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All-Time Best DC Comic Book Heroes

13 Sep

Green Arrow

Green Arrow is a billionaire businessman from Star City who fights for the disadvantaged of his town. He uses his bow and a vast assortment of arrows to fight crime and help the poor. Being a deadly shot with a bow arrows usually would not qualify a person for the position of superhero, but Green Arrow is both a champion for the unfortunate and left wing politics. He and Bruce Wayne form a tight bond in the Batman series even though their politics differ.

Aqua Man

Aqua Man reigned as the king of Atlantis. Because his mother was from Atlantis, Aqua Man was born with the ability to breathe under water and to talk to and control animals. And, he used this ability to fight and save Atlantis on many occasions. Aqua Man is also an original member of the Justice League Alliance, and served as its leader for a brief stint.

Super Girl

Super Girl is the biological cousin of Superman. She is from Krypton and has all the super powers that a Kryptonian possesses, including superhuman strength, the ability to fly, super speed, and the ability to shoot lasers from their eyes. Supergirl, though not as strong as Superman, is a formidable foe for any villain.


The daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara Gordon, becomes the vigilante crime fighter known as Batgirl. She earned a doctorate in library science and is the head librarian of the Gotham Library. Sometimes, Batgirl fights alongside Batman and Robin, and sometimes she fights crime alone. But, she follows the same code of ethics that both Batman and Robin follow, no killing. Batgirl has all the same crime-fighting tools as Batman and Robin, including but not limited a utility belt full of weapons, grappling hooks, and bat shaped boomerang called the “batarang”.

Green Lantern

Hal Jordan is the most popular version of the Green Lantern though he is not the first Green Lantern to exist. He is a sworn protector of the universe. His green ring gives him immense strength, the power to shoot projectiles, trap enemies, and change shapes, and gives him the ability to fly. The Green Lantern is one of the most powerful heroes in DC Comics, and he is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan serves as the protector of Earth, but there are separate members of every species of alien across the universes.


Though there are actually four different men who assumed the mantle of “Flash,” the one person who is the most popular incarnation is Barry Allen. The Flash has the ability to run, think, and use his reflexes at light speeds. So, he can not only outrun bullets, but he also reads and processes vast amounts of information at unequaled speeds, though he only retains the information for a short time. The Flash’s speed coupled with his ability to retain information made him a versatile and difficult foe for comic book villains.


Batman’s protege fights valiantly by his side until a tiff separates them. He fights as Robin, the Boy Wonder, from 1940 until the 1980′s where he separates and renames himself Nightwing. Dick Grayson, the most popular Robin, was a circus acrobat until age 8 when his parents were killed by a thug named Boss Zucco. Batman saw a little of himself in the young boy and took him under his wing. Robin fought with his hands and an arsenal of weapons like Batman. His flexibility and agility made him the perfect compliment to Batman’s direct approach.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most interesting characters of the DC universe. She was created by a male psychologist, William Moulton Marston, to be symbol of feminism in the early 1940′s. Diana of Themyscira, or Wonder Woman, was a warrior princess of the Amazons who fought for justice, love, peace, and sexual equality. Wonder Woman used superhuman strength and superior combat skills honed with her sisterhood to fight injustice. Her primary weapons included indestructible bracelets and the Lasso of Truth.


Batman is one of the most popular and most complex characters that was ever drawn in a comic book. By day, he is the self-absorbed billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne. By night, he is one of the most respected and honorable vigilante crime fighters who ever lived. Even the story of Batman is complex. Wayne was driven to crime-fighting by witnessing the murder of his parents in his youth. He was trained to fight by the evil mastermind Ra’s Al Ghul who wanted to bring chaos and destruction to the world by tearing down civilization and forcing them to rebuild. But, Wayne realized the madness of Ra’s Al Ghul and defeated him. Then, he set his sights on cleaning up Gotham City. Wayne used his vast resources to build body armor, weapons, and tactical vehicles that outmatch the most modern military technology and fight against Gotham’s allied criminal base. Batman often takes a beating when facing a difficult opponent, but he regroups and then defeats them. The biggest argument for Batman being the best superhero ever is that, he is a superhero with no super powers. He uses his intelligence and his resources to vanquish his foes, not natural abilities. Batman is quite simply an everyman, but he also gives a view into the psyches of people. He represents a litany of the dichotomies of being human. He is mysterious and secretive about himself, but openly moral and righteous in public. He utilizes both brawn and brain, he breaks the law while upholding it, and uses violence to bring peace to Gotham City. The character of Batman is complex. As a vigilante criminal who is outside of the law, he can bring professional criminals to justice. Batman is one of the best comic book heroes that ever lived.


In Kill Bill 2, David Carradine, who plays Bill, gives a monologue about why Superman is his favorite superhero that at least partially explains why Superman is the best DC comic book superhero ever. Bill’s monologue in the movie gives insight into the being that is Superman, the character of Superman, and also gives a poignant assessment of mankind. Most superheroes have an alter ego, and Superman is no different. His alter ego is the mild-mannered, awkward and feeble Clark Kent. But, most superheroes use their masks and costumes as their alter ego to protect themselves and those that are closest to them. In complete contrast to most of the other superheroes, Superman’s alter ego of Clarke Kent is his actual disguise. To paraphrase Bill, when Superman wakes up, he is Superman. He was born handsome and powerful. Clarke Kent is the way that he blends in with regular people. Kent is Superman’s perception of humanity, weak, fragile, and cowardly. The mythology of Superman is an allegory to the fragility of human life, yet Superman is humanity’s savior. He is the embodiment of all things good in humanity and a reminder of our limitations. He stands for right and protects the innocent. He commands respect, and behaves honorably to all people despite being bigger, stronger, and faster than any human could ever be. Superman represents the ideals of humanity, but also gives a clear look into our being. He is the best superhero that was ever created by DC Comics.

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