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Best Teams in NBA History

12 Oct

10. 1992-93 Chicago Bulls - This team showcased Michael Jordan in his prime. He was unstoppable throughout his career, however the 92 Bulls was one of the most complete teams that was ever assembled. This Bulls team had 3 pure shooters, B.J. Armstrong, John Paxson, and Craig Hodges. The best teammate in NBA history accompanied Jordan. Scottie Pippen did whatever Jordan did not do on any given play, and he was bigger and slightly more athletic than Jordan though not as skilled. Horace Grant gave the Bulls tough points in the paint and could step out and hit jumpers.

Record: 67-15


9. 1966-67 Philadelphia 76′ers - This is one of Wilt Chamberlain’s few wins against the Bill Russel led Celtics. He took All-Stars Chet Walker and Billy Cunningham, and fellow Hall of Famer Hal Greer to the NBA championship in 1967. They started their season 43-4 and beat the Celtics 4-2 in one of the classic showdowns in NBA history.

Record: 68-13


8. 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers - The 1972 Lakers posted the best road winning percentage in NBA history at a staggering 81.6% with a record of 31-7. An older Wilt Chamberlain joined two other Hall of Fame players, Gail Goodrich and Jerry West, and All-Stars Jim McMillian and Happy Hairston to form one of the most formidable collections of talent in the NBA’s history. The Los Angeles won 33 consecutive games in the 1971-72 season, a record that still stands today. They defeated the Knicks 4-1 to win the championship.

Record: 69-13


7. 1988-89 Detroit Pistons - Isaiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Dennis Rodman, Bill Laimbeer, Jon Salley, Vinnie Johnson made up the Bad Boys. The were the toughest set of basketball players in the NBA during the late 80′s. The Bad Boys were responsible for the Jordan rules which amounted to a no lay-up rule for any of the Chicago Bulls (but Jordan, in particular received some of the hardest fouls on every trek to the basket). They were one of the first teams in the NBA that collectively would regularly foul a player than give up an easy basket. These Pistons were the first team to win consecutive championships since the Lakers teams of the earlier 80′s.

Record: 63-19


6. 1982-83 Philadelphia 76′ers - Hall of Fame players Julius Erving, Moses Malone, and Bobby Jones combined with All-Stars Maurice Cheeks and Andrew Toney to complete one of the most dominant teams in NBA playoff history. They posted the highest winning percentage in NBA playoffs history at 92.3% and a record of 12-1. NBA MVP Moses Malone famously proclaimed their dominance with the a projection of “Fo’, fo’, fo’!”, meaning that Philly would sweep each round of the playoffs in four games. He was not far off with his prediction.

Record: 65-17

5. 2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers - Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant – The most dominant force that the league has seen in the common era of basketball, and the 2nd best shooting guard to ever play the game teamed to make one of the best teams in NBA history. Shaquille O’neal anchored the Lakers offense and defense. They ran the offense through him and funneled opposing players to him on defense. Shaq was always among the leaders in scoring, field goal percentage, rebounds, and blocks. Kobe was a young, burgeoning talent in the early 2000′s and he could shoot without a conscience because he knew that Shaq could clean up whatever he missed. They were the perfect teammates on the floor.

Record: 56-26


4. 1985-86 Boston Celtics - Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parrish – Larry Bird was one of the best shooters and most efficient players to ever play in the NBA. He shot three pointers, slashed to the rim, and rebounded and passed the ball. Bird had a complete game, and he seemed to hit every big shot that he took regardless of what the defense did. McHale was considered by many to have the best footwork ever, and he relished the big moments in the playoffs next to Bird. They formed one of the best inside-outside combinations in league history. Then, the Celtics added one of the most consistent centers to ever play in the NBA, Robert Parrish. Throw in Hall of Fame players Dennis Johnson, Bill Walton, and John Havlicek and you have a complete team of talented players who loved to compete.

Record: 67-15


3. 1962 Boston Celtics - With Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Sam Jones, K.C. Jones, and Tom Heinson, the Celtics boasted five Hall of Fame players. They had the most decorated winner and possibly the best defender in league history in Bill Russell. He was the reason that the “goal tending” call was invented. The Celtics had the first premier ball-handler and passer in Cousy, and two of the best swings in basketball with K.C. and Sam Jones. They dominated the 60′s winning most of the championships during that era. Every Celtic of the 60′s has multiple rings. And Russell has 11, the most rings of any athlete who played in any of the major sports.

Record: 60-20


2. 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers - Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy formed one of the best trios that ever played in the NBA. The Lakers had the best facilitator ever, the most prolific scorer in NBA history, and one of the most clutch playoff performers in NBA history together on the same team. These three formed a dynasty during the 80′s and won 5 championships as a team. Magic could score in the post or control the offense from the perimeter. However, he excelled in the open court where he brought Showtime to the national conscience. Kareem scored whenever he touched the basketball even in his old age. And, Worthy was one of the more explosive and versatile big men in the league. He was one of the first bigs to run and fill lanes once the fastbreak had started. The Lakers were a unique and gifted collection of talent.

Record: 65-17

1. 1995-96 Chicago Bulls - Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman were unstoppable together. Chicago combined possibly the best player to ever play the game of basketball with two of the best teammates in the history of basketball. Pippen is the most versatile player ever, offensively and defensively. And, Rodman is possibly the best rebounder ever. His rebounding rate blows all competitors out of the water when era is considered. And, neither Pippen or Rodman needed shots to dominate a game. Defensively, this team was stellar. The Bulls of 96 boasted two Defensive Player of the Year winners, Jordan and Rodman. But, Rodman won the award twice and Pippen was possibly a better defender than both of them. The team had great role players in sharpshooter Steve Kerr, European superstar Toni Kukoc, and former All-Stars Ron Harper and John Salley. The Chicago Bulls were almost unbeatable in 1996, and they defeated the Seattle Supersonics in 6 games to win yet another World championship.

Record: 72-10 (Then the Bulls had a 69-13 record the following year)

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