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Reasons to Sleep with a Guy on the First Date

17 Jan

The world is a very different place than it was just ten years ago. Feminism and body positivity have changed how women perceive themselves and how they are perceived by others. Sex was never exactly taboo, but it was in the closet just a decade ago. Now, sex is in the forefront of everyone’s minds and is publicly accepted in the social lexicon. Women are more empowered than they have ever been to do whatever it is that they want to do, and the social stigmas around sex and women’s sexuality are fading rapidly. There are more reasons than ever to sleep with a man that you just met.


Brunch Story

One great reason to sleep with the hot guy across the table from you, is so you can gossip about it with your friends the next day. Everybody loves a good story. And, how could your friends resist the tale of Toilet Paper Steve, the guy that you took home last night who surprised rimmed you while you were making out, and ended up with a tiny piece of toilet paper lint stuck to his nose? Surprisingly, you never called Toilet Paper Steve after you kicked him out. Sex can be funny, and funny makes for good stories.


You Are Only Young Once

You are 22 years old, and in the prime of your hotness. Your boobs are full and perky. Your thighs are smooth and firm. Your ass is high and tight. When you look in that full length mirror, you think about how somebody else needs to see how nice you look without clothes. Well, you have the power to make that happen. Feeling hot and sexy is definitely a good enough reason to have sex.


You Are Not Young Anymore

You are a grown woman capable of making responsible decisions about your sex life. You are on the other side of 30, and the girls are not as perky as they once were, but you have realized that a woman’s sexiness has very little with her body. You realize that you are reaching your sexual peak, and you are comfortable in your own skin. You can sleep with a guy on the first date because you are in control.


The Rabbit Is Not Getting It Done

You have had a bit of a cold streak with the fellas. Every guy that you have met in the last six months are either too immature, too obnoxious, too self-involved, or too ugly. And, for a while, a nice hot bath and a well-charged vibrator was enough for you. But, you need a little human companionship and a warm body against yours. As long as you are safe, sex with a random stranger might be exactly what you need.


You Need to Move On

You had a bad breakup a year ago, and you still think about your ex when you are home alone. You keep a box of their stuff in your closet even though you have no desire to re-commensurate that terrible relationship. You are not sure what is keeping you out of another relationship. Sometimes, the only way to get past your ex is to find your next. And, nothing says you are done with your old flame better than waking up next to an attractive new flame.


You Want To

Sleep with a person because you want to exchange bodily fluids with them. Sleep with a person because you want to see them naked. Sleep with a person because you think that they can provide a few good orgasms. But, never sleep with anyone because you feel obligated. The only reason to do anything is because you want to do it.

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