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Why He Cheated on You

4 Sep


Some guys are just bad people. They are sadistic, narcissistic sociopaths who will use you and any other woman to get what they want from you. These men have no emotional connections to anyone and will sleep with any woman who opens her legs. But, this article is not about those type of men. That particular guy was not loved enough by his mother when he was a child, and he is filling that void by destroying women’s lives through sex. This article is focusing on a different type of man. This man is a good guy who made a bad decision. We are talking about the good husband who strays from his wife and helping women to understand why he slept with someone else. In most occurrences where a mistake is made, there is more than one person at fault and marriages are no different. Though the man who has an affair ultimately decided not to honor his promises to his wife and their families, there are sometimes other underlying reasons that men cheat.

1. He Does Not Respect You

There is no easy way to say this, but sometimes a man cheats because he does not respect you as a woman. It is not necessarily of any fault of your own, but it can be. Are you the type of woman who keeps to her word? Can your man trust you to do what you say that you are going to do? With men, respect is usually more important than any other ideal, and for him to stay with you he has to respect you. Respect is built over the course of a relationship, and it is lost over time too. If you have given him reason to think less of you as a person, then he may intentionally or unintentionally find someone who he does respect.

2. You Do Not Respect Him

Once again, for men, respect is paramount. And, being nagged and berated constantly by a wife, girlfriend, or partner is a sure way to push a man away from the one he cares about the most. Men can deal with disrespect in the workplace or while busy at recreation, but every man has to be respected in his own home. The men that have a high self-worth will simply leave the relationship when they do not feel respected by their woman, but men who do not fully value themselves and feel offended and attacked by you may cheat.

3. He Is Entitled

He thinks that he is God’s gift to women, and how could he keep that gift to himself? This man is egotistical and self-involved. He cheats because he has to cheat. He can not keep all the gifts that he has to himself, because that would be selfish. This guy can not be helped ladies. If your husband thinks the world of only himself, leave him and the world that revolves around him alone.

4. He Does Not Have the Balls to Leave

The relationship has run its course, and he knows that the two of you will not survive coupledom. In fact, you probably know that this relationship is bad too. However, both you hold on to each other despite the fact that you can not hold the most basic of conversations without cursing at each other and crying. Well, he is passive and non-confrontational so he will not leave you, but he will sleep with someone else so that you break up with him.

5. You Are Never Around

You are a career woman who puts her career first. When you are home, you are busy preparing for work, playing with the children, or sleeping, and your man feels neglected. But, the women at his job do not neglect him. No, they are really interested in the stories that you think are lame. And, Sheila the large-breasted blond in the cubicle next to him has finally decided to make her move on him.

6. You Are Boring

You do not interest him anymore. The two of you used to go dancing every weekend and make love all night when you were in your twenties. Now, he is lucky if you smile at him on Friday and let him dry hump you while you are sleeping Sunday night. You do not talk anymore. You do not do any of the things that initially attracted him to you, and he is beginning to wonder if this all there is in a relationship. Do you remember Sheila? She will do anything to get his attention, and before long, she has it.

7. He Is Shallow

Truthfully, men can be infinitely more shallow than women. You gained a little weight after you had your baby, and he noticed. The average man finds you even more attractive because of the woman you are and the person that you have become once you had his child. A woman has the unique ability to transform into a nurturing, caring person once a child is born, and it is beautiful. But, some men can not see past the twenty pounds that you put on with the baby, and they may stray because they no longer find you attractive.

8. He Was Drunk

Alcohol does not make a person behave in contradiction to their core beliefs, contrary to what people say. But, it does break down the mental and emotional barriers that people have in place so that they do not behave in ways that are socially and morally unacceptable. Drunkenness allows a person to do the things that they have always wanted to do, but would not.

9. He Found Someone Better

Remember Sheila? Sheila has no kids, a 32 DD cup, a small waist, nice hips, and great disposition. She talks sports, makes 6 figures, eats steaks, and loves giving her man special attention down there. She is every man’s dream girl, some exotic beauty with wide eyes and a gorgeous smile, and unfortunately she loves your man. They can talk about anything together. They just click. The bad news is that he is sleeping with her. But, the good news is that he will lose her too and at least you know that he is a douchebag.

10. He Has More Options

When you met, he was a college kid with lots of debt and small aspirations. Now, he has lots of finances and even bigger dreams. He looks at all the things that surround him, the new car, the new house, the new television, and the old ball and chain. Which does not fit? The bad news about this situation is that he is probably sleeping with someone else, but the good news is that he will lose whomever he is dating because – this may sound familiar - he is a douchebag.

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