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How to Sell Drugs

25 Oct

selling drugs03

1. Start Using Drugs – If you are not a casual drug user, then you have to start now. Use the lighter drugs like extacy and weed to get started. In order to be a good business man in drugs or any other business, you have to know what you are selling to customers. Like any other product, there are different grades, effects, and purities with different drugs. Some weed (marijuana) makes you paranoid and some relaxes you. The wrong ecstasy can kill you. You need to know the differences between all of them. Plus, trying the products also gets you familiar with the local drug dealers and ultimately closer to successfully selling drugs independently.

2. Stop Using Drugs – Biggie said it best. Never get high on your own supply. You are in this to make money, not to have fun. An addict can not sell drugs, because there is no profit in using your own product. So, once you have personally tested the drugs that you are going to sell, then you need to make sure that you are clean. If you are hooked on drugs then you will eventually use the product that you are supposed to be selling to customers and lose money.

3. Buy a Safe – Dealers get robbed. It is part of the business. So, you need to protect your interests from petty criminals who are looking for an easy score. A safe serves as a good deterrent from theft. Research and buy a unit that is both fireproof and waterproof so that your drugs are protected from the elements, but bag up your product because sometimes the trapped moisture from opening and closing the door can cause objects to mildew inside. The safe that you buy needs to be too heavy for people to move, and you need to lock your drugs and anything of value up, because dealing will bring extra attention to your place. The purpose of this step is solely to keep your money and your money-making materials out of the hands of common thieves.

4. Get A Gun and a Dog – And, once you begin making real money from selling drugs, you will also need a different kind of deterrent for the hardened criminals that will come after you once they know what you do. Buy a gun and learn how to use it. You either need a registered gun and a concealed handgun license, or an unregistered gun that you can dispose of quickly. The registered gun is a safe bet, because you have the right to carry arms as a civilian, and a license allows you the legal right to shot someone who invades your home or tries to attack you on the street. Having an unregistered pistol means that you also need an excuse for having the gun if you have to shoot and kill a robber. It complicates things. A dog is a great alarm system for any dealer. Your canine will know if someone is approaching long before you do and may scare off some thugs altogether. Plus, the right kind of dog will attack a robber.

5. Find a Supplier – This is where knowing a smart dealer and building a great relationship is necessary. Finding a good and reliable supplier is the only way to build a good clientele, so talk to your dealer and ask questions about his product. As long as you are not asking a crack or meth dealer about their craft they should be amenable to your questions. The safest way to get to a supplier is by buying directly through your dealer, so be persistent, but understand that you are dealing with someone whose vocation is illegal. Do not push too hard. Buy your drugs in bulk from him and earn his trust. If he is doing well enough in his craft, he may become your supplier himself. This could be beneficial to both of you and him if you handle your business well. After you have built enough customers to branch out independently, ask your dealer if he can handle a much larger order. If he can not move the amount of product that you want, then he may introduce you to his connection.

6. Buy Throw-Away Phones – Drug dealers get caught because they leave a trail for law enforcement to follow. Internet files and cell phones can be compromised. Never talk business on your cell. The only subject that should be discussed by phone is a meet point and even that should be coded. Only buy prepaid phones, because cell phones and landlines are too easily traceable. You need a phone that you know is not tapped and that is difficult to trace back to you. There are plenty of places in urban areas that do not require identification to buy a phone. Find one, buy the burner, and throw it away after a few uses.

7. Find your Buyers – People will tell you to sell to the people that you know, but they are mistaken. Selling drugs too close to home is a sure way to get you caught and put in a jail. Drug users are not the most reliable or loyal people and when they get into a jam, they will give you up. Avoid selling to people who are close to you. You have a product that sells itself. Find a spot in a neutral territory, bring some muscle, and wait for the magic to happen. If you sell on someone else’s turf, then you are inviting a fight. A big hint that a spot has already been taken is the presence of another dealer. When you have your turf, set your price and do not negotiate. Addicts will attempt to talk you off your price. Do not waiver. You will get a reputation of soft, and that could be a death sentence.

8. Do Not Use Your Name – If there was ever a time to lie about your identity, this is it. Do not ever use your real name. Mostly, because drug users are not reliable people.

9. Never Keep Drugs on You – Drugs should never be kept in plain sight, even if you are only dealing at parties. It is an invitation to be robbed or arrested. Always have a safe holding place for your drugs and your money that you go to when you get a request. People will identify you and try to roll you once you start to sell. Once again, keep a little muscle around you at all times.

9. Trust No One – If you do not know a person, then do not sell to them. It does not matter what the guy says he’ll give you or what the girl says that she will do. No one can be trusted in the drug game. Trust is the second largest way that dealers get arrested. They put their trust in the wrong person, and that person gives them up to the police.

10. Always Trust Your Instincts – Almost everyone that has been popped says that they knew something was wrong the day that they were arrested. It could be that a person that you trust looks at you differently or that they bring someone new to hang with you. But, whatever it is, take notice and trust your gut. It may save you.


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