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Why You Keep Meeting Crazy Women

15 Oct

By William Bixby

crazy girl08

Every man has dated at least one crazy girl who led him on an emotional roller coaster ride that nearly took his sanity. And, the same is true for you. You may not know where you met her, and you can not figure out how or why you got into a relationship with her, but you dated her for three months, and she turned your life upside-down. This woman personified inconsistency and instability. She professed how much she loved you one minute, and could not stand the sight of you the next. The good days were full of wild, exciting moments and great sex because she was willing to do almost anything to have a little fun. She got you to do things that you never imagined doing too, and you realized that you loved doing them. In fact, you may have even loved her back. But, on her bad days she was as abusive as a drunk stepfather. She called you four-letter words that you did not know existed and challenged your manhood, integrity, and dignity. When you were with her, you often wondered what was wrong with her and what was wrong with you. And then, you finally realized that she was crazy and wrecking your life. You dumped her and your life immediately became less complicated. Getting out of that relationship was the best thing that you could have done. But, many men step into the same relationship with crazy women over and over again. They enter relationships with Psycho Tina, Klepto- Karen and Harriet the Stalker continuously. This article explains why men repeatedly date crazy women.

You Want to Be A Hero

Some men need to fix someone else in order for them to feel important. Call it codependency. Call it the good Samaritan complex. But, see it for what it is too. These men rescue women from all types of drama because they need to feel like “the man.” A woman’s ability to support herself usually gives some insight into her stability – or instability as the case may be – but the heroes swoop in, pay bills, and buy clothes at the first sign of trouble so they never get to see if the woman can take care of herself. The hero is more concerned with his status as savior than he is worried about actually helping the woman. But, heroes do not only exist financially. No, there are emotional heroes too. These men look for women that have been hurt and befriend them trying to prove that all men are not bad. They get these women to trust them, and begin romantic relationships with them while attempting to correct the mistakes of men before them. And then, once they have decided that the woman is incapable of having a healthy relationship, they end those relationships thus confirming the woman’s suspicions about men being untrustworthy and perpetuating the cycle. If you are a hero, then the first step to recovery understanding that women do not need saving. If a woman is constantly struggling financially, then that is because she failed budget her money. Similarly, when women are hurt over and over again by men, that means that they are consciously or unconsciously seeking out the type of men that hurt them. Their crises are not your crises.

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You Are A Drama King

Some men date crazy women because they are crazy themselves. Maybe their father neglected them when they needed him, maybe their mother abused them, or maybe they just grew up in an unstable environment, but some men need to be in the spotlight (usually negative). And, the quickest way to grab the attention of every soul in the room is to fight loudly and obnoxiously with your girlfriend in a confined area.These men date crazy women because that is all that they know how to do.They create drama in any place that they go and are only attracted to women who specialize in making a scene. So if you are constantly meeting crazy women, there is real possibility that you are crazy. You need to reevaluate who you are and why these women are attractive to you. Anger issues are usually the most prominent behavioral maladies in drama kings. So seek counseling or at least find a viable option for disclosing your emotions if you want to stop the madness. Find a better solution to disagreements than yelling at a crazy woman in public.

The Sex

Crazy women have crazy sex. She might give you a footjob at the dinner table or she might blow you in the car. She might bang you behind the dumpster at Wendy’s or ask her hot friend to join the two of you in the bedroom. Sex is an adventure with her every time. No place is off limits and no act is unfeasible. Butt sex is not only possible, it is probable. Men who date crazy stay in the relationship much longer than they intended to stay because of the sex. Yes, she might slash your tires or beat you with a tire iron, but she will also engage you in the hottest intercourse of your life. However, unstable women make life unbearable. When they are not screwing you, they are screwing up your life. The answer to all of life’s mysteries do not reside in a crazy woman’s vagina, so stop sleeping with her immediately. Her power sits between her legs, and once your brain receives its normal allotment of blood, you will realize how bat-shit insane she really is.

crazy sex03

This kind of sex has kept a lot of men in bad relationships.

You Are A Control Freak

People come with many different types of personalities, and men possess and display the gamut of character traits in terms of how they behave. Some men are Type A personalities and want to decide their own fate in every endeavor, and some men would honestly rather have someone else choose for them. These men unconsciously pick their partners on how often they dictate what happens in the relationship. And, there is no woman that is more crazy or more willing to dominate a romance than an anxiety-ridden, perfectionist control freak. She will take you on shopping trips and allow you to hold her purse while she plays dress-up. She will ask your opinion on several issues with no intention to follow your advice. She replaces your mother as the boss of your personal life, and you hate her for it. But, inevitably you stay with her because you have grown accustomed to being bossed around. If you keep meeting a woman who will not “let you be a man,” then maybe you are not being a man. First, you should leave the woman that you are with currently. She is accustomed to you being a pushover, and you might not have the mettle to stand up to her. Next, you need to be more assertive in your everyday musings.



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