy is in another relationship, not with another woman, but with his career. It makes him just as unavailable. Move on.


5. You left him in the friend box too long – You remember that guy that was kinda cute, well-groomed, responsible, and absolutely adored you? He wanted you, and you wanted Jack the smoking hot, unemployed man. Remember, you put him in the friend box to keep him close while he continued to do whatever you asked, despite the fact that you showed no interest. He found somebody that thought he was hot, and doesn’t have time for you now.


6. You’re boring – You call him and hold the phone waiting for him to entertain you. You never have any clever stories to tell about your day. He has to be on every time he talks to you, because if he doesn’t there will be no conversation. He stopped calling because you are boring.

7. You’re more like his mother than his mate – You clean up behind him, wash his laundry and nag while you do it all. He’s heard you complain so much that he has stopped listening to you and found someone else. No one needs two mothers.

8. You’re too much like one of the guys – Here’s more of the hypocrisy of men. You burp out loud, or fart in front of him. He hates you for it. I know that he does these things all the time, but he does not think that you should. Men think that women don’t have butt holes, except on anniversaries or with job promotions. To men, female flatulence is similar to parents having sex. You know they do it, but you’d like to believe that it doesn’t happen.


9. You’re too insecure – Do you know that guy that’s always whining about something and wondering what you’re doing? You’re the female equivalent of him. You don’t want him to go out with his friends, unless you are there. You send endless barrages of text messages, calls, and voice mails when he leaves the house. You’re always worried about the women that ploy to steal him away, while simultaneously pushing him away, because your last relationship was horrible. It is not him, it’s you.


10. You’re never there for him – His dog died. He’s sick again and you’re no where to be found. Maybe he just wanted to talk about your day, but he’s missed you a few times. If he has called and seldom talks to you, he’ll stop trying.


11. You’re always there – No, you really can’t win. If you’re always available, he probably will get tired of you. Sorry ladies, guys can be pretty difficult.

2 Responses to “Why He’s Not Calling”

  1. Ana June 25, 2011 at 12:02 AM #

    Thank you so much this has helped me alot and everytime i get worried about my relationships i have this to look at. You have helped me much and for that thank you no lady wants to be hurt but all of us want to know how men work so here it is from a man himself. One day we will figure out the mind of a men but till now lets pray everyone goes through problems trying to figure eachother out but maybe its best if were okay with what we know because the more we know makes it harder in a relationship because the wonders of life are getting to know eachother. Thank you once again and men help the ladys out a little!!!!

    • AFM June 26, 2011 at 10:52 PM #

      You’re welcome Ana … that’s what we’re here for. There’s plenty more juicy tidbits from the male mind on this site, so feel free to explore to your heart’s content. And of course tell all of your lovely female friends; we want to raise an army of relationship savvy women.

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