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Archer and Their Hollywood Look-Alikes

21 Sep

Archer has become one of the most popular cartoons on television in recent years. And, there are even talks of a real-life movie based on the characters of the cartoon. Well, here are the actors that would best fit the cartoon aesthetically.

Archer – Henry Cavill

archer look-alikes - sterling04

Lana Kane – Zazie Beetz

archer look-alikes - lana06

Pam Poovey – Samantha Anderson (For so many reasons)

archer look-alikes - pam

Mallory Archer – Pia Gronning

archer look-alikes - mallory04

Cyril Figgis – Stephen Colbert

archer look-alikes - cyril

Cheryl Vandertunt – Anna Kendricks


archer look-alikes - cheryl03

Dr. Algernop Krieger – Michael Fassbender

archer look-alikes - krieger09

Ray Gillette – Vincent Cassel

archer look-alikes - ray03

One Response to “Archer and Their Hollywood Look-Alikes”

  1. ems April 15, 2019 at 10:14 AM #

    the name of the actress in the picture of lana is zazie beetz, not Gabrielle union

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