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5 Unconventional Things That Tell You What She’s Looking For

19 Dec

This article was originally posted on on May 3, 2011. Our readers’ feedback on this story was so overwhelming that we decided to resubmit the article for you. Enjoy.

When choosing the woman with whom you want to talk, there are several different indicators of what that particular woman wants from you as a guy. Randomly talking to every woman that crosses your path will yield some limited success, because every single woman in any place on any given night can not be completely repulsed by you. But, simply taking note of a few subtle hints that all women leave will give you insight into what each woman wants that night. The way a woman dresses gives you a direct look into her desires.

Everything she is wearing tells you a little about her.

1. Color of her clothes – Women wear clothes to make a statement. A woman chooses clothes not solely on how they look on the clothes rack or how they will look on her, but on how they make her feel and what people will think of her in them. The color of clothes tell a story about the person that is wearing them and expresses their mood. A woman that wears earthy tones like green, brown, or beige is down to earth and probably comfortable in her own skin. She blends well into her surroundings. A woman in white has a open, straight-forward personality. She is transparent in her thoughts and emotions. Conversely, women in black are less likely to be completely forth-coming with innermost thoughts. They have an agenda, but you will be on a need to know basis. Bright colors are a sure way for women to garner attention from the opposite sex. A vibrant orange is symbol of a fun-loving girl. Pink is feminine and innocent, whereas hot pink is feminine and sexy. Teal relays a calm personality in the fairer sex and electric blue shows brass. The color red is the color of passion and desire. A woman wears this to command the attention of the room. So, a man looking for a friend and a lover should choose someone in earth tones or orange. If he is looking for a conversation whether it be honest or interesting, he should chat up the girls in white or black, respectively. And if he wants to know who is obviously available, he should search for the ladies in bright colors.

2. How much skin is showing – Skin equals sex. A woman with deep cleavage wears that shirt, blouse, dress to flaunt her sexuality. Similarly, a different lady may have a short skirt that shows off her long legs. Women whether consciously or subconsciously, know that men are visual creatures and accent their most attractive body parts in an attempt to coerce them. A general rule is that the more skin that a woman shows, the more attention she wants and the more available she is.

3. Hair style and length – Hairstyle and length typically give away hints at a woman’s personality too. When women wear their hair up, they look and feel poised, graceful, and elegant. Women with their hair pinned in some elaborate design on top of their heads show their neck and shoulders to the public and exude femininity and confidence. Ponytails are normally more functional than cosmetic, so a woman with her hair tied is usually on the go. Curls represent youth, femininity, and innocence. Women with their hair curled tend to be more outgoing and personable. Women with long, straight hair prefer a more demure, sultry appearance. And finally, women with short haircuts like bobs and flips, if not surviving illness, are celebrating new independence. Short hair on a woman often coincides with leaving the nest for college, a sudden change in belief systems, or the end of a long, old romantic relationship.

4. Appearance of hands and feet – The appearance of a woman’s fingernails divulges numerous secrets about a woman’s personality. Women whose fingernails are chewed down to nubs have more anxiety than most people. Women whose nails are always perfectly manicured and pedicured may be anal retentive and may have extra disposable income. If there are intricate designs on a particular woman’s nails, then they may be the personality type that tends to follow trends. If a woman’s nails are always chipped and uneven, then that woman may pay little attention to details in her personal life too. A person that has well-kept hands and feet is either wealthy enough to pay someone to maintain them regularly or diligent and self-sufficient enough to take care of them when necessary, so there is quite a bit of information that can be attained from just observing a woman’s hands and feet.

The woman wearing these is a sex worker in some capacity.

5. Shoes – The insight that shoes bring into a woman’s personality entails both how much skin is showing and the height of the shoe. The higher the heel and the more skin that is showing, the more overt sexuality the woman is portending out towards the general public. Therefore, a pair of open-toed, six inch stilettos yells “I’m a little slutty!”, to everyone, while a set of white flats say “I’m a boring soccer mom.”

A few more things that give some insight:

Underwear – The visibility of a woman’s undergarments or the obvious lack of them alludes to how sexual she is. Women that wear thongs that show at the top of their jeans want male attention. The lack of a bra is not just cosmetic. It also hints at a woman’s openness about sex. Women who are more liberal about sex are more likely to go sans underwear in public.

Tightness of clothes – Sometimes wearing tight clothes is more revealing than showing lots of skin.

Type of material worn – Silky, suede, or linen clothes are worn by more sexual people. The fabric is soft and sensual while being visually stimulating. People, especially women where these materials to be seen.

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