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How to Pick Up Women: The Mating Game Part 2

24 Oct

The epic conclusion to what we like to call the Mating Game.  If you missed part 1 of the Mating Game, click here to catch up.


9. Don’t Mention Sex the First Time You Talk to Her on the Phone

If you are interested in sex with a female, don’t mention sex during the first few phone calls unless she brings it up first. Women have become so cautious. They think men are only out for one thing, so they put their guard up if you are the one who mentions sex first. If you made the right impression, she knows you are sexually interested, so you don’t have to be the one who mentions it first. Keep in mind that there is also no right time in a woman’s mind for a man to talk about sex because any time you mention it is too soon. Go on a date and do your due diligence but don’t be the one trying to sleep with her the first night – every other guy does that too. Put her on hold and make her wonder if you even find her attractive at all and she will come around to you. Not only is she just as nervous as you on these dates, she is most likely MORE hornier than you.


10. Don’t Always Try to Hit Home runs – Take Singles and Doubles as They Come

One of the worst mistakes men make is following the natural instinct to talk to the finest girl in a group of friends. There is nothing wrong with taking the best option afforded to you but the sexiest girl of the clique is tired of being hit on all night. Worst off, her friends are tired of watching her get on by man after man while no one has approached them. A Toyota isn’t really a bad car unless it is parked next to a Lamborghini; of course everyone will want to drive the Lamborghini over the Toyota. The thing most men don’t understand is that the sexy girl’s friend is probably the biggest freak of them all and just wishing someone would come talk to her! Also when you talk to the sexy girl, you just got in a long line of men that she has met over the past week. Why be a drop in a bucket with the fine friend when you can be sleeping with the other friend in just a few short days. Oddly enough, you also get points for not talking to the trashy looking girl because her ‘less cute’ friend thinks that you’re different and don’t want to sleep with her (when you really do). Note: there are a lot more players in the Baseball Hall of Fame for hitting singles than those who only hit home runs.


11. Talk to Multiple Women, Reduce Your Availability

I have found that a major complaint that women have is that men sometimes are too available and want to see them all the time. A woman who is dating is interested in dating a man who is also dating, especially if she just got out of a relationship. Women who just got their freedom aren’t too interested in giving it up immediately. When you busy yourself (or appear to be busy), it sparks the natural competition that women have against other women. The best line you can tell a woman is “I am kind of talking to someone right now”. This lowers her defenses and she no longer thinks you’re trying to hog tie her into her next committed relationship. Keep it casual. She doesn’t want think that if she does sleep with you that she’ll have to beat you off with a stick. Play it cool and keep it casual.


12. Be Willing to Dabble Outside Your Race

Don’t be afraid to try a different flavor of ice cream. I don’t suggest going to the same places you hang out normally with this person, instead go to her places. A lot of women have fantasies about men of different races – all women want to know if the ‘rumor’ is true about black men, Hispanic women are very good at taking care of their man, white women are open to anal and threesomes, and black women get tired of black men from time to time so they just want something different.  Regardless of your race, exploring other races will give your bedroom more cultural diversity. The only bad thing with crossing races is that you may have to play to some stereotypes that you may be uncomfortable with at first during the dating process.


13. Any Girl Whose Name Ends with an ‘A’ or a ‘Y’ Wants You to Have Sex with Her Friend Too

Most men search for the coveted threesome and start the process all wrong from the beginning. In order to get your long-awaited threesome, there are certain women you should search for from the get-go. For some reason women whose names ends with A or Y are more likely to jump into this taboo. Samantha, Amanda, Sandra, Vicky, Sandy, Mandy, Tasha, and Wendy are all close to names that me or my friends have had success with. It is a scientific fact.

I don’t believe in Zodiac signs and all that astrological crap, but Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius women are all VERY adventurous. There is nothing a man can do to force a woman to have a threesome, but finding the ‘I will try anything once’ girl and planting the seed from the beginning is very important. Drop subtle hints and look at women together to find out if you are barking up the wrong tree or not. Another litmus test is to attempt to try and have your adventurous woman taste herself during sex (after oral or after diddling her with your fingers) – if she isn’t willing to taste HERSELF, she is most likely not the one to go down on another woman.

Remember, some women are afraid to have a sexual encounter with another women alone because they feel they will be labeled ‘gay’, if they do it with a man in the room they may be considered ‘bi’.

14. Invite Multiple Women You Are Talking To to the Same Event

I used to think that this was the biggest no-no of all-time until I witnessed it work for a friend of mine. Nothing brings out the competitive claws more than a woman seeing you with a cuter woman than her. The only potential backfire of this plan is that one or both of the women can think that may have landed in the friend zone so the next event you invite her to she may bring another man. If it works, then it works wonders. I would only suggest doing this as a last ditch plan for two women you have almost come to terms with the fact you won’t be sleeping with them.


15. Hunt the Wounded Wildebeest

The easiest woman to have sex with is the cute girl who has some emotional or physical issue she is self-conscious about. I haven’t always had sex with the best-looking or most emotionally-stable of them, but does a lion always go for the healthiest wildebeest? The lion picks off the solo prey who can’t keep up with the pack and who are easy to catch. I talk to women who are a little less self-confident for only one reason – they make for an easy catch. She could be a little bigger because of a kid she had, not have the right job at the time, or just recovering from getting dogged by some asshole, these women are just happy to have someone who WANTS what they are offering. I used these women to keep my sex game right while waiting on someone cuter and more stable to come along (you don’t ever want to get out of practice sexually).


All of my tips may not work immediately and they don’t work for all men. Some of these will take practice and some of them can only be accomplished by men who are attractive. These tips aren’t designed to get you laid, they have been proven to get you laid more. When you are hungry, you don’t only eat at the best restaurants; sometimes you have to eat at the closest and cheapest place. As a person who has personally used or shared all of these rules, I can guarantee that these techniques will increase the amount of sex you are having and fill in the dead times when you are alone and watching porn. The worst thing is having sex with yourself when there are plenty of women out there who want men to break them off!


Stay thirsty my friends!!

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