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How to Get Along with Women

20 Dec

The opinions written in the following excerpt do not necessarily express the opinions of We are open to all points of view, even the misogynistic ones.

As a man, if you want to get along with women, you need to learn three things.

1. Whatever you need to do is a distant second to whatever it is that your woman wants to do.

2. No matter how hard you try at it, whatever you do will not good enough to suit your woman. And…

3. How well you do at the first two things will invariably, directly affect your relationship with your woman.

These principles should be the statutes on which you build the foundation of your commitment to a woman if you want any sense of normalcy or just to keep your sanity.

A wise man once said that ‘your lack of planning and preparation does not cause a need for emergency on my part.’ It means plainly, just because a person did not fulfill whatever plan that they had, does not mean that the someone else should halt all their previous engagements and tend to solving their problems. No woman that has ever lived fully understands this saying. As a boyfriend, husband, or best friend, it is your job to stop the world from spinning to fix her rough day at work or to break through all obstacles to bring her soup for her common cold. No matter how ordinary, trivial, or irrational her problem is, you need to listen to her talk about it for an hour and then fix it. Women are wired differently, and that wiring says that what they are doing is more important than what you are doing. There is a reason that women seldom have multiple women friends. Most of them are too selfish to commit to a relationship in which there is equal give and take. So, you saved your money for three months to go to on a trip to Vegas with your buddies? Well, her boss disciplined her about being late every day for the past year. Try to guess who is staying home to talk about what a prick her boss is being. You. Your plans are unimportant. Her feelings are. Accept it.

In addition to her life slowly taking precedence over your life, you will find that nothing that you do will reach her standards. If you wash the laundry, then you will never get the whites as clean as she does. If you mow the lawn, then you should have payed someone else to do it because the yard always looks so pretty when the other guys cut it. If you make love for an hour you are being too quick. If you do it for three hours, you are taking too long. Nothing will be good enough. You as a man, have to accept this as fact. When you are in a relationship with a woman, your performances in life will never be as good as they once were.

If you accept these ideologies and you work desperately to appease a woman that is too self-involved, too over-bearing, and too pessimistic to allow you to have a happy life, then you deserve to be miserable with her. If the woman that you are dating sounds like the one in this article dump her, divorce her, and be a grown up because she will never do the same.

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