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How to Catch a Man – Step Two: The Date

28 Jan

how to catch a man02

If you have already followed the steps on how to get a date, then this is the next second step in finding the right man for you, ladies. The first date stands as the most important meeting in a couple’s burgeoning relationship. For women, it is the magic test. The first date is an opportunity for a woman to see if a man makes her feel special. However, the first date is very different for most men. This date decides your relationship fate with men. On this date, you will either transition into being the woman that he can let his guard down with and just be himself or become just another girl that he wants to bang. The first date distinguishes you from any other potential girlfriends that the guy whom you like might have. You have to be fun and alluring to peak his interest.

If you have already read step 1, then you already have a set destination for your date. All that is left is actually meeting your new suitor. It seems like a simple enough task, but there are a few pitfalls that can stop you from making the type of connection that you want with your beau. Your looks, your demeanor, and your personality will decide whether this man thinks of you as a mate or a fling.

Make sure that you look great. You do not have to dress any more slutty than normal or put on clown makeup, but be the best representation of you that you can be. That means putting on the dress that you get the most compliments in (which honestly may be your slutty dress) and doing whatever it takes to feel sexy. Men are usually very visual and they can pick up on body language that tells whether you are confident and comfortable in your own skin or insecure about your looks. Take a hot bath, get a manicure and pedicure, or get that Brazilian bikini wax. Do whatever it takes to feel sexy before your date. Show a little cleavage, show your legs, and wear your hair down. Accentuate your best features. And most importantly, wear a smile the entire date. Your appearance is the first determining factor in whether a man wants to pursue you for a relationship or not.

How you carry yourself is the next contributing element in how you will be judged by the man who holds your interest. Your body language says more to your date than anything you could ever tell him in words. Recent studies show that men can visually identify the most sexually active women in a set simply by observing them walking. And though men are not always consciously reading your body language, they do pick up on the subtle visual cues that you give to them in every social interaction. Closed body language will relay disinterest to your peer in most cases, so unfold your arms and open your shoulders towards your date. Lean in towards the gentleman if you like him. He will respond positively. You want to appear relaxed and attentive. If you appear too rigid and uncomfortable to him, you may make him uncomfortable too. Your body language dictates the flow of the date and controls how comfortable he is with you.

And, the final component of the date that will decide how great the connection between you and your dream man can be, is your personality. How your personality is perceived by a man is contingent on how well you converse with him. Though the stereotypes say that women behave more selfishly, men can be very egotistical and self-involved on dates and in relationships. So ironically, you should divert the conversation towards him if you want to seem more interesting . Talk about him. Most guys want to tell you about how great they are at their jobs and about all their hobbies. Let them. But, pay close attention to how often they ask about you. An attentive man wants to know about his date, so he will ask questions. Answer them honestly, but succinctly, and follow up with a question about him. Men will never say it, but they are enamored with themselves. If you allow a man to talk about something that interests them, then they will carry the conversation and think that you are enchanting.

The way that you behave on your date ultimately will decide if you impress or frustrate your date. Your physical appearance, your non-verbal cues, and your ability to converse are key contributing factors in your journey to attract the mate of your choice. And, if you follow these suggestions, you will be one step closer to catching the man of your dreams.

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