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How to Pick Up Women: The Mating Game Part 1

23 Oct

By MJ5

Have you ever wondered why one of your friends has no problem talking to and eventually sleeping with a girl almost everywhere he goes? As one of those men, I have tried to keep my secrets under wraps because I don’t want other men like you infringing on the available women out there. Also, I did not want my potential victims to know what I am doing. I am about to hang it up and retire, so I decided to give you the real ways to be as successful as I have been with women.

There are a lot of websites and articles out there telling you all the ‘nice’ things to do when trying to talk to women, but I will give you true and sure fire ways to increase your number of sexual partners almost overnight.

Remember that the advice I am about to give is to have sex with women, so in no way do I encourage you to marry or impregnate any of these women. The women who fall into these categories or fall for these ‘tips’ simply aren’t the women to spend more than a short time with, unless they just happened to fall into these categories part-time.


1. Hunt in the Same Area

There are certain natural instincts a man has to remember are always in play regardless of where he is. One of the main natural instincts at play when you are talking to women is the fact that women go to places where they are comfortable. A women will find clubs and bars they are comfortable with and frequent the same place multiple times. There are two reason you want to hunt in the same place over and over again.

a. Even if you don’t talk to the one you had your eye on the first night you met her, chances are that she might be at the same place at the same time next weekend. She likes it at that spot and she will come back. Women are creatures of habit. If you can take a mental note of what she had on when you made that connection last weekend, you have an even better chance to sleep with her this weekend.

b. A woman will give you undue credit based on her prior successes at that bar or club. Simply, you might win with her because the guy that she met there before you did a good job. It makes no sense at all, but if a woman meets a decent guy at a bar/club, she thinks ALL men at this place are good guys. At this point when you meet her, the only thing you have to do is keep her fantasy going for awhile and you’re in.

2. Be Willing to Cautiously Break Some Rules (Coworkers and Neighbors)

All your friends will tell you to avoid coworkers and neighbors like the plague and they are smart to advise you to do so. However, if you want to stop some of the lonely porn watching nights, tapping into this resource is going to help you to increase your sex number immediately. Regardless of what men think, women are exponentially more competitive than men – they are just competitive against other women. If there is one girl at your job or apartment complex that wants to have sex with you, there is at least one other girl who does too. I can’t explain it, but one girl always believes that she is better for you than another girl and they talk about you to each other. The reason your friends tell you not to talk to your coworker or the girl in your apartment complex is to avoid the stalker rule. If you play your cards right from the beginning, your next office party or ‘Meet the Neighbor Event’ can be very special. Be cautious, regardless of if your performance is good or bad, that is how you will be remembered. If you’re short and quick everyone in your office or complex will know. Perform well and more women will want for you to duplicate that performance with them too.


3. Go Back to School

Every women understands that they can’t always get the man they want, so they settle for what they think they can build. Even if you already have your degree or are working on it I suggest going back to school because women are now lowering their standards and having sex with potential. This means that you don’t even have to be what you want to be yet, you just have to be on your way to it. If you tell a girl you want to be a lawyer or a doctor, it gives more credit to it when you are in school and taking classes. School also provides another situation where you can take your time to talk to the fine girl in the class. You don’t have to worry about missing out on her the first time you see her because you will see her the next class. Another advantage of talking to a girl in class is that most schools are providing group projects and in class discussions so that you can find out about one another before you make your move. My best suggestion is to act uninterested for a very long time.

4. Talk to Girls in Front of Her Friends, Invite them Over to Sit With Your Friends

Every guy knows his job as your wing man, but so does every woman. Don’t put your wing man in a bad spot to talk to the ugly girl for you. Hook up your wing man and yourself by inviting the girl you want to talk to and her friends to join you and your group. This breaks down barriers for everyone involved and doesn’t force people into couples they may not necessarily want to be in. When you invite the group of girls to come sit with you it gives everyone involved an equal chance to pick up and talk to the person they want to talk to. Keep in mind that women also want to eventually get a chance to meet your friends anyways, so when they meet them upfront they get a chance to see how you are around your friends in the very beginning. For some reason this gives you a greater chance of having sex with her because you know her friends and she knows yours; it gives you something to talk about later.


5. Be Willing to Fight Outside Your Weight Class to Get Knockdowns

This is probably going to be the most controversial advice on the list. Every man has a type and I don’t suggest having sex with the fattest girl at the bar or the club. However, please remember that America has become the most obese country in the world and women are constantly degraded for being bigger in the media. No matter how much a woman works out, goes to the gym, or watches what she eats, some women will never be the size 2 that she wants to be. If your type is 5’5’’, 120, I suggest going up a weight class when your sexual partners become scarce. I don’t suggest going from lightweight to heavyweight all in one night because you are going to regret it. On the contrary, I do suggest going up one weight class (bantamweight to welterweight) because she is going to be just as shocked as you that you talked to her. She isn’t happy about her weight and you moving up to talk to her is going to boost her sexual confidence and make her more likely to give you some. I am 6’2’’,240 and I used to talk to only welterweight and middleweight females. One night I went out and got tired of competing with all the other men trying to fight in the same weight class, so I stepped up to cruiser and heavy weight women that night. Somehow, my sexy stock climbed that night and I was sleeping with women who were trying to get down in weight class but hadn’t quite made it there yet. I talked to them at their weight class and was very happy when they dropped down to their normal boxing weight. More importantly, they were happy that I talked to them at their biggest and were more than happy to send me pictures and sleep with me more when they got to where they wanted to be.

