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Why Do Women Cheat?

3 Dec

The average person believes that there are several different contributing factors that decide whether a woman will cheat on her significant other. However, there are only four simple reasons why a woman would cheat, for a sense of empowerment, because she has been hurt by others, because she has low self worth, or because she is bored with her relationship. Every other perceived reason is an extension of one of these rules.


Reason #1: She is a Maneater

This woman cheats because she has spent her lifetime following her career rather than cultivating her love life. She is in upper management in her company, is a disciplined leader, and an assertive business person. She is much more likely to approach a guy rather than wait for him to make a move and will sleep with him right away. This woman will sleep with as many guys as she wants to with no regrets. Cheating is not considered to be infidelity to her. In her mind, she has earned the right for a little fun and justifies her actions by pointing to the fact that men in her position have done this for centuries. She is the boss and does as she pleases regardless of who she hurts.

The maneater lives with no regrets. She is powerful and has no emotions attached to her sexual behavior. She thinks and acts “like a man.”


Reason #2: She is hurt

There are numerous reasons why women may cheat, but the most common reason is due to emotional or physical trauma earlier in their lives. Women that have been sexually or verbally abused are emotionally damaged long after the assaults have stopped happening. Being the victim of abuse can cause people, not just women, to behave more promiscuously and erratic. But, abuse is not the only reason that a hurt woman will cheat. Bad endings to good relationships cause desperate reactions in good women too. If her last boyfriend left her and married her best friend after saying for three years that he would never get married, and they now have two children together even though he said that he hated kids, then the woman that you are dating may become disenfranchised with relationships altogether. She will take that slight from an unfaithful boyfriend of the past and use it to make all the new men in her life as jaded with love as she has become.


Reason #3: She is insecure

This woman has low self worth. She can not believe that she is worthy of a healthy relationship with another human being, so she sabotages all of her relationships by committing an act that is seldom forgiven. Though she knows that a guy is a great match for her, she will sleep with another man despite his fidelity and her feelings for him. Her insecurities convince her that her boyfriend is cheating on her anyway.

This is common in women that lack positive male role models  during their childhood. These women find it difficult to trust men because most of the men to whom they have been exposed have failed them miserably. Their fathers may have left when they were children which caused their mother to openly tear down their image of their father. Without a man in the house or in close proximity of the child to model what a good man should do in a relationship as a father and lover, the mother assumes both roles and ultimately teaches her daughter to do the same.


Reason #4: She is bored

You have been in a relationship with her for a few years now and the fire left a year ago. Instead of a romantic date followed by passionate love making, she generally reads a book while you watch television. You both love each other, but there is no spontaneity or desire in the relationship. You can not remember the last time that you had sex, and when you have sex it terrible. A rule of romantic affairs is that if your lover is not sleeping with you, then they are sleeping with someone else.

That is right, you can pay the bills, have a great emotional connection, have both emotional and physical fidelity, and share your life with someone but still get screwed. And being screwed over by your lover screwing someone else is the worst kind of screwing possible.

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