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Rules for Friends with Benefits

1 Oct

Men have been trying to get “no strings attached” sex since cave men and cave women started having sex. Though casual sex is difficult to attain regularly, it is possible to get with the right moves. There are 4 unbreakable rules for being friends with benefits.

Rule #1: Be Honest

Always tell a woman the truth about your intentions with her. If you want to date her and to see where the relationship goes, then tell her that. If you love her and want to marry her, then say so. If you want a purely physical relationship with her, then tell her the truth about your desire. That being said, there are varying degrees of truth. Telling a woman that she has a great rack and a butt that you could bounce a quarter off of probably is not the best segue into freaky, casual sex. In fact, bluntly asking a woman to only be your personal sex toy seldom works. But, there are varying degrees of the truth. Be honest, but be delicate and tactful. Explain that you value her as a person, however you are not ready for a relationship. Tell her that she is important to you and that you want her in your life, but you cannot commit and you do not know if you ever will be able to commit. Right now you are just looking to have a little fun. Some women will leave, but some want some fun too.


Rule #2: Do Not Date Your Friend

Sex is always accompanied by emotion in either sex, but this connection is even stronger in most women. Women are generally more in touch with their emotions than men, and with regular sex from one partner they eventually desire more than a sexual relationship. The whole point of having a friend with benefits is to avoid a relationship. You cannot go on dates with this person if you want to maintain the agreement. This means no movies, no dinner, and just physical intimacy. Dating stirs emotions in people that see each other consistently. There is a reason that affairs start at work when people spend to much time isolated in the office. The friend with benefits should only be called to satisfy one need, sex. Keep all other activities to a minimum. That means no talking about feelings together, no spending nights together, and no early breakfasts together. All contact with sex partner should be made only to have sex.

This is what happens when you do not follow the rules.

Rule #3: Date Other People

Having a sex buddy does not mean emotional exclusivity. In fact, the purpose of having a sex buddy is at least partially to satisfy your physical needs so that you can attend to all other aspects of your life. Dating and companionship is necessary for happiness. Men are significantly happier in marriage, and both men and women that are married live longer than their single peers. A sex partner is not a life partner and should not be treated as such. Dating other people keeps your relationship with your friend with benefits in perspective. There is a reason that you chose the person that you did as a friend and not a girlfriend. She is attractive, but not everything that you want. Maybe she is petty or shallow. Maybe she is jealous and vindictive. Whatever the reason though, she was not good enough to date, so do not date her.


Rule #4: Do Not Be Available

Make sure that you are not always available to your friend with benefits. Being available at your sex partner’s beck and call is a sure way for you to be under appreciated, and that will eventually make the sex dull and boring. And even if the sex never gets boring, a regular sex schedule moves you closer to being in a committed relationship which is exactly what you are trying to avoid.

Following the rules of being friends with benefits helps you to get exactly what you want from the relationship, sex with no responsibilities.

2 Responses to “Rules for Friends with Benefits”

  1. Emma May 17, 2012 at 6:36 PM #

    I think you are a little bit wrong when it comes to the second rule. Of course it’s the easiest way to avoid falling in love to not date. But aren’t you describing fuck buddies instead of friensd with benefits? If you are friends with benefits you are friends that have sex with no comittments but also you hang out doing other stuff instead of just having sex. If you are fuck buddies you only have sex regulary with no comittments. So maybe you just should avoid everything romantic (and everoyne can judge for themselves what’s romantic) but you can still hang out. Just a thought.

    • Jami November 1, 2012 at 10:59 PM #

      I agree with you totally on this statement… I do have a friend with benefits… And we have been friends since high school. We go to movies, and play pool… Do all kinds of stuff together… But we still lead seperate lives and dont spend every waking moment talking to each other…. It can work if the intentions and motives are clear from the very begining.

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