6. Go out on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Weekends of the Month

The easiest girl to have sex with these days is someone else’s baby mama. She is tired of her baby daddy and she can’t wait to go out with her friends to celebrate the fact she has finally cut him off! The reason you make sure to go out on these weekends is because these are all the visitation weekends that the kids should be with daddy. There is nothing that will make a single mom more happier than dropping off the kids with their daddy and sleeping with a new guy because she has the weekend to herself! She is easily recognizable because she is the one who is trying to cram all her partying into one weekend like men do when they go out of town. She wants to know what you are doing the day after you meet her because her time is limited and she has weeks of partying, stress relief, and sex to fit into this single weekend before the kids get back. If you can spot this woman, make sure to wrap it up because if you don’t, you will be busy on these weekends too! Caution – women who already have children are more likely to get pregnant again.

7. Use a Spotter

One of the standard operations of a military sniper is to have a spotter. No matter how good a shot the sniper is he needs someone to help guide him on target. Most men use their friends as wing men to talk to the ugly girl. He doesn’t put in a good effort because you most likely stuck him with the ugly girl he has no interest in at all. I suggest you use your friend as a spotter and here is how. Call your friend who probably doesn’t want to go out but will for free drinks. Take him with you to the club, pay his entry fee, and buy him a drink. I suggest stationing him at a point in the club or bar that gives him the best vantage point. Leave him where he is and start walking around the club. Remember that most women are experts at not letting a guy know she is sexually interested – it leaves her vulnerable to hit and run guys who never get to know the real her. While you are walking (unless you are VERY good) you will never see a woman size you up in time to talk to her but your friend will. As you walk around and talk to women, your friend will spot the girls who are interested in you and report it to you. He can tell you what girl looked at you twice, the one that may have giggled, or the one who sized you up when you weren’t looking. He can also tell you which one rolled her eyes and talked about you as you walked off. Check in with your spotter regularly, keep him drinking (spotters do better when they’re drunk) and keep in contact with him through text. He should be telling you which ones to talk to (what she is wearing and your chances). Your spotter can be very helpful by guiding you to talk to the girl who is already interested in you but you shouldn’t know. You already have the advantage before you ever walk up and introduce yourself and if you don’t mess it up you can get her number and have her in the bed soon. Caution – make sure you have the right spotter because if your homeboy puts you in a bad situation if he doesn’t spot right or you don’t keep buying him drinks.

8. Smokers WILL Give Head

I know that smoking is trending to be an ugly habit but this is a woman who still needs strong considerations if you can make her pop a mint before you see her. Most people smoke because they were either born with or developed an oral fixation (they like putting things in their mouth). A woman who braves the cold in a skin tight dress and heels deserved consideration in my book because I found out she is willing to give head when conditions are just a little better. If you can get past the smell, the results are way worth it as more than 80% of them that I have encountered also swallow. If they can put something that harmful in their bodies by smoking, most of them are willing to take protein shots in the bedroom.


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3 Responses to “How to Pick Up Women: The Mating Game Part 1”

  1. Anonymous January 7, 2013 at 12:01 PM #

    the reason men don’t have self esteem issues as much as women.. this is because having a descent male muscular body is actually do-able.. men are aloud to have a few wrinkles around there eyes, no matter what a girl does it seems we cant be seem to expect us to look like the girls on the media or in there porno’s.. they treat us like objects that can expire and be traded in for the new model. i think buys are effected by the media and that is how it affects women cause they want us to look like those girls on the propaganda that floods our streets.. Its not fair cause it hurts cause im a person, a human being,. i work my ass off exercising daily eating healthy try to act perfect nice and smile spending money on beauty creams..i hate it i just wanna be myself but cant so ill fake it. I get male attention but then they just open up a magazine and tell you how hot some girl is and how they would bang her if they could(im right here ya know)..i think most boys just don’t care a bout how they hurt girls,, to a boy an average girl is less then a human and most men see no need to actually think about how there actions make the us invisible less then humans feel, (most men hate to talk about there feelings cause most of them have seemingly suppressed them away, just so they can have fun and not care, at any ones expense) boys just seem very cold to me the way they talk about women calling them mean names for being fat they point out cellulite.. A boy saw cellulite on my friends leg when we were playing volley ball and and he said” i wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole”, even though 85% of women get cellulite Try to care about people just because there people. People need to be wanted and needed but it seems society has put more importance on buying beauty produces to fix the problem rather then encouraging examples of normal people being loved for who they are.. am i making any sense?

    • AFM January 8, 2013 at 12:21 PM #

      You are making perfect sense. One of the first things that you have to remember about boys is that they are really stupid throughout puberty, so crass, insensitive comments are almost inevitable. Everyone has to find themselves, and boys can be mean during the time that they are finding who they want to be. But, you also have to find yourself which means accepting your body the way that it is. If you work out because you want to improve your health and be more fit for yourself, then that is perfectly acceptable. If you are doing the same thing to get attention from boys, then you may want to re-prioritize. Everyone is affected by the media’s portrayal of their peers, but your own self image is much more pertinent to your happiness.

  2. Anonymous January 9, 2013 at 3:14 PM #

    Confidence comes with success. Keep going out there and talking to women. After a while you’ll grow used to what can make girls laugh and become interested.

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