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Real Reasons the Zombie Apocalypse Could Happen

24 Sep


1. Zombification Exists in Animals

Several different simple organisms in the animal kingdom take over the natural processes of animals to insure that their genes are passed on to another generation. Leucochloridium paradoxum, a flatworm that infects snails, forces them to grow pulsating antennae that make them look like caterpillars and ultimately attracts birds which eat them. This flatworm then matures in the gut of the bird and lays eggs into its rectum that are passed in the animal’s feces. Snails then eat the droppings and repeat the cycle. Ants are infected by Cordyceps unilateralis, a fungus that spreads its spores by causing ants to climb high on top of plants and have its head explode. Jewel wasps inject cockroaches with a venom that immobilizes them. The wasp then lays eggs inside of the roach and the larvae eat the live roach from the inside out. There are numerous other cases of real animals whose brains are changed and controlled by another animal who feeds on them. But, one of the most potentially dangerous zombifications is caused by toxoplasmosa gondii. This single-celled organism can only mature in the intestines of a cat, so it infects rats and makes them insanely unafraid of its biggest predator. Ultimately, the rat scurries towards the cat, is eaten, the parasite reproduces in the cats bowels, and is excreted in cat feces. The scariest part of this tale is that one of four humans is already infected with this organism. Fortunately, our immune system fights off illness attributed to this organism. But, what happens when it mutates or is made stronger by bio-engineering? Zombies. That’s what happens.

2. The National Bio and Agro- Defense Lab

Our government is building a research center to combat bio- and agricultural warfare, in Manhattan, Kansas. The Department of Homeland Security states: The food and agriculture industry is a significant contributor to U.S. economic prosperity; therefore, the loss of a significant food market would have dire economic and potentially human health consequences. Translation: One of the most likely ways that some crazy, tyrant dictator would attack us is through our food. The facility will specialize in creating effective and inexpensive solutions to both weapons that taint or food and through other possible biological attacks (man made disease, chemical warfare, etc). The research facility’s biggest strength is also its largest weakness, its location. The National Bio and Agro- Defense is located near a major hub of the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and placed in close proximity to research of several other missions in bio-security. The resources to study biological and agricultural threats is present in Manhattan, Kansas, however the location of the plant is also in the heartland of our country, almost perfectly centered in the US. If a terrorist infiltrated the facility and released a biological weapon or if there was an accidental leak of a particularly virulent disease, it would spread into an epidemic quickly.

3. Zombification Exists…In Humans

Cows have introduced us to the first step in our zombification, and interestingly enough, their zombification happened as a result of being fed their own remains by us. Cows who are fed bovine remains go insane and attack anything that comes near them. When humans eat the meat of these cows, they develop Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It is caused by proteins called prions. Prions cause normal proteins to fold abnormally and thus makes them unable to function properly. This disease causes confusion, hallucinations, and dementia.  It causes muscle stiffness, muscle twitching, seizures, lack of coordination, and speech impairment. Sound familiar?

4. Epidemics

Quite simply, we are due for another big epidemic. We had the bubonic plague, smallpox, leprosy, malaria, and AIDS. Most of these diseases are fairly contained or at least well medicated now. Leprosy and smallpox no longer exist. Analysts talk constantly about the overpopulation of Earth, and every time the Earth has began to reach its capacity, some new disease decimates the world population.

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