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Best Video Games Ever

13 Nov

20. Asteroid – Yes, it was a game about a space ship shooting space rocks, but it was also the world’s introduction to the arcade. It was also the world’s introduction to shooting games.

19. Frogger – On the surface, Frogger was about a frog jumping across heavy traffic safely. But, on a personal level, it was more so about having good anticipation and quick reflexes. Frogger occupied kids for hours of fun, and it was the first step in video games towards the action/adventure genre.

18. Centipede – No one really knows the purpose of playing Centipede, however it was completely mesmerizing. People stood around watched one guy roll a ball in wacky directions trying to keep his centipede whole. It was time-consuming at the least and completely entertaining at its best.

duck hunt

17. Duck Hunt – Duck Hunt was the first ever first person shooter that could be played at home. It came complete with two plastic guns that children pointed at the screen to shoot ducks that had been scared out of hiding. This game took good aim and relatively decent hand-eye coordination. Duck Hunt brought the arcade experience to the homes of children.

16. Altered Beasts – Altered Beasts was the Sega Genesis system’s break out game. It featured two humans that had to battle against various monsters in order to save their loved ones. They had the ability to transform themselves into human/animal hybrids once they attained a magical orb. They defeated foes more easily after taking the orb and thus advanced through the game faster. As the stages progressed, they could become different, more powerful beasts and compete against more powerful, evil enemies. Altered Beasts was the first successful action/adventure game.

15. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out – The sweet science came to the average American’s living room and no family members were hurt in the process. Players entered the game as Mac, a tiny, soft-punching green-haired man with a short reach. Then, they fought against several fictional characters like King Hippo and Glass Joe one at a time. The first fight was with a tomato. If the player had any intelligence, he was knocked out easily. Then, the opponents became progressively more difficult to defeat and showed varying strengths and weaknesses. Some had devastating punching power. Others had impenetrable defense. Players changed their fighting style with each boxer until they reached Mike Tyson, the most dominant boxer of his era.

14. Excite Bike – You raced around a dirt-filled, arena with mounds and oil traps trying to beat the computer or just your best time. There were mini-games where you could attempt to do aerial tricks for extra points and even practice rounds.

13. Double Dribble – Double Dribble was the first basketball game where two people could play head to head. If you made an exciting play, the screen would stop and pan to a close-up, slow motion shot of you hitting the shot. It was hours of competitive fun.

12. Tecmo Bowl – This game was the precursor to games like NCAA Football and John Madden Football. Two guys battled to find out who hit the hardest and who played the best. Tecmo Bowl ruled all the game systems for years until every one found out that the Chicago Bears had an unstoppable play.

11. Pro Wrestling – With guys like Starman and Lizardman, this game ruled the Nintendo system for almost a solid year. Kids would watch World Wide Federation wrestling and either go outside and hurt themselves trying to perform the best moves, or stay inside and fight it out on the television.

10. Fight Night – This is the most realistic sports game ever invented. The fighters appear exactly the same way in the game as they do in real life. They have the same fighting styles and there was great attention to details in their punching power and overall defense. The fighters range from the most popular fighters of each generation like Tyson, Foreman, and Ali to boxers that were obscure to the casual fan like Andrew Toney and Ken Norton.

need for speed

9. Need for Speed -This is the best car racing game that you have ever played on uppers or stimulants. You get to pick your car and race on tracks or through the streets of your favorite random cities. You can take a Porsche or a Ferrari out for a spin whenever you please.

8. Donkey Kong – There is something special about the damsel in distress being taken by a large barrel-throwing ape. I guess they could not let Kong throw what other monkeys like to toss, but I digress. An unknown Italian character in red suspenders and overalls had to save the princess from Donkey Kong. He jumps and climbs his way to the ape and saves her all for a kiss.

7. God of War – With this game, you get hours o entertainment and a lesson loosely based in Greek mythology. The graphic design is awesome. It proves to be playable and challenging. There are numerous puzzled that have to be solved to advance in the game and many complex story lines throughout the game.

6. NBA Jam – This game was great at the arcade or at home on your personal gaming system. Two on two basketball has never been so fun. You could pit your favorite team against their NBA rivals or you could take on the entire NBA one team at a time. Once you had beaten every team, then you could play against the best teams in history.

5. Resident Evil -Resident Evil could double for one of the creepiest horror movies ever made. You start of abandoned in a city with no recollection of who you are or why you are there, and then realize that the city is teeming with zombies and other creatures. As you play you have to interpret clues and ultimately solve puzzles to keep progressing through it.

4. Halo – Halo is one of the most addictive video games ever made. I dare you to play it for only thirty minutes. It is one of the best first person shooter games to ever hit the market. It was one of the first games to be played online with different gamers across the world. It set the standard in online gaming.

3. Call of  Duty – Call of Duty took online gaming to the next level. They pitted players in varying realistic terrain, gave them the best weaponry on the planet, and let them shoot at each other. The game takes strategy, team work, and skill. People that served in the military swear that it is the best game that they have played, and it could be the best shooting game ever made.

2. Madden – America loves its football. The sport has finally passed baseball as America’s favorite pastime and Madden is the best representation of the real thing that have been produced in video games. The players’ tendencies, skill level, and athletic ability have all been closely measured and even undergo constant tweaking during the actual football season. You can battle head to head or endure a grueling, complete season of football. Madden allows players to practice in simulated game situations.

1. Super Mario Brothers – This entire series has been one one of the most captivating games that has ever been made. Each separate game going back to its origins on the Nintendo could have made this list. Mario could attack goombas by jumping on their heads in the first game. He could uproot and throw turnips at enemies in SMB2. In Super Mario Brothers 3 he could fly, turn into a racoon, a frog, or a statue. In Super Mario 64, Mario jumped from two dimensions to 3D. He began Mario Cart racing and even played tennis. Now the franchise has moved on to Paper Mario and Super Mario Galaxy. Who knows what Mario will do next? Super Mario Brothers is the best game ever made.

super mario bros 3.jpg

2 Responses to “Best Video Games Ever”

  1. Mitch June 25, 2011 at 2:54 PM #

    I can accept that you left out Tetris, but seriously no Pacman, Starcraft, Zelda, or Street Fighter 2?!?! And by the way, Tecmo Superbowl was the great game, not Tecmo Bowl.

    • AFM June 27, 2011 at 11:15 AM #

      Yeah, Tetris, Pacman, and Zelda were hard omissions, but Tetris flamed out fairly quickly even though it was wildly popular, Pacman was more loved as an arcade than when it was on a gaming system, and Zelda was difficult to find a place for. Oh, and Tecmo Bowl was the first version of the game in the arcade and on Nintendo. Tecmo Super Bowl came out the next year.

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