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Don’t Date These Women

5 Sep

As men, we generally have an idea of what type of women that we like and some of the characteristics that she should possess. She may not need to be a super/swimsuit model, but she needs to physically attractive and fairly intelligent. She needs to be caring and preferably she’d be funny and a lover of sports. We have a relative idea of the type of woman with which we can spend long enjoyable amounts of time. However, most guys are unaware of a few behaviors and personality types that will kill a relationship. Below is a list of the worst traits in no particular order. And if your girlfriend’s character type is on this list, leave her immediately.

1. The Self Absorbed Woman - Is she constantly staring at herself in the mirror, even when you are not leaving the house? Does she ask you how your day was only to ignore your answers and wait for her turn to divulge every detail of hers. Have you been dating for 6 months or more and she knows absolutely nothing about you and your life? It is because she only cares about herself. You are not in relationship; you’re just occupying the same space. Narcissism breaks up not just romantic relationships, but platonic friendships too. The good news is if you can’t leave, she will after she figures out you’re boring (Don’t worry, everybody is boring to a person that doesn’t listen to anyone).

2. The Princess - This women is beautiful. She’s well-manicured, well-dressed, and bubbly. She always looks stunning and smells like a floral arrangement dipped in rainbows. However, this is Dad’s only or youngest daughter. She has never worked in her life and does not intend to do so. Her rent is magically payed every month. She drives a car that you could not afford with 3 jobs. She has everything she wants, except a man. The problem is that no man can compete with the precedent set by her father. And after the gifts stop flowing she’s leaving to find another guy that will fail miserably at replacing her dad.

3. The “I’ve Got All Male Friends” Girl - “I don’t get along with women, they’re too catty.” Yes, some women are catty, messy, whatever, but if every woman you run into is catty, then maybe there’s a problem with you. Besides the obvious aforementioned psychological implications (She’s crazy!), there is the other half of the “all male friends” woman relationship. Every time you make a mistake, she’ll have all her male friends there to comfort her (possibly romantically) and tell her how horrible you. Every guy that she knows has dated her, wants to date her, or fits in both categories.

This is what’s really going on with “All Male Friends.”

4. The Shopaholic - Unless you were given an endless supply of money at birth, she will spend everything you have. The strange thing is that this woman does not only shop for herself; she’s not necessarily only into herself. She’ll buy you gifts…with your money. She’ll buy things for the house…with your money. She’ll buy almost anything…there’s a trend here…with your money. Her money has already been spent and her credit is terrible from overspending. Speaking of bad credit…

5. The woman with deplorable credit/excessive debt - a. When you marry this woman, your credit combines, so her credit lowers yours significantly (Bye, bye new car or house). b. Her debt - student loans, unpaid car payments, maxed credit cards – becomes your debt. c. Her failure to take care of seemingly menial tasks shows her level of maturity and responsibility.

6. The woman with all slutty friends - If your girlfriend has one slutty friend, that is absolutely normal. Everyone has a slutty friend. You and your girlfriend laugh at the ridiculous situations that they get into and enjoy your time together. If your girlfriend has all slutty friends, that is a little more problematic. Contrary to popular belief, just because a woman hangs with promiscuous women it does not mean that she is also promiscuous. The problem is that the people with whom you associate, do influence you. Going to Vegas with your married friends is a lot different than going with your single friends. Shows vs. Gentleman’s clubs. Talking about family and responsibility vs. Drinking until incoherent. The people around you give your actions different context. If you are both happy in your relationship, then she won’t cheat just because she has skanky friends. But, you remember that night when you got into a fight about something meaningless? For the 3rd time in a the same week? And you broke up for a few days? And she went out with the sleaze patrol? She might have hooked up with the bouncer…and the bartender.

That’s not her room.

7. Ms. Insecurity - “Does this look good on me? It looks so much better on Julia.” “Am I getting a little fat? I gained 3 oz. yesterday.” “I think I love you more than you love me.” Your responses should be, “Yeah Julia is hot, I’d devour her in that dress. You, not so much. Those 3 ounces went straight to your waist. I’d probably love you more if you didn’t eat so much and worry  about insignificant tripe.” This woman will drive you nuts and will never see that her problem is mental not physical.

8. The Bitter Lover - She has been mistreated by every man that she’s known. Her father left her and her mother alone to fend for themselves. All her ex-boyfriends cheated and then left her too. To the bitter woman every man is a dog and can not be trusted. There is an emotional wall that is miles high around her feelings. You may be intimate physically, but emotional intimacy never happens. And once you leave this barren relationship, you’ll be put into the same category with every other man that left.

9. The User - This woman is the result of crossing a player with a gold digger. She doesn’t want to sleep with as many men as possible, but she does believe that each man has a purpose. She strings along multiple guys with false hopes of a relationship, so that they continuously “help” her. She has a handy man to maintain the house, a mechanic for the car, a fellow to date when she needs entertainment, a separate guy for sex, and even one that cooks. If you are in her life, you are fulfilling a specific need… and nothing else.

3 Responses to “Don’t Date These Women”

  1. johnsteve May 24, 2011 at 9:40 PM #

    I manaaged to find (lucky me) a woman who was fits into 1-5, 7 and 9. She lied about everything at the start, never mentioned money issues, and kept spending on her credit card. I think whe really liked me becuase she acted like the most amazing person ever, and over time her self obsessesive and pricess qualtities took over. I fell for somoene who did not exist.

    What i learnt. Slow down, and if your family and friends think there is something wrong with her it usally means there is.

    • AFM May 25, 2011 at 12:55 PM #

      Well, it is not necessarily about what your family says, because you have to live with her. But, the lesson is do not ignore the red flags. Most bad people have them, so keep your eyes open.

      • Anonymous October 13, 2012 at 1:13 PM #

        Whitely Nora Lee lived with 3 or 4 different men. When the painting or hardwood floors or decking is done and the pool is clean and the grocery shopping complete you don’t have a place to live. Don’t trust living arrangements where the house is in their name. Family comes first and boyfriends or common law men come last. Be warned.

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