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How to Go from Friends to Lovers

2 Oct

Going from friends to lovers is almost an impossible feat for any man. Once you have been labeled as a friend by a woman, you seldom ever leave the friend box. But, there are a few ways to persuade a woman to take another look at you. Careful planning and deliberate steps can eventually free you of the dreaded friend-zone.

Stop being available – Men tend to cater to a beautiful woman. They are there at her every whim to their detriment while satisfying her utmost desires. Guys will offer food under the guise of dates, pay rent, and come to the rescue whenever her car breaks down or any other common mishap occurs. This needs to stop. If a woman can have all the benefits of a great friend without having to consider you as a candidate for the position of boyfriend, then why would she see you in that light? You are not auditioning for the role of her man. You are the help. Being unavailable does two things: 1.) Your sudden absence forces her to realize how much she depends on you. 2.) Unavailability allows her the opportunity to recognize how much she enjoys your company even when you are not helping her. You want her to see you as a prospect for love rather than a crutch for security.

Date other people – Dating other women will show you the many shortcomings of the woman that you are fruitlessly pursuing. In general, when men are waiting for a woman to date them or sleep with them, they are doing so because they are infatuated with the women and not because they see the woman as she is. Infatuation blinds people to the flaws of the focus of their affections. And, the object of someone’s infatuation is seldom the right person for them. Purposefully dating several women can expose all of the personality traits and physical attributes that you like and dislike in women, and it may uncover some of the undesirable behaviors of the woman that you want. By observing the best of other women, you can better form the image of your ideal partner in your mind.

Tell her about the dates – Regale her with tales of your perfectly planned dates with other women. Tell her every juicy detail about your romantic evenings with other attractive ladies. Describe their outfits and their body shapes. Feel free to embellish because this is solely to foster jealousy. If she considered you her friend, then she has probably told you countless stories about her escapades with other guys. She may have even asked your advice on occasion. She has talked to you openly about her love interests because she is not at all interested in you. But, when she hears how capable you are of romancing a living, breathing woman, then she may begin to look at you differently.

Improve your grooming – She is accustomed to seeing you in all states of unshaven face and in that t-shirt with the holes. Now, she only needs to see you at your best. If you want to her to change her opinion of you, then when you go to meet her you should always have a fresh shave and a trimmed hairstyle. Women notice the details and you want to look well-groomed to impress her.

Buy a new wardrobe – Make an attempt at being fashion forward by taking a trip to Saks Fifth Avenue and asking the retailers about the season’s fashion trends. If you are on a budget, then use the newly gained knowledge at an outlet store and shop the clearance racks and sales aisles. You can upgrade your wardrobe on a budget and impress the woman that you are pursuing. Most women have some idea of what is in style or have a friend who knows the trends.

Bring a hot date – One of the most ridiculous behaviors of women is their jealousy over a guy when they see him with an attractive woman. The woman that wanted absolutely nothing to do with you will become rude and bitchy when she sees you with a hot date,  so use this knowledge to your advantage. Plan a date with a hot chick and tell her that you will be out with a friend on that night. Invite her to tag along for some free drinks. If you play your cards right, you could make both women insanely jealous and get closer to both of them.


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