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Do Women Really Want Equality

14 Nov

The views expressed in the following article do not necessarily reflect the opinions of They are the expressed opinions of the author only.

I am pretty sure that this article will not be popular with the few feminists that regularly read, but this issue has plagued many different men in the workforce and in normal life, so it has to be addressed. Women regularly say that they want equal rights, but do they really want equal responsibilities and all the corresponding expectations that come with full equality? Absolutely not. Women do not want full impartiality in the workplace, because there are inherent obligations that come along with that pay. Most women want to have their cake and eat it too.

This is not to denigrate women. The fairer sex are fully capable of doing the same job that a man can do in the office. They are just as intelligent, just as capable of making sound decisions, and usually more organized than men. However, men still earn more in the office for a few logical reasons.

The first reason is that men are generally more career-driven than women. Men are more likely to work longer hours while ignoring their family life to get ahead of their professional competition. That does not mean that guys are better at their jobs. In fact, it is somewhat of an indictment of the terrible priorities of men, but it is true. According to Forbes, men generally work 8.14 hours per day as opposed to 7.75 hours daily for women. And yes, there are plenty of women who forgo a family to concentrate on their careers, but the majority of women take different factors into account when choosing a career. Women are more likely to trade higher wages for more affable benefits, particularly those women who have or want to have children. And when children are involved, there are specific occasions where women are afforded more benefits than their male counterparts. The most glaring occurrence of this type of inequality in the workplace is the paid leave of absence when a child is born. Women are given three to six months paid vacation for childbirth. Granted, this leave of absence is necessary on both a physical and a societal level. Physically, women need to heal from the corporeal stress that labor puts on the body. And emotionally, women need to bond with their children so that we have well-adjusted adults taking care of us twenty years from now. Being a mother is a special type of hard work that no man could do, but men have no equivalent to this type of allowance in the workplace. And, though the sacrifice that women make for society is immeasurable, that sacrifice affects companies bottom line. Women are less valuable to corporations because women are so valuable to humankind. And yes, some compensation should be made for them, however that compensation probably will not come from big businesses.

The second logical reason that men earn more is because men and women choose different fields of work. The higher paying salaries are similar across race and gender, though men do occupy significantly more white collar positions. However, the lower paying jobs show more disparity between the sexes. Statistics by the U.S. Census show that men are more likely to work blue collar jobs, and women are more likely to work clerical jobs. Well, there are more opportunities for high-paying blue collar jobs than there are for clerical jobs. And there are more chances for advancement in blue collar jobs than there are in clerical jobs. Women work in various industries, but the ones where female presence dominates have fewer opportunities for advancement.

Women are unfairly discriminated against in many ways in the office, but discrimination in pay has been grossly overstated. There are other factors that contribute to the disparity in pay between the sexes. Choice of occupation by itself accounts for one-fourth of the wage gap. Though women do get an unfair share of wages, there is no argument for full equality in pay.

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