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What Your Favorite Classic Horror Movie Says About You

20 Nov

Hellraiser -  The premise of Hellraiser is that the Lament Configuration (the box) is promised to hold all the secrets to ecstasy in another dimension. Opening the box transforms Frank’s (the owner of the box) world into an alternate, sinister place, where his lust for pleasure is ultimately his undoing. Once he is engulfed in this perverse world, he is torn apart by the Cenobites, the minions of Pinhead (the Hellraiser). The story then pans to an affair that happened between Frank and his sister in law. Julia, the adulterous wife, becomes obsessed with the passionate sex of her affair with Frank, and that leads her into a bizarre and forbidden love triangle between her husband and his brother who is trapped in the alternate dimension. Julia is charged with bringing back her lover from the other world. Fans of the Hellraiser movie probably come from a very religious background, or at the least were raised in a strict, authoritarian home. There is an overt message that mirrors the plight of Pandora’s box, or the quest for vanities being someone’s undoing. There is an underlying theme of pleasure from pain and pain from pleasure that is restated throughout the movie. Hellraiser fans believe in the power of the desire and are slightly attracted to the chaos that it can bring. This movie lends itself to people who enjoy alternate sexual lifestyles like BDSM or swinging.

Candyman - Helen Lyle, a grad student in Chicago, is a doctoral candidate who has researched urban legends as her focus of study. When she hears about a few deaths attributed to Candyman, an urban legend in Cabrini Green projects, she begins to conduct research in order to prove the legend to be a simple myth. As Helen progresses further into her research on Candyman, she finds that he is more real than she thinks and that she is drawn to him. She is connected to him and soon finds herself in trouble with the law in connection to the Candyman murders. Interestingly, the only horror movie that has an African-American man cast as the lead and the villain was actually a movie with strong feminist undertones. Helen found power, evil, and discordance from her life hidden within herself. The person who loves Candyman is probably a woman whose main role model is female. She is artistic and is on a journey of self-discovery. This woman is struggling to find the balance between who she is and who she wants to be.

Nightmare on Elm Street - The people who love the Nightmare on Elm Street series are introverted people that fear the unknown. Though some Freddy Krueger lovers are easygoing people that just have an affinity for the series, it appeals more to the type of person who internalizes their problems in search for a solution. Krueger is the perfect monster for the thinking man. He was a child murderer who was brought to justice by the parents of the community when he beat an arrest on a technicality. The parents burned him alive in the boiler room where he took his juvenile victims. Before he died he vowed his revenge on the community. He returned and began tormenting and killing the children of the parents that took his life. Freddy enters the conscience of his victim’s through their dreams and materializes as their worst nightmares. Freddy epitomizes the physical representation of every person’s worst nightmares.

Friday the 13th - Friday the 13th started as a movie about a vengeful mother who ultimately avenges her son’s death by killing his negligent caretakers at summer camp. However, the series transformed int0 a story about a monster who avenges his and his mother’s death. Jason Voorhees returns every summer to punish the sexually promiscuous kids who let him drown during his stay at Crystal Lake. An admirer of the Friday the 13th series is probably a man who is deeply connected with their mother and capable of being vindictive. They could also be extremely misogynistic. Jason notoriously kills teenagers when they are mid- or post-coitus, and he murders those who just finished behaving in a completely irresponsible manner, especially if they are women. Then, he kills them with one of the most phallic and violent weapons ever invented, the bowie knife. The sexually-active and the promiscuous women are killed by being penetrated by a symbol of what they were abusing.

Leprechaun - You are high…right now.

Child’s Play - You hate children, and the response for the movie Leprechaun probably applies to you too.

Halloween - You never moved away from home. You are a simple person with simple wants and needs. The person that enjoys the Halloween movie series is fairly ordinary. Michael Myers has no long back story. It is a simple premise with a simple theme. He is crazy and he kills people. The killings started with his family when he was just a child, and he continued his path once he escaped the insane asylum as an adult. Myers is indiscriminate in his murderous intent. He stalks and kills anyone that he wants to kill. Fans of Michael Myers are simple.

In the Mouth of Madness - Though it is in complete opposition to the other horror movies that were listed here because there is no identified monster, In the Mouth of Madness is terrifying. It is a movie for an intellectual. In the Mouth of Madness surrounds the story of John Trent, who is trying to get a pulpy horror writer to finish and submit his highly awaited last novel. Trent is a realist who sees things at surface level. In order to appreciate the movie, you have to be a bit of an existentialist. The movie hinges on Trent’s stubbornness in his worldview and the idea that insanity would be the norm for society if the majority of people in the world became insane. In the Mouth of Madness utilizes Trent’s premise of normalcy as a tool to launch Trent slowly into insanity. Evil takes on a mind of its own, and by the time Trent realizes that his dreams are reality, it is too late for him.

The Exorcist - Lovers of the original Exorcist movie grew up in a religious family or were once religious themselves. They are homebodies, and family-oriented, but possibly agnostic or atheist now. Usually a fan of the Exorcist has siblings. That is why the The Exorcist is so memorable for them. The smallest member of the family and the one who is perceived as the innocent one is possessed, corrupted, and becomes the embodiment of evil. There are multiple, striking scenes that include visually and emotionally disturbing content like projectile vomiting, walking backwards up and down stairs, and masturbating with a crucifix. More so than using this for simple shock though, the Exorcist uses a symbol of purity, the virginal young woman to move its plot.

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