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Things Not to Do on the 1st Date: For Women

25 Sep

Ladies, fortunately, you are ahead of the curve when it comes to dating. For most women, finding a date is as simple as going out to a bar for a night of fun. However, catching the man of your dreams is a little more difficult. There are several behaviors that you regularly engage in that could run off the perfect guy.

not eating02

1. Not Eating

There is nothing more frustrating and insulting than watching a woman pick at a dry salad when she obviously wants to eat real food. Unless you weigh 90 lbs. and literally only eat rabbit chow in your daily life, no one believes that a grown woman purposefully eats a side salad with a vinaigrette dressing for their last meal of the day. If you want to impress a guy, order a real meal with meat, vegetables, and starches, eat the food, and look classy doing it. Keep your mouth closed when you chew, nod and smile at the grinning idiot who sits across from you, and hold your pinky in the air when drink your beer, wine, or cocktail, but eat and enjoy your food.

2. Get Drunk

Speaking of cocktails… one looks good slurring their words and stumbling to the restroom while expelling their recently eaten meal. It makes perfect sense to have a few drinks when you are on a date. Alcohol eases tensions for both you and your date. It makes uninhibited conversation more likely to happen, it can get rid of some of the bad body language that ruins dates, and it makes most people more comfortable in their own skin. However, you should never have more than two drinks on the standard dinner date. Too much alcohol will leave you sloppy and incapable of expressing yourself. Excessive drinking leads you into bad decisions like first date sex, Plan B pills, and more drinking. If you want another date with the guy who peaks your interest, then do not get drunk on the first date.

smoking woman - reality

3. Smoke

You definitely want to be yourself on a date, but you may not want to scare off a guy before you get to know him. And, smoking is a polarizing habit. Your breath should not smell like a dank London chimney on a first date. If your date is smoker, then he probably will not care if you smoke, and he may even join you for a cigarette and some conversation. However, if your date is a non-smoker and you take a few drags during the date, then you will smell like you have been standing in a closed bus stop garage with your mouth wrapped around a running tailpipe to him. Perfume does not cover the foul odor and you can not air it out. All the attention to detail that you paid in picking your outfit, putting on immaculate makeup, and even having a great conversation with your date will not matter if you smell like a cheap mechanic. A kiss is out of the question. Smoking could be a real deal breaker if you do it on the first date.

4. Talk About Kids

Children are a blessing, and if you have kids, then you should definitely mention that you have them on the first date with any man. Some guys will run when they find out, but at least you will not have wasted time on some childish idiot who hates children. However, you should refrain from talking incessantly about your Honor Roll child who crafts life-sized statuettes from elbow macaroni shards and plays jai alai in a downtown YMCA league for kids under 12. If your children are your life, then you are not leaving enough room for a new man to enter it.

5. Talk About Sex

Sexually suggestive advertisements and images in social media have convinced a lot of women that single men are completely obsessed with sex. And though those women are absolutely correct in their assessment of the available bachelor pool, talking about sex on the first date is still a bad idea. It is perfectly okay to tell that one dirty joke that you learned on a retreat for your job. But, telling a man your sexual history, your likes and dislikes in the bedroom, or any other intimate detail about your sex life will change his opinion of you. Talking about sex to man that you barely know is essentially objectifying yourself to him.

6. Talk About Exes

There is no way to successfully talk about an ex on a first date. If you speak well of your ex, your date will wonder if you still love him. If you trash your ex, then your date has to know that you will eventually trash him too, and he will still think you are not over your ex. Either way, you look bad.

woman talking

7. Talking

No one wants to hear about how cute your cat is or how stupid your boss is. All cats are cute to their owners. All bosses are assholes. There is nothing that you can say to a man that is going to impress him unless you own the Lakers or Karrine Steffans taught you the intricacies of her very special skill set. Men do not care about whatever you are sharing. While you are talking, the guy across the table from you is either trying to crack the code of getting sex on the first date or trying to drum up something clever to say in response to your dull story. Pretty girls engage in conversations to make themselves seem intelligent when they meet the right guy. Homely women make jokes to highlight their personality. None of it matters. No guy wants to hear you talk incessantly during a first date. They want to hear themselves talk. And, if you are interested in dating that handsome, successful man with that beautiful house and the fancy cars, then you should let him talk about his boring job a little longer.

8. Sleep With Him

Never sleep with a guy on the first date. The first date sets the tone for the rest of your relationship, and sex only sets a precedent for more sex. You have to build a relationship with a man before you sleep with him if you want him to take you seriously. For a lot of men, physical intimacy is the goal in any new courtship. So, if they reach their goal on the first night, why would they pursue you any further?

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