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How to Catch a Woman – Being A Ladies’ Man

5 Dec

Valentine’s is gone, Spring Break is starting, and the weather is getting warmer.  And pretty soon, women are going to be in short skirts, sun dresses, and all the other revealing outfits that all men enjoy.  Don’t be left behind … here’s how to score a hottie before the summertime.

By William Bixby


Pursuing a woman seems like a difficult task to the average man. However, the task would not be nearly as daunting as the the average guy would think if he changed a few things. To attract a woman, you simply have to appeal to the things that make men and women different. To catch a woman, you have to understand women a little better. This can only be achieved by listening to women and to the men that attract women. We surveyed both men that do well with the ladies and the actual ladies to find out more.

Rule 1: Look Good

Though men are generally more visual than women, woman are usually more detail oriented, so both sexes are looking for different qualities. Whereas men look first at a woman’s face and figure, women are likely to see the more minute intricacies of a man’s appearance. The only physical trait that the average woman bases attractiveness on is facial symmetry, which is a innate, biological indicator of illness. The things that women focus on are symbols of how refined you are. She will see if you are clean shaven or not. She will notice exactly what you are wearing, down to your socks and shoes. All these actions and items indicate your social and financial status, which in turn dictates the kind of mate you will be with her. So, your first step is to bathe and shave. A clean, shaven face helps you to appear both polished and youthful. Buy a new outfit, preferably a classic look rather than a trendy one. And be sure that everything is neat and crisp, including but not limited to, trimming your hair, de-wrinkling your clothes, and filing your fingernails.


You do not have to be a male model, just pick a good look.


Rule 2: Smell Good

People, in general, underestimate how much scent factors into dating. Specifically, men fail to utilize and recognize how scents repel or attract the opposite sex. Some men fail to bathe after work and before they meet their date. And surprisingly, only 18% of men wear cologne on a daily basis; that number may be inflated because of the perceived expectations of the surveyors and their own personal biases. To make a memorable impression, you have to titillate her sense of smell. You should have at least 3 fragrances from which to choose, 1 musky, 1 woody, and 1 nautical. If you choose the right one, she will reminisce about you and your smell long after you leave.

Straight from the survey: “I could still smell his cologne on my clothes, and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed kissing him, and of how great our date went.”

Rule 3: Location, Location, Location

If you want to catch an attractive woman, you need to find out where the attractive women congregate. As a rule, never ask a man for a cool place to hang out. 90% will have no clue, 5% will send you to a sports bar, and the remaining 5% will tell you about a club that consists of 100 other idiots ogling the 4 women that actually left the house for this hole. None of the 4 women are ever even remotely cute. Always ask a hot woman the name of the new, cool spot. If she does not know, she knows someone that knows. And hot women always think a place is great if it is full of hot women.

Rule 4: Be Confident

Now that you have found the place with all the women, it is time to meet a few of them. Hold your head up, straighten your back, stick your chest out, and gallivant across that room like own it. A man without confidence is not man at all. Smile and introduce yourself to the first lady that smiles invitingly back at you.

Rule 5: Be the Best You

You look good and smell nice, a lady has shown some interest, now your only job is not to mess it all up. Keep smiling and ask her questions about her life. Confidence is optimal, cockiness is offensive. Do not try to be anything other than the best representation of you that you can be. Authenticity is key. Pretending to be wealthy or feigning pretentiousness will insure that you do not meet anyone with character or depth. You do not have to be funny. You do not have to be the best looking guy in the room or the best dressed. Just show interest in the woman with which you are speaking, verbalize your thoughts intermittently, and  if she is the right woman, then she will appreciate your attentiveness. Most men attempt to entertain and forget to just listen when they are around a pretty lady.

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